War Thunder – Naval // “Maybe this doesn’t suck now…?”

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“A crew in a naval vessel without any modifications can now put out fires, repair modules, patch holes and pump out water. Researching the appropriate modifications will speed up these processes.”

Yes, this was not a thing before now. Really.



  1. Geez, this looks dull as hell to be honest. Wows has got issues for sure but this vid didn’t make me even remotely interested in moving across to WT.

  2. Naval is in a weird spot. I daresay it’s not gamified enough to feel interesting compared to the level of tactics and strategy you can employ in WoWS. Here, it feels like it’s all about who wins more slugging matches, which is usually going to be the ones with bigger ships. Unlike WoWS, there are no special mechanics between classes that balance them out.

    That said, here are some notes:
    – At some point halfway through you turned off your AI gunners. They’re pretty good at shooting down planes so be sure to let them do that!
    – You seem to have worked it out eventually, but the green lead marker “reload” indicator is actually the update time for the lead, which it seems just happened to be the same speed as your gun reload. So you were constantly shooting at an outdated position. The RB version of this is a bit more clear IMO, but Gaijin have never done a good job at Naval UI and aiming.
    – There is no Naval SB, but there is Naval EC: A big map with various objectives in RB mode found in the events tab at certain times in the week (look it up on the wiki). However, it has no matchmaking, so in my experience it is dominated by top-tier battleships and super-cruisers.
    – I’ve mostly only played US DDs, which apparrently are the best. I’ve heard Italy in particular is pretty bad, but your mileage may vary.
    – If you do play Naval RB, make sure you bind “distance correction” to your mouse wheel. The aim does not follow the mouse cursor as you’d expect and is complicated enough to require a massive guide I found on the forums. As far as I’m aware, the game never makes any effort to communicate how this works to you.

  3. Ultimate Admirals: Dreadnought may officially be released, but it still feels unpolished and janky in many ways.

    To give them their due: the developers are still putting out patches, but it looks like the game will never truly be finished.

  4. WARTHUNDER!!! Heracy….. Please don’t give us videos from this game… I grounded my son for downloading that crap to my computer…

  5. TBH I found War Thunder a pain in the proverbials. Nothing felt intuitive about playing the game and even trying to join a battle was frustrating. I gave up after a short time. Never made it out of playing tanks.

  6. Narrator: _”It does, indeed, still suck.”_

  7. I reckon that Shenanigans and Contraptions are my favorites Jedi. I never watched or played this one, so can’t help out at all here? Doesn’t look very impressive? AA looks just as usefuless as wows…On the other hand, any competitor to wargambling may bear some more scrutiny?

  8. The vehicles are still gimped. But they give you 10 free repairs with which to make them actually playable. So that’s…. fair? Right?
    Sadly naval is still the best WT game mode that is the closest to being “fun” IMO. Its the only one where you can just play it and do reasonably well without needing aced crews or know a bunch of tricks.
    Coastal little boats are the true redheaded stepchild.

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