WarOwl of World of WarShips

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My adventures in World of Warships, and visiting an actual WarShip IRL to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality.


  1. Let the пиндосрач begin :D

    this is so dumb and hilarious i dont even even

  2. Andhika Ridhovani

    i thought it was green screen,so many effort put in this video,keep up the
    good work!

  3. good stuff!

  4. Thanks for the review WarOwl, it seems pretty much worth playing even
    though i didn’t enjoy that much World of Tanks.
    Cheers and TAKE OUT THAT WATER!!!

  5. What? WarOwl went OUTSIDE?!

  6. better than cs go

  7. Well, most youtubers would just show how much they can’t play it and act
    they play it for fun.
    Best sponsored video ever seen 11/10.

  8. 5:05 RIP headphone users ouch!

  9. +TheWarOwl i have a little question what video editor do you use?

  10. I think its cool that you are honest by saying it’s a sponsored video.
    becouse you need to make a living to 🙂 and keep up the good work. love
    your vids

  11. Thanks so much WarOwl you got me from SEM up to MG2! Keep up the great

  12. Warowl, it would be pretty cool actually to see your entire experience on
    the ships. I can’t afford to go there and seeing a familiar face talk about
    them would be much better than some boring documentary

  13. Hey warowl, I respect your decision to make sponsored content Keep up the
    great YouTube video I went from being silver 4 no skills scrub to Master
    Guardian 1 thanks to your smokes and flashes and Played on an amateur team
    and placed top 2 teams thanks to my Knowledge of smokes you taught me.

    I don’t play CS anymore this was all prepatch I’m too busy playing dota to
    deal with the angst of players who lost their global and won’t shut up
    about it as if global was something the game owed them for being decently

  14. I thank you for doing the human airplane in public just for us, like doing
    weird stuff in public JUST FOR US, thank you.

  15. Yo, saying “sponsored” throughout the video, Kudos bro. Perfectly making
    people aware that it’s sponsored whilst remaining funny and staying in
    Great video. 10/10. Would watch your sponsored content again.

  16. World of spaceships = fractured space

  17. 1 like = sailOwl
    1 comment=sellOwl

  18. Actually going to see the real ships was pretty cool. Next level paid
    promotion tactics :D

  19. Hey I was just wondering if you will be attending MLG Columbus 2016

  20. #worldofwarowl

  21. WarOwl you made a sponsored video hilarious. Nice job.

  22. Great video

  23. nice vid babe

  24. Hey WarOwl i respect your decision to make sponsored content and be upfront
    with us about it.keep up the great Youtube videos! i went from MGE to 2K

  25. Only real problem this game has is the huge span of RNG that this game and
    your results are based on. I mean you can pull of 100 shots, hitting the
    exact same spots and get 100 different results, ranging from completly
    blowing the ship to pieces in one salvo, to barely even scratching its
    paint and that can be really frustrating. I personally got bored with this
    game once I reached tier 6, since the gameplay definitely has its
    limitations in my opinion and also because those “blockbuster” like games
    where it got really intense often ended in draws, just because the round
    timer is quite short for such a slow game.

  26. if you wanna go to an awesome aircraft carrier go to the USS Lexington its

  27. Hey Owl, love your vids. Ive been playing this quite a bit the last year,
    please do ask if you need any pro-tips for pwning the scrubs hard. I dont
    have a clue about carriers but I can help out with destroyers (DD),
    cruisers (CA) and battleships (BB). I realize its a promoted vid and all
    that, probably not anything youre really gonna spend a lot of time on. But
    if you are, dont hesitate to ask :-)

  28. Hahahahah “Its like watching a fat person fall over”

  29. You have the sun pointing the wrong way for your green screen XD

  30. By saying it’s sponsored multiple multiple times you might be turning off
    other potential sponsors because it seems like you have a ‘negative’
    opinion of sponsorship. Perhaps if you want more of these you should tone
    it down a little bit haha

  31. Im ok with sponsors! Just say so right at the start like in this vid and
    I’m fine.

  32. Love it 🙂 great to see my favorite Youtuber unfold to actually having
    people asking him to make videos about their products. Milestone achieved
    I’d say! Let’s celebrate!

  33. I don’t mind if you do paid promotion as long as you are still honest about
    what you think. Also please don’t do mobile games, god help you if you go!


  35. The Wawl has sold out! and he has the GALL to flaunt it in our faces!

  36. I’d like to see world of tanks and planes too

  37. Nice video, i like horse pie. Do u agree with the squareroot of horse

  38. A lot of respect man

  39. WarOwl needs to make a documentary.

  40. Hey WarOwl i respect your decision to make sponsored content and be upfront
    with us about it.keep up the great Youtube videos! i went from global to
    silver 1

  41. best YouTuber ever

  42. Thanks for all you have done WarOwl, I was gold nova 2 and I am now silver

  43. Hey WarOwl, I respect your decision to make sponsored content and be
    upfront with us about it. Keep up the great YouTube Videos! I went from
    Silver I two Silver II

  44. Hey All! I am Giving away an AWP DRAGON LORE FN on My channel! I want to
    share as much as possible! Good Luck to all! <3

  45. i’ll be honest, this looks fun

  46. Why do i keep thinking that its a green screen

  47. WarOwl of World of WarShips. Shortened WoWoW

  48. Great video make something like this again please

  49. I would love to see you play Banished <3

  50. This video is so well done, and your confidence in front of the camera is
    amazing. Please make more videos like with with ‘real world’ content!

  51. Great video. But you are the silver 1(or maybe 2-3) of wows. You made
    mistakes like smoking mid door on dust2 T side and going through it. But i
    admire you courage of shoving us this content of you constantly making
    mistakes and dyiWHAT A NOOOOOOOUOUOUOUB!

  52. Unsubscribed

  53. still have no what???

  54. Priceless thing #123: Watching WarOwl running up and down the aircraft
    carrier making plane noises 

  55. WarOwl I find it hilarious seeing you out in the world giving us facts like
    it’s a documentary. Keep up the good work, these kind of videos are awesome
    as well, paid or not, a fun game is a fun game!

  56. I don’t mind this sponsored content, you get very in depth with it, and i
    appreciate it.
    I am actually considering trying the game because of this video.

  57. i love the real life parts ;)

  58. awesome stuff keep it up. As long as you keep putting out cs go Stuff I’ll
    still like and watch your promos

  59. This fos supricingly fun

  60. Not my type of game but a fun video nonetheless

  61. more like WhoreOwl because he’s whoring himself out for that ad money

  62. Hey WarOwl! I respect your decision to make sponsored content and be
    upfront about it. Keep up the great Youtube videos! …..I don’t play CS
    anymore but enjoy your content a great deal nonetheless!
    Greetings from Germany

  63. Christian “C-Vac” Vaccaro-Gallo

    In the introduction, you called it “microtransaction-based”. Can you please
    tell me where you got that from? There are no microtransactions. The
    premium currency is a fully optional feature and you can get nearly
    everything in the game without it. Sincerely triggered, I await your

  64. please do matches of this. would love to see it :D

  65. Sähkörotta CS:GO

    is this video sponsored??

  66. Fun fact, with ships like the battleship the main guns have enough
    firepower to shunt the ship six inches away from the direction of fire.

  67. DJisbaws Gaming Channel

    That part at 7:12 really made my day xD xD xD

  68. Now for World of Tanks! Looking forward to that!

  69. Keep up the great work! The more money a youtuber makes, the better his
    videos get, right?

  70. To be honest, I didn’t think warowl was even there because it looked like
    he edited himself onto a pre recorded video lol, I’m sorry

  71. Gr8 Video Owl I was Silver 1 and now im Silver 2

  72. Hey WarOwl, I respect your decision to make sponsored content and be
    upfront about it with us. Keep up the great YouTube Videos! I still haven’t
    gotten to competitive yet

  73. I liked it, as long as their good games youll think we like then id say do

  74. After i played this game, I really wanna build a Battleship….
    Best things to do in WOWS:
    -Shooting BB with HE Shells
    -Shooting DD with AP Shells
    -Shooting Multiple Enemies At Once
    -Launch Some Planes and Relax
    -Being a DD with huge Torps is just like running with p90 and carrying a
    Bomb in CSGO

  75. You went to Charleston and didn’t let me know :(

  76. Wtf I’ve played wows everyday for a year and they give me nothing, a random
    WarOwl viewer gets premium, and fricken premium ships

  77. Hey WarOwl
    Huge fan of yours videos. I’ve been playing CS GO learn a lot with your
    I do prefer your CSGO videos but as a gamer Its nice to watch other kinds
    of games.
    Good job, man!

  78. That was a particularly excellent video! I think the actual warship footage
    was what made it for me, a unique feel. In terms of sponsored content, I
    think you did a suitable mount of mentioning it without going ott. I look
    forward to seeing more.

  79. Futome The_Tanuki

    Sounds like they should put an advanced tutorial into the game to keep
    players playing for the beginning. It sounds pretty rough and unfriendly.

    Also how were rewards and stuff for winning games?

  80. I think it is a great video and you earn money and u present us a game.

  81. I love to come while eating rotten bananas in France.

    such a shitty game

  82. 5:39 Black shirt and black jeans!?!? Don’t you have any sense on style!?!?!
    That little blue on your shirt ain’t helping your black overkill!!!

  83. damn! that looks pretty awesome. I am weary of free to play PC games
    though. how much spyware/adware is included? how much of my info are they
    gathering? idk. probably wont install it just because of that. still a fun
    video to watch! thanks warowl.

  84. historical accuracy ?…I doubted that…many of those ships are
    paper-ships on the blueprint only…neft and even take out many of it’s
    armaments…especially the AAs…

  85. historical accuracy ?…I doubted that…many of those ships are
    paper-ships on the blueprint only…neft and even take out many of it’s
    armaments…especially the AAs…

  86. tfw when he crankin the gun but still feels like greenscreen

  87. Good video, keep em coming!

  88. While I am not a fan of payed promotions, this one was really good and
    actually informative to watch, more like a review than a commercial.

    You found a good balance! Keep up the good work!

  89. Durrrp holds a camera very steady

  90. I think he ran out of money.

  91. do you live in Charleston or were you just visiting?

  92. As long as the awesome cs go content keeps coming in, I have no issue with
    these videos, in fact, I endorse you to do more!

  93. The making of the video is pretty freaking amazing. I personally don’t mind
    the sponsored content at all, as it obviously supports you in making other
    videos as well. So if all future sponsored videos are as good as this one,
    then by all means, feature some more content. Congrats on this first one
    and, as usual, keep up the amazing work!

  94. Alessandro Porcelli

    Blablabla SellOwt blablabla Unsubscrayb yatta yatta yatta Reported.

  95. Keep up the good work! I went from silver elite to silver one…(:

  96. warOwl i laughed soo hard when u said what would be put in the comments omg
    so funny!!!

  97. does this game put viruses in my computer?

  98. 1:00 next is master of orion

  99. Imagine this being a part of battlefield??

  100. hardestcoresoldier

    there already is a world of space ships – fractured space

  101. i have like that Dota feeling while playing this

  102. A Video is a Video, all i care about it is to be entertaining – i can see
    you put a lot of effort into this and i enjoyed every bit of it, icing on
    the cake is you making more money for all the work you putin which is well

  103. First I thought you were using greenscreen for that intro lol :D

  104. hicham el bachari

    4:38 you should be a singer

  105. Damn WarOwl is going places

  106. WorOwl, maybe a review would be better if you played the game and got
    familiar with it on a free account with no unlocks to see what it’s like
    for people that can’t afford all the gizmos.

    I went from Global to Nova 3

  107. Do more promotions, your voice is all I need

  108. This game looks so fun

  109. Mate, that was quite the most honest and well put together sponsored videos
    I have seen.

  110. really nice video sir

  111. one thing I like about sponsored videos and saying they are sponsored. When
    I watch TGN for heroes of the storm and they have all heroes hundreds of
    thousands gold and all skins, I am always sitting there wondering if
    blizzard just gives them the stuff. But they never disclose that.

  112. These ships are moving at 100kmh or what ?

  113. This is sort of an awesome paid promotion, that and i like world of

  114. Why do people dislike the video. in like first 10 seconds warowl discloses
    that this is sponsored content. You dont have to sit and watch it just
    because you clicked the video.

  115. If they actually made world of spaceships, that would be great

  116. I’ve never minded paid promotions, as long as the content of the video
    stays similar to the channel’s regular content, which this video passed.

    Giving it a like anyway

  117. I just bought asus gtx 950 oc and got 3 free ships :)

  118. I would like to see more world of warships

  119. this is how you do paid promotions right

  120. USS leafy

  121. Great video, WarOwl! I’m gonna get this when I get my computer here and
    stuff all setup, I love naval warfare!

    Also if you enjoyed this, watch Battleship. I wouldn’t say it’s a GOOD
    movie, in the movie sense, but it gets me all excited with the naval
    warfare stuff. Prime entertainment.

  122. This is actually the best sponsored video i’ve seen. Seriously. Good job

  123. +TheWarOwl “So I took it upon myself to travel an extra mile onto a real
    warship” give me a fucking break, they took you to one. It’s not their
    first marketing campaign. They’re always like “dude pls talk about realizm
    for like half the video”.

  124. This reminded me playing this game last summer. It was amazing. I highly
    suggest you download it!
    Now you made me to get it again :D

  125. SuPeR_HoStIlE lee

    warowl play with the youtuber anderzel

  126. Jules Van Der Walt

    S E L L O U T B O Y Z

  127. War thunder is better tbh

  128. I like it i was cool

  129. I enjoy the paid content, plus it means i get to see your beautiful beard
    even more <3

  130. Vishal Srivastava

    I’ve been playing World of Warships for some time now and it’s a good game.
    However, the actual grind to get everything unlocked is quite painful on
    both of WarGaming’s main games (World of Tanks and Warships). They hand out
    fully unlocked accounts for review but the actual account we get is loads
    tougher to play with.

  131. i wonder how the secuity on the carrier was thinking when you where buzzing
    about on the luanch pad XD

  132. I would have liked to know how fair their business model is. I am not going
    to play this game if I am just going to get owned by people who have paid
    to progress, or if your progress without paying is so painfully slow that I
    get bored of the game before I unlock a new ship.

  133. This game doesn’t interest me whatsoever but WarOwl manages to make it

  134. you should just continue with sponserd videos you dont review games so i
    dont watch for your opinion so its all cool

  135. Who was filming you?

  136. 5:20 i crie evry tim ;(

  137. Persons name (if you only knew)

    Is it me, or WarOwl has lost weight?

  138. I don’t care cause it was a good game and I saw warowl go somewhere .

  139. Thanks for the invitation code WarOwl, been waiting to try this out for
    some time, and when I watched the video and you offered this bonus stuff, I
    simply thought why not?
    -Have a good one

  140. I play WoT on competetive level and played some WoWs aswell, did miss the
    bit of grinding information in the game since thats also big part of it,
    but loved the way you presentated the rest of the game really fair.

  141. Warowl has the “Northernlion” approach to paid promotion. Where he says
    it’s paid promotion every 5 minutes.

  142. Please keep playing WoWs and also WoT

  143. great job keep it up!

  144. Mew players sould start on cruisers ro learn how to AIM and hit. Your gonna
    need it in the battleships

  145. In stead of being the silver and watching a global elite play, I feel I’m
    the global elite watching a silver play.

  146. American flags. EVERYWHERE

  147. Not that anyone cares, but my Grandfather served on the USS Laffey, so that
    was cool seeing it in this video. Still haven’t seen it for myself.

  148. random123456789620


  149. 2:56 “it’s like watching a fat person fall over”

  150. hey warowl i honestly enjoyed watching this video. if you have/want to do
    more sponsored videos please make them like this. Thanks and keep up the
    good work :)

  151. Looks an awesome game!
    I appreciate you goign the extra mile to visit the ships in person. :]

  152. Only Hitmarkers (CSGO and More)

    If u were gonna do a paid promotion this is a cool game to do it on

  153. We need more of these live action clips

  154. I respect ur sponsored videos

    U made me got from gn1 to minecraft in 2 days 😀 thx warowl

  155. I am fine with sponsored content, as long as you give a pro/con layout to
    the review. Other than that I fully endorse sponsorship.

  156. Warowl, you sunk my battleship ;)

  157. please do not play tier ten ships in your first video

  158. nicholas moignard

    yeah good review, looks like a fun game. Make some dough however you

  159. this was a sponsored vid but unlike other youtubers I enjoyed this one

  160. i love playing world of tanks

  161. Sponsoring + Warowl = SponsOwl.

  162. Can you try to get codes from Wargaming with premium ships, for a giveaway?
    That would be really nice. 😛 :D

  163. I actually wouldn’t mind watching you make videos on World of Warships. Not
    a game I could see myself playing, but certainly a game I think would be
    fun to watch

  164. Hey man I love how you actually went out to see these ships in real life to
    get some great footage! Definitely paid off!

  165. Going on the actual war vessels was genius. Not many YouTubers would’ve
    even thought of that. I don’t care if it’s sponsored or not just don’t be a
    sell out. Always give your honest opinion. Cheers.

  166. I really enjoyed this video. I will go to http://worldofwarships.com/ using
    the code WOWS2016C3. This message is sponsored content. The content of this
    game is amazing and I can see it being endless fun for people male or
    female from the ages of 10 and up when they take breaks from
    http://worldoftanks.com. Thank you for the video I will like it and
    subscribe for more content.

  167. that was awesome, if you get more sponsored videos, go for it! i think they
    are fun

  168. Capfuls you do another WOS vid

  169. I think that as long as people follow TotalBiscuit’s style of sponsored
    content ie. keeping everything transparent, then these videos are fine.
    Glad to see you want to be so transparent with these things, going above
    just noting it in the description.

  170. Small loan of a millon credits

  171. More Exploit Hunters pls!

  172. omg, ive been to the yorktown :D

  173. I was playing world of warships when I saw this video. It means nothing, I
    just wanted to say something.

  174. hahahahaahaha did i mention, it is a paid promotion?

  175. I don’t mind sponsored content as long as you state it clearly lol.

  176. Christopher Thompson

    Great video! The games looks really fun.

  177. WarOwl do what you want, I like your videos and you have great humor. Being
    sponsored must have been awesome.

  178. I used to play this game but it’s been forever

  179. Nice tits WarOwl :3

  180. I respect you doing the paid promotion it is kind of your job anyway. The
    only way anyone should have a serious complaint about this being a paid
    promotion is if was a crappy video which it wasnt i was quite fond of it
    and i wouldn’t mind to see you warowl play more :D

  181. hey warowl I would like to thank you for helping me get from bronze 5 to
    diamond 2

  182. Artyom Podshendyalov

    best sponsor video that i have seen. keep it up and more CS go academy
    videos please

  183. I’m a huge fan of WoWs Been playing since early beta. Glad to see you doing
    a promo for it!

  184. Enjoyed the video WarOwl, but some new mistakes in WoWS made me cringe a
    few times, but still enjoyable.

  185. paid promotion you gotta do what you gotta do, but still super enjoyable
    great work

  186. Well, a new War Owl is always nice.

    Less nice when you play 2 competitive games, have a smurf in the first one
    and barely lose. And then in the second one, you have 4 hackers, all pwning
    your team. And then you derank to Silver 1. I’m fucking pissed right now,

  187. I respect your decission to make paid promotion once a while.

  188. I saw the Bismark on multiple occassions in this video.
    You died to it at least once, and helped an ally battleship sink it at
    another point.

  189. You should try Mechwarrior Online, it’s closer to an FPS with “mmo action”

  190. I can just play kantai collection
    Its just the same experience right?

  191. I’m happy you allowed yourself to broaden horizens and give insight on a
    game not quite similar to your most popular content!

  192. I appreciate you being straightforward that it was sponsored

  193. Hey WarOwl, I liked the video but think it would be awesome in the future
    if you could do the paid promotion vid but make another video just of you
    playing the game and having a good time! :D

  194. How much you getting paid warowl?

  195. Hey WarOwl Just came across your channel and saw this. (World of warships
    player) hopefully a simple question: Would you keep playing this game when
    you have the time or it is not your cup of tea?

  196. Very happy about this video. I just started playing World of Tanks, and a
    friend of mine told me I should get this too. After watching your video, I
    might, then try to blow you out of the water.

  197. As long as youtubers dont go against their true opinions about a game just
    because they are getting paid, Im completely fine with sponsored videos.
    The content is beautiful so why does it matter why it was made?

  198. Warowl I love your goofing around so much. You big loveable man child aww

  199. is it just me or warowl lost a lot of weight?

  200. Despite being a sponsored video, it was great.
    You really did your job by presenting the game while having fun playing it
    and even went to get some real life footage.
    Definitely one of the best sponsored video ive ever seem, dont hesitate to
    make more as long as you clearly announce it and that its related to the
    channel. :)

  201. Thank god it’s not kantai collection

  202. you want world of spaceships? test out fractured space ,it is basicly that

  203. xDD You’re Funny

  204. This game kinda sucks, I prefer warthunder much more

  205. pfft, world of tanks? world of warplanes? man I’ve upgraded to warthunder

  206. Pssh, no one plays World of Warplanes

  207. Anyone else who didn’t recieve any activation email when registering? Idk
    what to do :/

  208. This is why progression shouldn’t be skipped. Simply having you skip all
    that forced play time really puts you at a disadvantage once everything
    gets more difficult at higher tiers

  209. 10/10 straightforward with promotion content. I might look into playing

  210. You´re probably like the least hated youtuber out there, humble, funny and
    original. Always closing one of your videos with some new tips and/or with
    a smile. Keep up the good work!

  211. imo wows got really repetitive…
    kinda lost interest at t5 any reason i should go back to playing it

  212. 7:10 all that needs to be said.

  213. Omg this is so awesome it actually happened I can’t belive this it is a

  214. Hey WarOwl i respect your decision to make sponsored content and be upfront
    with us about it.keep up the great Youtube videos! i went from MGE to GN3

  215. Hey wait a second I think he use green screen again at start :D.

  216. Yay education

  217. come on, WarOwl … admit it, it’s sponsored !

  218. This looks surprisingly fun

  219. Great video, I could tell you went the extra mile…. World of Worships
    seems like a great game and I’d love to see more videos on this game

  220. Dude, I doubt you’ll ever see this as most big YouTubers lose their
    comments in the massive array of people posting, BUT:

    I really really enjoyed this video. It seems as though you took full
    advantage of the paid promotion to put out something that was interesting
    and entertaining, and I think that this is something that I’d love to see
    in the future. Glad you enjoyed your time on the aircraft carrier though,
    that looked like a lot of fun! 🙂

    Cheers man!

  221. Were there no negatives?

  222. Paid videos are fine so long as you aren’t being paid to say good things,
    you’re just being paid to promote and advertise the game.

  223. do more of these i like it

  224. Hey Warowl, I respect your decision to make sponsored content and be
    upfront with us about it. Keep up the great YouTube Videos! I went from
    Silver I to Silver II

  225. Jack JMP (JPauly)

    +TheWarOwl Ahhhhh! Standing and talking!!!

    Nah, it’s fine :)


  227. Greetings WarOwl! I the viewer greets you!

  228. I think it’s just fine that you made this paid video, I liked it a lot.

  229. João Pedro Portella de Oliveira

    Yeah got the code!!!

  230. I fully support you doing sponsored content especially if you are upfront
    about it like in this.

  231. Awesome video (again)! I don’t watch a lot of paid content videos, but the
    ones I saw where very cheap and not much fun to watch. But in your videos I
    can always see the effort you put into it. Way cool, bro!

  232. Sellout

  233. Hey Warowl great video man, more paid
    promotions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And by the way
    who films for you?

  234. You legitimatelly are one of the people in my “to meet” list.

    Going upfront saying “yeah, this is a paid video.” is something i haven’t
    seen any other youtuber do before. Not saying that nobody has done it, but
    being the first in my eyes is pretty big for me.

    cheers WarOwl. +1

  235. I think this is great video warowl
    many you can play some other games in your stream and do a more review like
    video on youtube to say if it worth a try

  236. over here we have a saying that goes like: I am not mad, I am an airplane

  237. the amount of new memes in this video…

  238. The dubbing when you’re at the warship is phenomenal. Kappa

  239. I play world of warships quite often but only have gone as far at teir IV.
    I really liked to see what you thought of the game WarOwl. Keep up the good

  240. i rely considered playing warships, mostly cause i had done everything on
    kankolle and was like woooo ships, lol,
    anyways nice video warowl well worth the watch

  241. Gotta say, tier 10 is really rough on new players. If you are going to make
    more episodes, I’d recommend playing tier 5-6, as they are more forgiving.
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  475. hey Warowl, I respect your decision to make sponsored content and be
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  490. Hey WarOwl, I respect your decision to make sponsored content and be
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    If anyone want’s to know (and this goes for ANYONE who does commercials) If
    they really loved the product that much. they would of done it before being
    offered money for it. now that’s not to say warowl hates it.. BUT it DOES
    mean he literally CAN’T say he hates it. and wargaming’s big enough that im
    sure warowl has heard of the games long before now. if it was his thing he
    would of mentioned it by now. he was approached. Make your money Warowl
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    This video seems to meet all three of those qualifications, and I enjoyed

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    not even be good. Be honest or we might lose your trust. This was pretty
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    thats awesome too.

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    I have played World of Warships in the past and it is a very enjoyable
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    mean on low tir ships to get to battle you must spend about 5-7 minutes
    doing nothing… this is simple boring

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    Can’t choose whether I should like for the excellent content or dislike for
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    what key csgo dates are coming up, like when tournaments start?

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  716. Greetings! Let me know how you guys thought my ‘first’ sponsored video went
    (if you ignore the WarOwl Weekly show). I’m committed to providing you guys
    with entertaining content and really wanted to go the extra mile with this
    video since it’s the first time I’ve done something like this.

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