Wakatake [DD] – Learning the Destroyer Class – World of Warships

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The Tier 3 Japanese Destroyer (DD) is a capable and deadly destroyer if you know what to do with it.



  1. great seires squirrel keep it up

  2. is i see you playing i will try to sink you
    now hard feeling

  3. Plz more squirrel!!! I love this

  4. on the controls how do you follow your shots up close?

  5. Daniel Dunnings (talk1994)

    soooo loving this series! keep them up!

  6. Are all of the other vessels being controlled by other people?

  7. Keep up the world of warship plz ??

  8. Really good video keep it up mate and keep the world of warships going

  9. Hey Paul please can you play in an aircraft carria? Sorry for wrong

  10. Andreiii3 - Reviews, Gaming, More!!!

    What do you press to follow you fire

  11. this guy sounds like karl pilkinton

  12. I love this series. Paul, could you show us some higher tier matches

  13. yea im loving the game more and more cheers paul keep them comming

  14. Andri steinn Jacobsen the candyking (candymann)

    pley more car macenick

  15. I hope you play Enterprise next.

  16. You keep using class wrong, destroyer is the type of ship, it’s a Wakatake
    class though, not destroyer class

  17. Very entertaining, Paul… Good vid.

  18. Please do more of those. I like your play style!

  19. I got the isokaze its very nice als well

  20. Good Battle Squirrel:)

  21. Squirrel Love The World Of WarshipsLOVE IT DO MORE!

  22. you where shouting a japanes one and your one is japanes

  23. Really enjoyed this one, Paul. :D

  24. Japanese using sneak attack and hit and run tactics. Whoulda thunk? Great
    video. Really hope to seen more soon!

  25. Can you do more Tutorial style videos like this for example how to play the
    Battleship, Cruiser and Carrier class?!

  26. Hisssssss leaf a like

  27. damn squirrel just destorying them in the little ship

  28. I have started playing this because of you video and now I have the tier 3
    battle ship USA amazing game

  29. love this game….

  30. pitty they don’t have this for none internet play id buy the game

  31. Loving the WoWs content. :)

  32. Just started watching, but more please.

  33. Thank you for the gameplay hints. i was starting this game and didn’t know
    much. can you do a gameplay hint video on the battleships?

  34. GoPro Clips (GoPro.)

    Great video! I sat playing WoWS whilst watching :P

  35. I love the consistency Paul,keep up the good work :)

  36. Destroyers at this tier are very susceptible to engine and steering damage
    unfortunately. I think their are various captain skills, upgrades, prem
    consumables and flags that can mitigate it somewhat.

  37. could you do some more omsi 2?

  38. Wacky Taco!

  39. Not seeing ads at the start of your vids for some reason Paul.

  40. Really liking this game Squirrel.

  41. “Game over man, game over” One of my favorite Pvt Hudson (Bill Paxton)
    quotes from Aliens. Great movie.

  42. Loving the series Paul! Keep them coming

  43. That was epic man !
    More of that please !

  44. Damn that guy capturing A, ruined the excitement of you versus four lol

  45. Are you reptilians? HISSSSSS

  46. Nicely done, but I would turn out of enemy, not into him, then you’ll get
    discovered Admiral

  47. Dean-Bradley Leunissen

    i like it wana see more ;)

  48. +Squirrel How about doing World of subways 3 again :-)

  49. Awesome keep it up!

  50. Smoke screens will hide you, but everybody will know that there is a
    destroyer in that smokescreen

  51. This is a really viewer friendly game 🙂 Great video – looking forward to
    more 🙂 #YOTS

  52. U should purchase the 8k camo that reduces your detection. And when a DD
    gets close just shoot. quick torp and get the hell out.


  54. let me know when you get to Tier 6 ships 🙂 i have a Cleveland :)

  55. squirrel first time I’m seeing this game it looks cool

  56. This is a good looking game… Really enjoyed this video…

  57. Awesome video! Love the gameplay and the last match had me on the edge of
    my seat.

  58. If you are playing a destroyer you should definitely turn your automatic
    AntiAircraft fire off otherwise those will give you away even with the
    smokescreen set and an enemy plane happens to fly through the radius of
    your AA. You can turn AntiAircraft guns off by pressing P.

  59. how do you do corners with the autopilot

  60. how do you put those ships on the side of your screen? like your team ships

  61. aran caceci (primecrafter)

    Hi squirrel I love you thank u for the awesome vids and keep up the good

  62. Could you also tell me how to get p3d I can’t figure out how

  63. Hi Squirrel. How are you doing? Please do more of this game. I love it and
    it is so fun!!! See you soon(on your stream)!

  64. Love the video I to am a world of warships player hopefully I get to play
    with you or against you in WOWS

  65. Hi squirrel I <3 u

  66. Can you do some train sim too Paul?

  67. First comment wwwhhhoooooo???

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