Wargaming Launcher for World of Warships Review

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The WoWS legacy launcher won’t be around much longer. It’s going to be gone for good. Learn about its replacement, which has actually been out for quite some time.


  1. I use it because I accidentally stepped into the other game of theirs WoT… so now I am lost on two fold lol.

  2. Does this mean the Steam version can’t be used? The WG version literally shuts down my computer

  3. Let WG work on subs, don’t push WG to release them too early.

  4. Haris Sejdinović

    I am using WGC ever since i started to play this game so at first i was confused when they said they will remove launcher
    I didn’t even know there was other ways to login into game besides WGC

  5. Lol I can’t even use the Game Center on my college WiFi, my only choice is legacy launcher. If they delete the OG launcher than I’m basically quitting the game, because I just won’t be able to get on.

  6. WoT has had this exclusively since June 1 2019

  7. I’ve used WGC since it was first introduced and I’ve got no issues with it whatsoever.

    Sure, it’s another launcher but all that does is add another icon in the task bar, no big deal.

    Don’t get how so many people can have issues with it not working…my bet is PEBKAC. More or less all PC related issues boil down to this.

  8. Skarhabek Greyrukh

    WG : if there is no problem, we don’t Innovate enough
    Player : i cannt login

  9. Just an FYI for everyone steam is going to be unaffected by this.

    Steam will also be given a few goodies when the change happens

  10. Oh wow…even when I double click my WOWS icon it takes me to the gamecenter. Thanks for the video though.

  11. I laugh at those that whine and complain about the WGC. I’ve been using it since the WGC launched and it is great. If those people that have an issue with legacy launchers going the way of the dodo don’t like it…. They can uninstall permanently…. First world fucking problems

  12. This is not true. The ModStation can also be used as a launcher, most of the time when there is no update to be installed.

  13. Have been using this since it came out. At first I thought you were talking about it going away. . Have had no issues.

  14. The olny issue I had with this is it was not updating. Every update I would have to remove it and reinstall.
    What is safe mode?

  15. The news section always has issues for me.

  16. Wolf of the Aurora

    My only concern is that the WGC will end my WoWS playing. The last time I downloaded WGC to try Warplanes 2.0, all the games were grayed out and unclickable.

  17. I want to use the region switcher so as to not have two installations. But with this move means that may no longer work.

  18. Corvid-19 is killing off game launchers too?! The End Times Are Here!

  19. ToughAncientSpark

    Haven’t used the legacy launcher in a couple of years now. This game center works fine for now.

  20. Hey Zoup, I’ve using this as soon as it was offered and I think it’s great. Take care and be safe!

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