Vladivostok Impression – World of Warships

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Game in Vladivostok, solid Soviet with a strong setup. Hope you have a wonderful day and IR;ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII Soviet Battleship Vladivostok Replay

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  1. I’m getting insane interface lag in my wows. Anybody knows what to do? Game itself runs perfect and I have GTX1080 but once I’m in port or press esc, it’s 1fps

  2. A class the rewards aggression. Looking forward to this.

  3. Judging by the fires that burned, the ratio of fire zones is the same as other ships, the area on the nose with the guns seems to count as your supperstructure see 8:05

    • Very well spotted, this seems to actually make the “central” fire zone (with fire prevention obviously) to actually take up quite big percentage of the whole length…

  4. You can feel much better the Russian BIAS, normal in a WG game

  5. “I love pushing forward”
    The 1st 10-12 minutes were a total camp in one place. 😀 😀

  6. 12.2km concealment .. absurd.

  7. Heh, every russian battleship carries. As if not getting screwed by rng constantly and not getting rewarded for your skills and positioning changes the outcome of the game anyhow.

  8. Mmmm tasty Russian bias

  9. Dreadnought's Nightmare

    I’d give anything for 10-12km solid accuracy on my german bb’s. I got fed up enough with missing basically point blank devastating strikes with gneisenau and scharnhorst. Pls just a slight buff nothing else T.T

    • Dreadnought's Nightmare

      DSCH4 nobody cares about the conqueror. All i know is it has the braindead HE shells and other i dont need. The issue here is about brawling battleships. If you want to T.T about conqueror make a separate comment

    • Yeah, but so many other people whine about them being hard to citadel that they drown out the legitimate complaints people have about them, so WG probably doesn’t think we notice the issues, unless the ccs are vocal about it. Accuracy up close would really help, a much subtler accuracy buff paired with a reload boost of like 2-4 seconds would also do wonders. Some other ideas could include: faster cooldoen on damcon, additional heal charge with faster cooldoen, increased fire chance, rate of fire, pen, ACCURACY PLS, and or damage of the secondary guns. Not all of these, but several of these buffs combined would go a long way to cement Germans as brawlers , and to make them more viable in the current meta

    • Matthew Robinson

      +Kyle Roberts That all would be nice for sure. A accuracy boost like the Russians would be all I want. Russian BB accuracy buff does need to be toned down slightly tho.

    • Matthew Robinson Idunno, id prefer the slight sigma buff, with faster reload speed, rather than a significant accuracy bonus, it’d suit them better

    • Matthew Robinson

      +Kyle Roberts I’d like to see each nation have it’s own accuracy buff at certain close ranges. Except IJN of course since they get accuracy at range. Though that breeds passiveness as well.

  10. Could you review the Soviet BBs in a CV game please…? I want to know how unforgiving AP bombs are to them.

  11. Calling it here, French CAs new META when these bad boys are released. Sit at range and burn down Soviet BBs while laughing at their hysterical inaccuracy at range.

    • Or JP CVs and Enterprise. Have you seen those thin citadel deck armor? I think the citadel itself is wide enough to cover the Red Square itself XD

  12. So a battleship line that’s 100% focused on the most relevant stats for BBs?
    Compared to, say, the German BBs that give up most of these same, extremely relevant stats in exchange for the best secondaries in the game (that still fail to be good enough even when fully specialized for), turtleback armor (that is often just as irrelevant for good players) and Hydro (that loses a lot of utility due to the ships being too clumsy to dodge torps even when they do get spotted way in advance). Yeah no kidding the new line looks overpowered.

    But how much of that actually has to do with Russians being too powerful rather than the other lines just being too weak at their given job?
    The other lines rely on strengths that the opponents can often work around (AA, secondaries, turtleback, torpedo protection) and have weaknesses that no amount of good play can work around (awful main gun accuracy). Meanwhile the Russian line has clear cut strengths that only get emphasized by good play, with some minor weaknesses that the player can mostly work their way around.

    Not saying that the line doesn’t need nerfs, but WG seems to have designed them to practically be the ideal battleships when it comes to the game’s base mechanics. Little to no need to abide by any historical accuracy, so everything’s just min-maxed up the wazoo.

    • +Panji Kusumo Why is that a bad thing? If you played it right, you deserved it. And if you potato, you deserved to be punished. The citadel is the size of an island my man.

    • +Mclaren v8 If you never need to espose it and have accuracy better than Legendary module Yamato or Montana then something is wrong.

      They would need a weakspot like Yamatos cheek. I mean look at the turret angles on some of those ships. Couple with 30sec traverse in the higher tiers you dont need to be scared of anything. Overmatch all cruisers more or less with cruiser accurate guns. Yes please.No short fuses either.

      They remove the main limiting factor of ALL BBs. RNG reliant dispersion. Sure they also get bad dispersion, but on short ranges its bad dispersion for cruisers, not Battleships. While say a Montana would hit 2 shells on that cruisers nose with 12 guns, the Kreml with bad dispersion might hit 4 with 9 guns. And thats a massive difference.

    • +Mclaren v8 because I believe that’s what makes old CV so unbalanced: exponential increase of performance in regards of skill.

    • +Panji Kusumo no old cvs were unbalanced cause you couldn’t practically do anything as a ship.

    • +Panji Kusumo I understand your point. Sigh, looks like we are back to square one on how to balance new ships coming. I mean who’s gonna set the standard of what balance is like? A noob? Definitely not. Average player? Are you sure? Or Unicum players? They will make any ship seems OP.

  13. “The Russians have the most powerful line of BBs to date, will it exist in the live game?” Well, of course it will…it is Wargaming! 🙂

  14. Sorry I have been enjoying your videos but in this video I really disagree with your opinion. Soviet BBs have way too much power in terms of firepower. Those accurate shots cannot even be achieved by yamato with legendary module. The concealment is perfectly lined up with the buffed accuracy range, which means on one vs one situation a cruiser must enter 12km to see it and shot. How can a cruiser survive with a bb that has such insane accuracy at 12km? Yes you are happy about that mogami got cit even with extreme angling, but how other players feel? That mogami did nothing wrong and shouldn’t HE cruisers be the counter to Soviet BBs???! Those new soviet BBs, around 15km they are better than NC, at close range they are better than Bismarck. Is there anything they cannot do?? What really let me down is that you didn’t realize how this would power creep the existing meta and calling this balanced…. First downvote on your video and hopefully its gonna be the last. Not everything WG does is right.

    • I have the feeling that the secondaries would be buffed since it is designed as a ‘brawler’. Who knows.

    • Thats the thing though, If NC rolled that sort of dispersion, he would have been just as dead. Mogami CANT angle against basically anything she faces in the BB department. Anything with 380s or higher will overmatch half the ship and really not care about angling.

      Obviously the Soviet BBs are too powerful, but making that mogami an example of it is somewhat stretching it.

  15. you know the Iowa could really use some buffs now. Iowa had the best concealment at tier 9 for battleships and now this is replacing her. that ship already suffers a lot from HE spams and Yamasushis

  16. Matthew Robinson

    Would really love to see the German BB’s get a dispersion buff under a certain distance. Have been power crept hard. Still love them but having my Gneisenau, Bismark, Tirpitz and Freddies shots go all over the place at 6km, even 4km too at times, is ridiculous.

    Then on top of that they get less guns and not the best firing angles I make them work as is currently, but the trolly ass guns have screwed me over countless times at sub 8km ranges. Have to play crazy safe for the first half-3/4 of the match to be able to properly brawl and get up close.

    15:43 is the perfect example, sub 4km away only has 4 shells and 2 stay kinda close, 1 goes high, 1 goes stupidly wide. This on a basically stationary broadside BB with a slight angle. Gets another chance with the back guns at 2.5 km away, 1 goes straight, 1 goes wide, 1 goes very wide and 1 dives into the ocean… somehow.

    Notser gets the front guns off during the first volley exchange. 6 shells, higher caliber, that literally ALL go where he aims with barely any deviation. Makes me sick that the Germans and really all the other BB’s have random ass dispersion at close range. Reward the BB player for being aggressive and tanking damage for his allies. I have to sit back and snipe and hide with my German BB’s because I am punished more often than not for being aggressive even halfway into a match. Stupid Yolo’s would be punishable of course, that’s not what I’m getting at here, as even with a dispersion buff like these RU BB’s have you would still get focused down hard.

  17. World of Objects, naval version.

  18. The accuracy is too much. The supposed weaknesses are done in such a way that they really aren’t weaknesses. Japanese BBs are more accurate beyond 13km, US/UK BBs are more accurate beyond 18km. Really? That is supposed to balance the hyper accuracy of the RUS BBs within 10km? It most certainly does not as, for most combat ranges, the RUS BBs are the most accurate. Long range shooting is rarely of much consequence, even from Yamato. The next thing that will be pointed out is the DC being limited. I challenge you to track how many times you use DC per match. I bet 90+% of players will find that on average they use DC 3-4 times in a match. But to compensate the RUS BB’s for having “limited DC” they get to spam it fast in bad situations.

    No, these are simply too potent and their “weaknesses” tweaked to not really be weaknesses.

  19. Notser… this ship and the Sinop aren’t balanced. Watch Flamu’s video and then play some other T8/7 BBs. Also watch Flambass’ video on the T5. I’d like to think that you really believe that these ships are balanced, but I can’t see how anybody would think that. Please don’t be a shill.

  20. 16:20 Replace Notsers words with “Because russain bias” and you got the real reason 😉

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