Walk the Port: Marseille | World of Warship

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Welcome to one of the Grands Ports Maritimes de France!
In this series, we’ll be talking about the intricate details and exclusive features of our in-game Ports. In the first episode, we’re setting off on a journey to the Port of Marseille.

00:00 – Historically, the port was founded by Greek settlers circa 600 BC. In World of Warships, the Port of Marseille arrived as a location in the game with Update 0.7.1. The port acquired its modern appearance in the 19th century. Once the main seaport of France—a title it kept for quite a long time—today, it houses only pleasure boats and yachts. But one thing about it has remained constant—the genuine spirit of the city!
00:42 – Pont transbordeur de Marseille / The Transporter Bridge
01:10 – Fort Saint-Jean
01:32 – Lioré et Olivier LeO H-242
02:00 – Palais du Pharo
02:32 – Marseille Cathedral of Saint Mary Major
03:15 – Belle Poule (1765)
03:45 – Basilica Notre-Dame de la Garde
04:15 – Château d’If
04:48 – Peugeot 402
05:12 – The Church of Saint-Laurent

Our developers and artists have made every effort to recreate its unique atmosphere. Every Port in the game has had its real terrain reproduced with great accuracy, and the architectural landmarks of each one have been recreated to match their real-world versions down to the tiniest detail. But we do sometimes also give full play to creativity and imagination so as to make the most out of the benefits a virtual world has to offer.
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  1. Haha I just started playing French DDs and BBs, so this would be fun to have

  2. god bless the art department

  3. U wish we could really explore the ports and fully appreciate what the art department has done

  4. Nice, a breakthrough tour of the port with a nice touch of history.

  5. Fantastic detail – is there a way to ‘fly around’ the port to explore it further, as it seems such a shame for the camera to be only fixed on the ship in Port.

  6. Back in 92 while I was on deployment on the JFK we spent 19 days in Marseille port. I’ve walked TONS of those streets.

    • While I was stationed in West Germany (’88 – ’92), I spent many a weekend in Marseille! Beautiful town, people, food, wine and history….Would love to go back someday and see how it’s changed after all thses years.

  7. please make the port as city skylines version,for some relaxing time off from the sea.,, looks good

  8. How do you move the camera around the city while in port? All I can do is rotate around the ship I have loaded. It seems since the artists spent so much time on these city ports – there would be a way for the player to “fly” through them with a camera view. Anyone know of a way?

  9. Very interesting, I visited Marseille many times during my U. S. Navy days. Lovely city.

  10. WG art department never fails

  11. Riccardo Locatelli

    looking good it will need some polishing now with the new graphics

  12. Marcuz Miguel Ytang

    Nice port

  13. John Mharl Torres Tanudra

    I hope more of like this Port tour will come, please do some

  14. At the 30 sec. they show the USS John W. Brown a liberty ship launched in 1942. It looks with the rust and lack of guns like it is post ww2. The ship currently is in Baltimore, MD. I would like to know more about the 2 large sailing ships in the background. The tour of the building is nice, but this is world of warships..A tour of the ships in port would be great!

  15. Okay, now I really want a Taxi movie set in the 30s with that car.

  16. Pls do Odessa, with sandbags stacked everywhere, ships bombarding the city and amphib’s circling off shore forming up the first wave.

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