Vive La France Crates – Are they Worth Buying – World of Warships

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Today I cover my luck with 20 Vive La France crates. I wound up with three of the ship missions, but I was lucky. Very lucky. Others have only received one. Bottom line, do the missions, get the crates and if after a few weeks you lack any ship missions or collection completion, then think about buying. I did get 5,000 doubloons. It was worth it for me, but it was expensive. Buyer beware.


  1. I love you and all but unfortunately you are not in the position to judge if we should buy crates or not. Its proven that streamers and youtubers get substantially better rewards from things like this than us normal players.
    So dont buy the crates, at all. If you want to spend money on the game buy what you know youll get and not RNG.

  2. Are they worth buying? Hmmmmm…..


  3. Just to say, you get a special commander for completing the campaign, no camo for Dunkerque at all.

  4. Weegee keep on milkin’ them whales! 27% chance of completing the collection for free. Classy af.

  5. I spent 90 and got all the ship missions, 12.5k doubloons tons of camo and flags, and finished the collection. Not so bad. Loving the Lyon.

  6. That kind of money you can get the free xp and jet up the line.

  7. $45 for the what are essentially signals, and if lucky a mission is a right royal rip off. $45 can buy another good game or two. Personally I’m fed up with these grind fests for ships, Kamikaze, Graf Spee, Duke of York, etc, etc. Burn out!! The game has lost the plot, its balance and future road map do not seem to be well thought out.

  8. Alexandre Hans Albert

    I’m sure cc are flagged in game and WG give them better crates to boost sell.

  9. Opened 60 (Working a lot, so no time to grind) and got the following
    All 4 ship missions (First 20 pack, got the tier 5 and 6, Second netted nothing, 3rd tiers 7 and 8)
    11,500 doubloons
    320 camo
    120 Red Dragon
    120 Dragon
    40 Wyvern
    90 Hydra
    Completed the collection with 43 total dups of items

  10. It’s just gambling, how is that not illegal in the US? Plus they do not tell you the odds of getting x,y, and z.

  11. I wish wargaming took into account earning difference between SEA and NA. 50 dollars here is a large amount of money, for comparison that’s more than enough for 30 meals, 20 for very good meals at your local restaurant.

  12. I bought the Aigle on the day of release. It’s OK and enjoyable to play. I’d unlocked the Bretagne (Saturday) and Lyon (today) missions and have the Bretagne in my dock. I just bought 20 containers and have the Normandie and Richellieu (on the 2nd last chest) misisons.

  13. The great Xcelerator

    Nobody really needs the crates to unlock T 5-8 French battleships. In three weeks time, everybody and their dog can grind them the usual way. Buying premium French crates leaves you with the silver saved on those ships as well as the doubloons and those special flags which help you to grind faster.
    The only thing you’ll be missing out is additional tokens for the French collection. If you really want that special French captain, check how many tokens you are short after receiving the 25 French containers available in game via missions. Each missing token can be bought with 3 duplicates. You will know by then how many premium French crates you will need to finish the collection. However, judging from the Bismarck collection, maybe you just have to wait some time to get those missing tokens in crates via missions at a later point in time.

  14. It basically comes down to: Your purchases are of flags and doubloons; if you get an unlock for a ship grind, it’s a bonus. Purchase on that basis.

    It’s disgusting the amount of money some people are spending on this. They know the entire line is going to be free-to-play in just a few weeks. The cash some people are paying for the small extra chance of getting the ships with a port slot and a 3-point captain could easily cover the port slots, the free XP for T8, and probably enough for the 3-point captains too. What else? Oh yeah, until 0.7.2 drops, the ships are supposed to count as Premiums from the viewpoint of captain training. I should get back my Tier I French “cruiser” tonight, put her captain in my free Bretagne and see for myself if that is true.

  15. In before the ‘I was wrong, these are a very good deal!!!!111’-video gets posted.

  16. Given the abysmal return I received from buying the Santa crates, I think I’ll pass on buying any more items with RNG chances.

  17. So you wasted money on this only to get those special ship mission ? i got 2 ship mission FOR FREE just by doing the in game mission with the regular french container………..

    • I will buy them just to get the commander. Seriously that’s all I want

    • lol World of warship need to put a IQ test in the game………..dude you dont need to buy anything to get the commander you can get it free

    • Soundwave6685 yeah the collection except I have horrible luck with the crates right now

    • ?????? It imposible to not finish the collection……… so you have no reason to buy those stuff TOTALY 0 REASON ……. you just need to play do the in game mission and you will get all the logo for the collection and get your commander……………..

  18. I knew I wasn’t the only one who sacrificed chickens whenever I pray to RNG for good gacha rolls.

  19. Bretagne is the crap ship anyway^^ Lyon is THE BOMB!

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