War Thunder Naval- So This Is Supposed To Kill World Of Warships

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Hey guys! Today we’re back in WT Naval after about a year off. A game which many say is going to be the one to take WoWs out….right

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. The big issue with WT naval is that is does not respect your time whatsoever. That is probably why it has a huge botting problem. Nobody actually wants to play it to get to the higher level ships. It looks and sounds really good, and is impressive in terms of spectacle, but it is just that, a spectacle. It needs more work, and I feel like naval combat as a whole works better in an arcade setting than a realistic one. That being said, the secondaries and AA look and feel great.

    • Ever heard of NavyField? Though I give it to you that realistic naval battles take a lot of time, and most ‘PlAyErS’ think games which last more then a couple of minutes are ‘boring and outdated’.

      Same reason why people play arcade air battles more then realistic.

      The genre needs a new player/company, with the visuals from WeGreedy and .. well let’s just take the GREAT closed testing WoWs client from years back without all the bs gimmicks and fantasy ‘submarine shaped objects’. Without a doubt, a ‘legacy client’ would get more players then the current bs fantasy crap.

    • Not to mention Gaijin is even worse than Wargaming in terms of player interaction…
      (I played since alpha and left WT precisely for that reason. They promise one thing. They do it and revert it over a few patches siletnly…)

    • Lmfao that’s WeGreedy for ya not Gajin.

      ‘No submarines in our game, they do not fit the gameplay’
      ‘No guns bigger as Yamato’
      ‘No we won’t keep introducing more BB’s with overmatch’
      ‘Ideally, teams have 2 or 3 BABY BOATS at maximum, more will hamper gameplay’.
      ‘We will keep ships roughly in line with their real world counterparts in terms of size and speed, and determine surface spotting range’s on the height of each ships top mast’

      Disgusting, despicable behavior certainly towards their closed testers who they lied to in their faces constantly.

      @Alexandr Zaykov

    • @Marvin WestmaasHahahaha, have you seen Gaijin’s business motives? At least Wargaming makes semi-balanced premiums, and most of the ships that break their rules can be obtained for free. Gaijin meanwhile…KV-1E, German Sherman, German T-34, KV-220, BI, OBJ-279, Harrier at 9.3, A-10 at 9.3, the fact that the premium F4S is straight up better than the tech tree F4J…at the same BR, the SU-11 being the most cancerous jet at its Br, the F89B/D still making the 7.3 MM pain, the AT puma being sold for hundreds of dollars, the absolutely busted DO-335B2(best attacker in the game is a premium ofc), the fact that premium acc and vehicles are required in order to get into top tier in a reasonable amount of time. Make no mistake, WG is not a charitable company, but I’d take it over Gaijin any day of the week. This is coming from a player with 1500 hrs on both games.

    • @Guohong Li For someone with 1500 hours I can’t help but think that you are being misleading. You chose vehicles which are either:

      A. Not frequently sold and very rare (German Sherman, maybe KV-220)
      B. Given as event rewards and only purchasable on the market (or loot boxes for console, which does suck), where the player selling chooses the price and gets 90% of the currency (OBJ-279, BI)
      C. Vehicles that are no longer OP due to power creep (Harrier, still good though), or weren’t that OP to begin with (A-10)
      D. Put on 50-30% sales at least a couple times per year (all except those covered by A & B)

      Keep in mind that only event vehicles ever get sold for more than 69.99 USD (as of October 2023), and other players get ~90% of whatever they earn from selling those. In addition, Premium vehicles that come in packs (most top of the line premiums) come with scaled bonuses, for example: 15 days of premium and 2000+ GE on high ranking premiums.

      I could go into WOWS right now and spend $80-100 USD on a premium with no added bonuses. What’s better is that I could spend even more on trying to get a t10 BC that’s coming to game as a TT vehicle in a couple months. And even better than that, not too long ago I could’ve spent a similar amount to get a collection of Ship commanders that are only there for the voice-lines.

      Don’t get me wrong, I love WOWS from a gameplay perspective and think it’s way better than WT naval at the moment, but the examples you chose are straight up misleading or inaccurate. DO-335 has a TT counterpart. SU-11 has a TT counterpart. F89 is TT IIRC. AT puma is an event vehicle (see B). The F4S may be better than it’s TT counterpart, but it’s fairly balanced from what I’ve seen, and it’s only 69.99 USD.

      To everyone else:

      You could fill your account with reasonably priced t8 and below premiums in WOWS, which is great, and I think the companies compare much better to each-other when only the regular stuff is included, but the point is that WOWS tends to gouge for anything above t8 or anything in “early access” or event related. During a typical WT event I could have a high tier reward vehicle for 59.99, or could get it for free by doing the event. It’s only afterwards that event vehicles can get expensive, as you would expect from a supply-demand perspective. The WT lootboxes are crappy for console players, but WOWS has just as many lootboxes as WT does, and doesn’t tend to give you great alternatives for events.

      As someone who used to play both games off of a christmas and birthday money budget, WT allowed me to progress through the TTs using whatever premium I wanted for a considerably lower Price, especially given the fact that Premiums give you good research progress in WT. WOWS premiums are cool, but you have to use FXP to actually make good progress in the line, at which point you might as well use a TT ship.

      Player interaction wise, the Gaijin Devs are pretty bad, but wargaming is equally bad. As someone who is fairly involved with the forums side of the JP TT, we don’t have much, if any, contact with the devs. However, we have great moderators who give us tips and often jump into discussions that they are interested in, as well as an active and healthy forum site where we can pitch ideas and organize against things we think aren’t right. Beyond that, many nations have discord servers that allow for further organization, research, and contact with moderators.

      If you’re only interested in ships, then WOWS will probably be far more enjoyable for you. Otherwise, come give WT a shot.

      Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

  2. Tbh it definitely could (as much as war thunder can, being a “realistic” game compared to an “arcade” game) if Gaijin gave it an overhaul and more attention, but right now it feels nearly as rough as war thunder ground forces closed beta and its completely disconnected from the rest of the game. Would absolutely require said overhaul, but they also need to go for more modern ships, leaving naval behind just because they don’t want to put the effort in is 90% of the reason why the community sees naval as the credit botting game mode to enable people to actually play the modes given reasonable attention.

  3. the breach just floods a compartment out entirely. had it happen in an enduring confrontation match and enjoyed a very long life going the speed of a row boat and eventually running out of ammo to abuse people. Before a merciful death occured.

  4. The unrepairable breach, you fill up really ahrd, but some areas can be sealed off. So you might repair other areas, but that breach will keep taking on water until you pretty much sit in place, fun to make defiant last stands this way

  5. Thank you for the annual reminder to stay with WoWS despite it’s many flaws.

  6. Critical thinking Try it

    played WT since early beta, love WT, but only comparison between the 2 is that they both have ships, thats it, games are so different. Both games are decent, most people play tanks now in WT, so player base in WT naval is lacking. If you more realistic feel you play WT, if you want arcade game you play WOWs. as arcade in WT isnt the greatest

  7. The thing with WT Naval, as I’ve read from those who did play it, is that it feels more like an arcade game than WoWs does, which is ironic. From my experience playing WT (but not Naval), it does feel more like an arcade for one main reason: you have chances to respawn. The only WG game that does that is WoWp–WoT and WoWs do not let you respawn. Once you’re destroyed or sunk, the game’s over. But in WT, whether in tank or naval, you have chances to respawn, which makes it feel more like an arcade. Another issue I’ve read about WT Naval is the rather small maps. Compared with WoWs, the battle field for WT Naval isn’t that large, which again detracts to the game as it doesn’t really feel naval in a sense. Then of course personally for me what attracted me to WoWs are the collabs. The Commanders feel more personal, as if they’re just yours. With WT in general, the crew are all generic. At least that’s my experience in WT tanks and I don’t think Naval is any different.

  8. I tried WT right around the same time as I did WoW. What I noticed right away was that for all the complaints about Wargaming’s greed, it was nothing compared to Gaijin’s. I’ll also say that the “naval” battles were not in any way close to what I got from Warships.

    • At least there aren’t ‘submarine shaped objects’ pretending to be ‘fitting the gameplay’.

    • @Marvin Westmaas But you will be shelling out money to move much beyond tier 2, or spend a lot of time down there grinding away to get higher. I’m not saying that WG isn’t doing its best to get into your wallet, but at least they don’t do it pretty much right out of the gate.

    • Depends on what you’re looking for.

      A top tier premium in WT will cost you no more than $70 USD, and those come in packs that have 15 days of premium and 2000-2500 GE (which converts to XP at a 1:45 ratio, rather than the 1:25 ratio that WOWS has). Those premiums also research vehicles in the tree, unlike the premiums in WOWS, which are only good for FXP, Commander XP, and Credits. A t9 premium in WOWS may cost you upwards of $90-100 USD depending on the situation, and can’t directly research TT vehicles.

      WT premiums simply do more for you, and generally cost the same amount or less depending on the tier. Most premiums (excluding those released with in 2ish updates or rarely sold) also go on sale for 30-50% off at least a couple times a year, sometimes more.

      IN ADDITION, top tier event vehicles can be obtained for free during events. After events they go to the market, where players determine the price and get ~90% of the profit. Typically top tier event vehicles do not have premium bonuses though.

      The grind in WT is worse as far as time goes, but you won’t be stuck playing the exact same vehicle for 100-200 matches like you might be in WOWS because of how the system is designed. Naval is definitely the worst grind because of the lack of lineup depth for most minor nations, but in ground or air, A premium + Premium account can easily net you 90k+ XP over the course of 10 battles, especially if you use the boosters you get from daily log ins.

      The grind in WT starts slow as a free player, but gets faster up until the end of rank 3 generally. And in that sense, they certainly are more greedy, BUT you will get MUCH more value out of the money you spend. Premiums in WOWS aren’t good for researching. WT premiums are. That’s the primary difference IMO. You just get more in WT, and it lasts a lot longer.

  9. Hey something I’m really familiar with! Oh and brace yourself sub are likely coming soonish!
    1 decent Cas player will absolutely wreck a whole team hell you don’t even need a really effective plane with guided bombs (Fritz X) I’ve killed every single naval vehicle with a P-47’s 50cals.
    The only redeeming factor to me (finished 3 naval lines bluewater/coastal) is seeing 30+ autocannons shred anything!
    You want the most painfull stock grind I’m assuming HMS churchill is still a thing with 1 main gun (you have a better damage output with 303 caliber machineguns on the deck)
    My god do I hate the aiming system….I mean you all know how much lead you need with american cruisers most of the time what your shooting at isn’t even in view when your trying to lead at range it’s soooo archaic.

  10. Викентий Дужин

    Honestly small fleet during the earlier days of wt was very enjoyable. Fast paced, short ranges, low shell trajectories, and you could really feel the impact of each shell – overall it felt quite similar to playing wows, just with small boats and more complex aiming. But everyone complained about the lack of the big ships and now they have lots of big ships and nobody is playing naval anymore.

  11. The two games are very different. WoWS is a better game and has more flexibility. Also, the grind is easier on WoWS.

  12. I downloaded WT, played it for a week then deleted it, the graphics and experience are dire. WOWS for all its issues it still massively better. The thing is it’s a business, it’s not there for F2P, they are getting obsessive with all their new “offers”, but if you don’t want to pay, then don’t, it’s quite simple. If you think WG is there to entertain you for nothing, you are sadly mistaken, you get nothing for nothing…..ever.

  13. WT naval has always felt like a fanmade mod for WT that is constantly being abandoned and picked up by new developers

  14. Yea, I got hit a few times with unrepairable breach. If you can stop your ship in time and the hole is above water. You can still live. Unfortunately, you can’t see the hole and you got lucky your list had the hole above water.

  15. I actually kind of hope that War Thunder naval becomes good, that way WoWs will have competition meaning WG can’t just do whatever they want to the game

  16. Matt Geary - Transplanted!

    I like the way ships take compartmental damage in this game. seems more realistic. that said the engagement ranges you’re playing at seem too close. as I’ve never played it those are my first viewing impressions.

  17. My favourite in War Thunder Naval is the HUGE BR compression. Which basically makes it unplayable on certain nations at certain BR´s.
    But hey! At least they kinda fixed the soul-crashing grind.

  18. I enjoy WT air but the grind to even get to tier 3 with boats and ships (useful to do missions) is insane, makes the ground one seem reasonable. They can shove it.

  19. War Thunder is setting up a lot of building blocks for a really good *realistic* / “simulator” style of naval game, but currently it’s too heavily hindered to be a better option than WoWS for most players. The grind is so much lengthier, they’re still using maps designed for PT boats and DDs all the way up until the top tier battleship BR’s and most of the gameplay is literally just spawning, turning and opening fire on the enemy spawn. If they gave us better suited maps for battleships + cruisers and made the grind easier it could be a really solid option for those who are looking for a more realistic and serious feeling naval experience. Granted, if your main and absolute interest is just a realistic feel, and you value that far more than gameplay mechanics that are less realistic but more engaging, then it is a decent option all things considered. However, for most people, they still have a longg way to go in order to reach that “Better than WoWS?!” competitive kinda point unfortunately. I like it enough for sure but I find myself queuing up for a match in WoWS far more often at the moment. Tis a shame though as the more realistic damage models and more realistic gameplay mechanics are certainly nice in their own ways, but the overall gameplay itself just isn’t there yet. (Also premium ships are basically a requirement for making research progress through the tech trees, unlike WoWS where premiums are just cool ships that work well to grind commanders, credits and free xp, but are literally not needed to / not even able to grind out tech tree ships directly)

  20. When the ships are super close dont bother using scroll wheel, just aim reticle real low until the little green indicator is on the enemy vessel

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