Wargaming’s Ridiculous $900 World of Tanks Bundle!

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is currently the most ridiculous, expensive $900 premium tank bundle I have ever seen! And I have seen sell some stupidly overpriced ! But lets take a closer look at this, because even if you had $900 to spend, would this be worth it? I think not! Don’t encourage this sort of marketing folks! Buy cheaper bundles at sensible prices by all means, but this is crazy!

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  1. I saw this title just after it came it and I was like. :O

    This is more expensive than my Gaming Laptop….

  2. This is just… absolute mad

  3. Crazy priced bundle for some pixels on a screen. For those who still think its good value, come this way…I have this bag of magic beans to sell…

  4. Jesus Christ

  5. It’s for re-roll accounts

  6. Do you get free garage slot with them?

  7. Well I’m very happy that WG did this bundle….. really I am, because we get to hear AJ’s opinion on these various prem tanks all in one go!!
    Why no E-25, KV-5 etc? No T-34 Black? Man what a rip off!!
    PS only the Americans celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend, us Canadian celebrate on the 2nd Monday in October, we put some space between Thanksgiving and Christmas

  8. The worst thing for me is that I own all those premiums so I must have spent $1800 on tanks over the last 6 years, ouch 🙁

    • johnfarscape You have the BT-SV? Doubt it.

    • Tyler Bennett it was a $99 deal a few years ago, It was actualy free but you had to buy $99 worth of gold. Its a fun tank but mostly just for driving around like a nutter scouting as the guns a bit lame, turns like a bus though.

    • Elliot yeah it sneeks up on you, some gold here n there and the odd premium tank and 6 years later you could probably have brought a real old ussr tank

    • if i added 6 yrs of premium time, tanks, gold, perma camo, equipment, removing equipment, converting exp, converting gold, what am i missing??? lets see $14 a month for premium x 72 months = $1k… plus the list above….. WOW… it’s ALOT!!!

    • I have a friend whose reciept is over $3600. It could be worse

  9. From $900 I could buy myself a new gaming pc…

  10. Oh and btw they didn’t even bother to add the mini-maus! How dare they! Also yeah the NA community is kinda split on this one. They agree if they added those rare tanks people might have been tempted to buy this. But since it’s not yeah we giving WG NA some black lash over this “bundle”.

  11. AJ remember that this is only being sold on the NA server. in other words, to the same people who voted for Trump……. need I say more.

  12. A toldi, A TOLDI!!!! 🙂

  13. I don’t know man, without a full review of every tank in the bundle it’s hard to make up my mind. Any chance you can do that for us?

    • DONT BUY IT!!! 91% of the tanks you get, you wont play with and you would just end up using a tier 8 lowe

    • Kurgosh1 majority of them are good if you are a good player

    • Dracula-KSA-09 #1 in your experience. I’m the complete opposite I have around 100 tanks prems tanks out 178 tanks in my garage and I play 89 of them.

    • Waaaat?? That’s 1500 dollars Not including premium time. How you play that many tanks? You play one for every day of the year?

    • In a nutshell – you have the new generation tier 8 prem tanks – you can find reviews all over the place. Then you have the rest that can be divided into:
      – (1) older tier 8 premiums that you should not buy unless you already have the newer tier 8 premiums and want to keep on buying.
      – (2) lower tier tanks that are crap (most in the list)
      – (3) lower tier tanks that are good or fun (there are a few in the list – 2 or 3)
      – (4) interesting rare tanks that can be a lot of fun and/or are rather OP (but they are NOT on the list)

      – oh, you were kidding… ;oP

  14. When Did EA buy World of Tanks?

  15. That bundle should called the “ReRoll stat padder want to be bundle” rerolls playing nothing but premium tanks bragging about being in the top .6% of wargaming is far more common than you would believe even when you point out that they have 200 games and they are obviously rerolls. That is what the bundle target audience is. Sell off the ones you don’t like to fund gold spam and try to look like a legit unicum.

  16. Liutauras Grybauskas

    Is this a bundle specifically for Donald Trump?

  17. I wonder how many parents are going to get a nasty surprise in next month’s bill.

  18. indeed, quite rediculous, but what I think is also funny about this? Why the 9,99 over 900? Isn’t 900 Dollars enough for this bundle? Did someone in marketting and sales really make a calculation as to how much profit they need considering the cost price of materials and the cost of shipping and these things and decided that 900 wasn’t good enough to meet their targets, so an extra 9,99 was needed? Hilarious!

  19. This should be called the “holy shit I just won the lottery, let’s make a reroll account!” – bundle

  20. Let me just qoute Jingles on this one: “Ohh Wargaming, you so silly!” :D:D:D

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