Viribus Unitis – T5 German BB – Battle + Ship Preview – World of Warships

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New German Tier 5 Battleship – Coming soon to a Shooty Boats game near you!

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  1. Yes i full agree with you Mr.Deals.I had to sellall my ships including my Geneisnau. iso around 6 ship to get he Bismark. i could not put up with the service costs of the
    Bismark so i sold it and bought back my Geneisenau and i am trying to earn all my credits only through the Geneisenau.

  2. Yes i agree with you..the matchmaking is crap

  3. i have made it to tier 7 without ever purchasing a premium account

  4. WG could give her at least the correct flag.

  5. Wait what the channels been deleted????

  6. What? The Unitus is tier 5 now? I thought it was going to be tier 4. Dangit WG, guess I won’t bother with this one then. Nice vid Tech Deals.

  7. I will buy the Viribus Unitis for sentimental reasons. But i don t really like that it comes under German flag.

  8. I guess you would pronounce in English like “we-ree-bhus” . It’s just a break down of the word to help to pronounce the name. Unitis is correct. Name comes from Latin. BTW sister ship SMS Szent István was the first ever BB sunk by torp AND caught on camera. The whole line(3 all together) has a pretty bad history despite the fact at that time they were kinda best of the line. They were built to rule the Mediterranean Sea not for open water.
    Oh and this class of dreadnoughts carried torps as well.

  9. Hello, can you address the heating problem on the new helios, or give us some solutions?

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