Vladivostok Review versus Lenin – World of Warships

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Today we take a look at the Tier 8 Russian Vladivostok and see how it does versus the Lenin. This is a battle between two Russian Heavyweights. Are you better off buying the premium? Or should you just grind the line? Watch to find out.

Also, enter here for a chance to win the Lenin: https://gleam.io/competitions/ZBfxP-lenin-tier-8-premium-giveaway


  1. Hey zoup, great video and stats as always hoping I’ll win

  2. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    I did not get a single one because study Kappa

  3. Vlad 1 : Mino 0, Vlad 2 : Yammy 0, Vlad 3 : NC 0, but at the end (quite unsurprisingly) Vlad 3 : Haku 1. Nice battle Zoup!

  4. I don’t think you can just say ‘if I was in Lenin I would be dead’ just based on a flat health value. That’s an easy argument to make, but things are rarely so simple. For starters, with Lenin you probably would have acted differently and maybe not taken a risk with that Minotaur torpedo. In fact, Lenin probably could have killed him faster due to the extra 3 guns at the front.

  5. Hey Zoup — hit the y key — fighter will help mitigate the cv planes — just saying .. lol

  6. Lenin has better armor, which I am not sure you take into account. The Vlad gun range is shorter than the Lenin as well, which shouldn’t matter in a Soviet BB but does in this case (16km vs 18km, as I recall). Yes health pool is important and Lenin is lite compared to other tier 8 battleships. However the armor can stand up to any battleship besides Musashi / Yamato and with good angling you can survive fairly well. Having all three guns forward also help since it only takes a minor adjustment to get all guns on target. Vlad HP vs Lenin Armor scheme.. they have similar weakness otherwise: zero AA in close range, weak to torps, and an above water citadel.

  7. Great ship i guess ??
    well Thanks for the Chance of getting lennin ~

  8. Both Lenin as Vlad are excellent ships, actually the whole RU BB line appears to be solid and with great play style. Finally active BB players have devices to push in.

  9. Great vid! Just thought id share my two cents with you, if you were in the Lenin against that minotaur I think you would have been able to minimize damage done as the forward facing turrets would have allowed for much greater angles while dealing damage much faster..

  10. aa.. 41k xp and 11k free xp OMG lol nice

  11. Holy crap, 41k in xp

  12. Have Vladivostok. A very capable and decent ship, so I did not go for Lenin. Am slowly grinding Vlad for the time when the tree line starts, to have XP to get the next one in line.

  13. Hey Zoup, theres a tradeoff between the two. If you want a tankier ship, Vladivostok is better. If you want a ship with more consistent accuracy, Lenin is better. (I dont won Lenin, but I have over 200k ship xp grinded on Vladivostok)

  14. Cringed when I saw you zoom around the island to finish off the Mino when your guns had 20 seconds left on the reload. That bit of impatience cost you 40k HP.

  15. Thank you for a chance to win the Lenin. I have the mad Vlad and really fits my play style.

  16. Played her tonight….had a fantastic round in a Tier 9 battle. Get a good Commander, premium consumables, flags to support damage control & wonderful ship!

  17. MidnightPhoenix07

    I’m still more partial to USN BBs (especially NC and Monty), but a premium’s a premium, especially if I end up working my way up the RU BB line at some point in the future.

  18. thanks you for the chance at a free ship . she looks nice to me

  19. If all you want is _a Tier 8 Russian battleship_ then you are right, the Vlad can be had for free. If what you want is a PREMIUM Russian battleship for retraining your Russian battleship captains (and arguably cruiser captains as well), then the Lenin has its attractions… especially if you also like the Nelson and are used to her gun layout & the positioning meta that goes with it.

  20. Drinking game: 1 shot every time you hear “Lenin”, “Linen” or “Lennon”

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