Wargaming Abusing the World of Warships Player Base with FOMO

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If ever there was a time to close your wallet to Wargaming and World of Warships, that time is now. As of late, shady tactics, and preying on the player base through emotions, emotional attachment to ships and FOMO (fear of missing out) has been the tactic. And its a down right crappy tactic. The player base, in essence, is being abused, farmed and treated like they have no intelligence. The only way this will change is a top down restructuring at WG, and for us to close our wallets. Even that might not be enough. Meanwhile. CCs aren’t happy with many looking in to exit strategies. Things are worse now than I have ever seen with WOWs, despite the game having more content than ever.


  1. Theres a predatory tactic I’ve noticed that I haven’t seen any one else talk about yet (it may just be exclusive to the EU server though) It’s that every time theres a new dockyard event the option in the premium shop to “Buy any amount of doubloons” is removed meaning you are forced to buy more doubloons then you need to get the bundles in the dockyard. In previous dockyard events the moment the bundles for ship stages are over the option is suddenly back in the premium shop.

    • I was wondering where that option went today when I checked the premium shop. Now I understand…

      By the way, I was looking through the premium shop specifically for this item to calculate how much the gold for the 3 stages on De Zeven Provincien would cost for a F2P player grinding his ass off. Don’t worry, I have uninstalled WoWs, not gonna spend any money on Whoregaming

    • Interesting…

    • The NA server has that function after you buy the starter packs.

    • The purchase of a specific number of dubs is only out for the summer event. Doesn’t make sense as the summer token amount is only the amount of dubs divided by 10 anyway.

    • This, exactly! Only this time the option was removed with the start of the ‘summer sale” event (at least on the EU server), so that is WG approach to forcing peeps to buy dubs in bundles, with the “free” summer tokens….real scumbag move from WG, but hey its not like it is suprising anymore.

  2. Wargaming has never truly been honest. Broken promises, predatory tactics, I’d go on, but their track record speaks for itself.

  3. I agree completely that premium is the only thing worth getting at the moment. Now that they’ve shown that premiums will be subject to being NERFed, they’re just not worth it. Given WG’s history of being dishonest, I have no doubt that they’ll begin to sell ships for real money that are over the top OP only to NERF them a couple of months down the road in the name of “balans”. I’m suspicious that the credit earning NERF has also been stealth applied to other Tier IX premiums already. The Jean Bart hasn’t been earning as much as it used to for a while now.

  4. Wargaming needs a good smack. Can’t think of another game company that’s resorting to the tactics they are, as hard as they are. It’s despicable, and has been turning me off to the game. No in game purchase, be it a ship, a commander, or a map pack (in regards to other games) should cost as much, or more, than a AA title. Because let’s be honest, this game is far from the level of quality or effort applied to a AA title. Everything these days with Wargaming is just another piss-poor attempt to make money, as if the company is failing. It’s not, but it’s going to be soon if they keep this up.

    I’m just about at the end of my time playing WOWs. Every 1000 dubloon supercontainer, or gambling lootbox drop just pushes me closer and closer.

    • Well, quite a few online game companies have dodgy systems because they do not have liability to reimburse you for faulty product…Consumer rights do not usually apply to digital goods. So it is free to abuse players.

    • I closed my wallet to this dumpster fire of a company years ago. Played for a short time after that, and when they did the CV ree-work I uninstalled it and never looked back.

  5. I really love the ship models, I really love the user friendly interface but I hate the tier match making, the captain changes and mechanics since the 19 point captains, the Karma system (it’s not normal to get reported when finishing first, killing four ships and winning the game…) and the current economics (including the predatory approach). I also hate the saltyness (even in coop as I play everything from coop to random), which is getting worse to worse, fault of a reward system that encourages team play and cooperation, instead of just rewarding the individual as it is now.
    I had stopped playing this game some time ago (I’ve been brought into this game by my boyfriend but have since “outmatched him ^^) and gave it a try recently. I think it became a lot worse and I feel its destructive effects. Too bad there’s nothing like it for the pc but I’m done with WoWs and all other WG games (used to play Tanks Blitz and airplanes with my boyfriend and friends but it’s over…).
    I feel a lot better since I’ve quit. Feels like quitting smoking or any other bad habit.

    • WOT Blitz got raped by WG. Not once, but over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over again.

    • @MI979 They (WG) seem to be digging their own graves for quite some time now. It seems to be the norm these days – even in other gaming companies. Blizzard for instance, has been very naughty with its WoWarcraft player base. After I don’t know how many years of loyalty, my boyfriend stopped playing it completely.
      I think the era when player feedback was both welcome and treasured IS over. All it matters now are financial spreadsheet previsions. After all, more important than to please players is to please stock and share holders. 😉

    • @Ludmila Maria So true. It’s quantity over quality it seems.

      Good games, poor management.

    • Happens to me quite a lot, Some one on either side reports me even though I contributed most to team effort whether winning or losing.
      Karma points should be scrapped, Too many jealous idiots abuse it.

    • @Shane Mc Grath Yes, I think that’s really one of the things that can discourage players and for some even cause anxiety, which I don’t believe is the purpose of a video game. I think the Karma system is quite perverse, as the whole game as of now, actually, for the reasons everybody has brought forward.

  6. Played my 1st round in her in quite awhile last evening and I noticed exactly the same thing. Did roughly 100k damage which I always associated with right at a 1 million credits, I only received 500k. Thought it odd, but didn’t give it much thought until you posted this article. WG is working on losing alot of longtime players at this rate. I’ve been playing since closed beta with over 16k random battles under my belt, but it is starting to be a money grab from my point of view.

  7. The Roma,with the beer can camo brings in some damn good credits.

  8. Used to buy 360 days of premium every christmas sale, not last christmas and not ever more. Haven’t seen anything worth buying for more than a year.

  9. Kartiko Kurnianto

    Don’t forget every prem ship released after Flandre is nerfable (with that extra note “future balancing” in the shop page)

    • @KevintheChuker I will not further indulge in this, I haven’t studied finance in 5 years, but the ethics of the case remains, you take something to give something, a buyer first analyzes the product, you can not change the product after you have sold it, wether it be digital or material, this is a problem, but they added a clause in new buyer agreements to allow this, so if they nerf the ship to shit, they just say, this clause allows it, but older ships did not have this clause. Though this has been fun, you win, we do not own anything we buy, the conspiracy’s are real, area 51 has Elvis locked away.

    • Well Missouri had no note and it wil be nerfed anyway…

  10. the answer to this is just keep the game as “Free to play” as possible I have probably cut out 90% of my spending on the game and I am really trying to kill off the last 10% The only thing that is going to get the WG devs attention is when we cut off the flow of $$$$ to them. I enjoy the game have been playing since the open beta but I have decided to just stop paying WG for the right of being abused and ripped off. If enough of us stop paying them they may finally notice.

    • Do like I do, I’ve been playing for bout 3-4yrs. Any ship I get is thru resources, I don’t buy premium or dabloons. I run low tier premium ships I’ve gotten thru events or resources and only run my high tier during ranked since they’re expensive to run.

  11. What’s happening to Blizzard and World of Warcraft should be a cautionary tale for Wargaming. Dis your player base enough and the player base will leave for greener pastures. I learned my lesson with the USS Atlanta. I payed my money for the premium ship. Two weeks later Wargaming hit it with the nerf bat. Bad. The ship that I payed money for was, after the transaction, retroactively changed to a ship I never would have bought. I said to myself then that never again will I pay for something game wise that can be later changed. In any game. I’ll fork over premium time on occasion. But that’s it.

  12. Do you know the lottery numbers, you have mind reading capabilities 😀

  13. @hond654 No…it’s just that IRL I’m a lawyer — it’s literally my job to work out the other side’s strategies and predict them in advance.

  14. From what I’ve read WG isn’t even selling the ship, they’re selling chances to win the ship. You have to spend doubloons on gamble boxes in the hopes that the MO will drop. That’s pretty despicable tbh. I assume that way WG can offer the ship later this year in Santa crates again.

    • This is pretty common in the mobile version, WOW Blitz. Even with lesser good prems.
      Better call that game World of Gambling:
      Gamble crates are there 24/7, offcourse, besides with the desired main prize, filled up with stuff you wouldn’t spend money on and totally not even worth the money spend but with much higher dropping rates.
      And I’m pretty sure that these gambling crates are rigged. Rigged in a way that if you’re a (big) spender that your dropchances for the main prize are lower (so you need to spend, and, gamble more) than someone who doesn’t spend…….yet.

      I saw somebody here call WarGaming ‘WhoreGaming’. Sadly it’s becoming to look this way.

      Great game, poor management.

  15. Still think, that instead of bringing back the Missouri, they should have added in, say, USS New Jersey. They could have made it exactly the same as Missouri, but given it it’s post war AA fit out, in balance for not having the earning potential. Not only would this create an objectively better ship, it would give people the option to choose between murdering planes or make credits (lets face it, anything to knock planes out of the sky is got to be a good thing!). Also by making it a new ship, then people who already have Missouri, would buy this new ship as well, so WG would actually make MORE money from it! Then add Wisconsin as say a secondary built Iowa class with a speed boost!

  16. Ah, “stealth nerf`d”, just like they did with the Giulio Cesare.

    • Yes and you would think they would not sense it was later in life it was a Russian Ship LOL

    • Yeah i thought it had been (GC) but never saw any announcement! all of a sudden my concealment was 13.3 instead of 11.9 and my shells dont hit as hard nor is it as accurate as it was. It’s still a good ship but not what it was. Shame

  17. I’ve been playing various WG titles for a long while. Like got accepted into closed beta WOT but I was having some PC trouble and by the time I had all that sorted out I had completely forgotten about it. I know I’m not alone in regards to that, and I’m meaning time spent playing not PC problems.

    I never really looked too deep into the prices of premium ships. I look at it this way. I’m an adult, I’m a disabled veteran and quite often a single parent. When I started playing I hadn’t even met “her” yet so parent part wasn’t a factor. So I felt like whatever money I had left over after all bills were paid my cat had what he needed etc… I used to like to go out to bars, party with friends I got older moved to a state I didn’t know anyone and all my coworkers were married with kids. I had a good amount of the extra of that left over money. Since I, like most people you tend to spend money when you’re enjoying yourself justified to me paying for monthly premium time. I was also used to it when I was in the Navy my shop dragged me in kicking and screaming to play Star Wars Galaxy with everyone. For folks who never heard of it at one time it was an awesome game I quickly grew to enjoy, then Sony tortured and killed it. Then got dragged into WOW, which I put too many years into. I was used to paying at least $15.00 a month to play online games.

    When I started seeing certain tanks, planes, ships I decided if I can afford it and I want it I’m going to buy it. I figured I more than earned to treat myself to something and it’s my money, people don’t like it I don’t rightly care. Plus the game isn’t made by UNICEF, so I had no problem helping a game out by giving them the money they needed.

    Fast forward a lot of years and this video made me think a lot deeper into things. In the past I didn’t have other digital products to compare to. Now I had a few friends that played lesser online games and what they were offering was inferior. And in the case of a friend who was deep into some golf game what they wanted for practically nothing was insane.

    I know DCS isn’t perfect but I have the Tomcat and wow it will likely never be surpassed until they can get all the info for the D model and then can get all the info for 100% fidelity. I have a lot of hands on experience with A model Tomcats and sitting in her in VR all I need is An Old Tomcat Funk air freshener and I’m actually sitting in the cockpit. What I get for $70.00 is A LOT it’s a bargain. Over here though that $70.00-$100.00, feels like it should be more like $30.00-$50.00.

    I have a few tier 8 and above and below ships. I did wait until I grinded to the proper tier and had some understanding beforehand. I barely play them. I also understand Russian companies and it appears most people do not.

    We’re all used to the customer service from capitalist countries. They know they have to keep the customer happy so they continue to spend money. Sure they screw up but they know how to make people happy.

    Look at Russian history some type of Royal rule, then anarchy, then the various forms of communism controlled anarchy maybe? Now they are a people trying to find themselves and the best way forward. They try to be more Western more Capitalist but it isn’t anything like the centuries of rules and beliefs they are used to.

    Remember a lot of these folks remember having to wait in a long ass line for a loaf of bread and the ultimate act of rebellion was paying a ridiculous price for a pair of Levi’s Jean’s you secretly wear to your Secret underground “American” parties.

    Compared to other Russian companies they aren’t too bad. I ordered a Russian scope from Kalinka optics because I wanted a good scope with an AK mount to put on my Saiga. It took 5 months before they shipped it to me. The answer was always someone was going into the warehouse to grab it and ship it. The same lame ass excuse for 5 months. Future research told me that was normal.

    They listen to direct action and strength, it is the Russian way. And in cold realistic logic they know the player base at large doesn’t have it in them to actually do what it would need to be done to make them listen.

    • You hit it exactly, the Russian version of capitalism is quite different from America, once that is realized then it may make it easier to see why WG does the things they do, which one must honestly accept will not change, regardless of the player base being ‘outraged’ and refusing to buy anything. It’s always been about the noob players, profitable marketing model. So you have to just find your level of enjoyment/comfort with the game and block out all the other noise around it.

  18. The MO was my first ever “bought” through XP ship, was sad to hear but not surprised about them brining it back as a quick neutered cash grab, at least they’re consistent with their arrogant attitude to us players. I buy premium time still but nothing else, the attitude of WG to us long term players is fucked, to be polite about it 🙂

    • Imagine how thankfull a company should be for customers like u. U see al this sh.tshow happenening and still u buy their product monthly. If they would show the respect people like u deserved this game would be awesome.

  19. And Mo didnt need a “mission” a simple perma camo with the appropriate % booster for thsoe players who needed it would have been more than enough

  20. I figured this out with wows 2 years back. The devs took a nasty turn and honestly these videos are pointless as WG do not listen.
    Everything with WG is silent nerfs/buffs and hidden stats.

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