WARSHIP BATTLE (AMTRAC) – USSR VS USA (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. burning down on the water, so much irony

  2. that was cool

  3. where is his cam

  4. 10k subs with no videos challenge

    anyone notice when phly died the charge failed

  5. Would love to see more videos like this. Super fun to watch. Of course
    different tank combos to verse each other.

  6. Hermann Fegelein

    Russian bias D:


    torpedo on planes and this swould be better

  8. how many did u kill dude?

  9. NaelyLaiza ever-forever

    Do an all ATGM Battleeee

  10. NaelyLaiza ever-forever

    You should do super fast tanks vs slow tanks

  11. bias I mean lol


  13. Dat russian bias

  14. Are there smoke dischargers or something to cover your movement?

  15. Dude. I just want to say that at 9:45 when you went “Arrgghh! I suck”, you
    did it with a smile in your voice. I wish other players were as good or and
    enjoyable as you. More people would want to play. I also am going to be
    downloading this game and playing it because you make it seem fun. Thanks.

  16. Phly how do you have so much gold eagles?

  17. i dare phydaily to fight me in war thunder as t95 and i as pv f2

  18. New Floats! event out now!

  19. you know what phly should actually test that try and get a kv2 on top of

  20. theyre amphibious

  21. it will be better if there was aavs in this game but its gun is weak it
    fires grenades

  22. Kristjan Aruvald

    im eating a gummyworm

  23. How many “final pushes” do you need to actually have the final push? Phly
    said “THIS IS THE FINAL PUSH” a bajillion times! XD

  24. 22:50 that was not cool Phly.

  25. Why have they not added DD Shermans

  26. Hey fledolly did you know you can set it so a button tells you the distance
    to your crosshair? Its part of the game

  27. MooseTheSyrupMan

    M18 and F-82 Freedom combo!

  28. Phly put a lot of money down the drain…

  29. 2:57 HeadShot from Fury confirmed

  30. also only upload that m22 game cause I rekt that game

  31. I was in this game and yes the PT-76 was the not real winner cause its
    reserve VS T4 tanks

  32. Jezreel Esguerra

    German Combo please!!! Father of Dicker Max, Sturer Emil and the user made
    He 219 A7!!!! (7th Attempt)

  33. More, but next time form the LVT sied.

  34. 1:14 Quack Quack Motherf*cker!

  35. Romero7jxh 45tgt555tggg555 1112b2223344 5 Cecilia

    Hey Phly, can you do another video for world of warships because I want to
    see you use the Yamato

  36. Hey m8 , will you try world if warships ?

  37. I accidentally deleted my War Thunder account please help

  38. Fucking clickbait title cunt…

  39. baron could you please use the cromwell 27M RP3 AND WYVERN plzzzzzzzz ;)

  40. Christian løvschal

    do the tanks sink when dsetroyed or does they just float?

  41. i cant find that tank in wt

  42. phly: 7,3,5,1

    me: what about the even numbers?!

    phly: I can’t even!!

  43. lmao i got 1337th like that’s leet

  44. i think with the tanks in the water if they get shot below the water line
    they should take on water and have to be repaired?

  45. russian bias

  46. Give the IS-4 Some love with his gun

  47. make world of warship vid man

  48. Rasydan MRMR (U-2412)

    the russian bias is real.

  49. Also Phly plz fly out the b-18

  50. How do you get those binoculars up in game?

  51. wasn’t the Sheridan amphibious?

  52. war thunder=russian bias simulator


  53. 殺手, 阿Ching

    Also Cold war light tank vs WW2 tracked armored car? Seems legit.

  54. You are american, but you has played for USSR. Hmm… But i reaved a like
    because i am russian :-D

  55. 殺手, 阿Ching

    8:22 “i’m trying to ketchup here” PhlyDaily 2k16

  56. Kv2 vs German kv2

  57. Florin Magureanu

    +PhlyDaily please do more World of Warships! :(

  58. Mr. Grenade (Pan Granat)

    But that’s unfair.. tier 1 v tier like what.. 3?

  59. Александр Левицкий

    Да! блять!

  60. wow plzz (world of warships)

  61. “Fuck you CCS in a nice way” -21:10 some fwb action going on here?

  62. M48A1!!!!!

  63. 21:04 why is the game black but the GUIs fine?

  64. Where is baron?


  66. how do you get red white and blue smoke?

  67. How the hell is this battle even fair wtf

  68. Teddoproof Gaming

    its not fair!!!

  69. There is cruise control on War Thunder, by pressing E you can increased the
    gear and by pressing Q you can decrease the gear setting.

  70. hey phly I don’t know if you were always able to do this but you can go
    first person with the BF 110-c4

  71. I only come here for the intro music.

  72. Great video im from argentina

  73. when u Make WoWs Videos again?

  74. Thought i was watching world of warships…

    Twas fun

  75. I wish the tanks would sink like ships if they’re destroyed ?

  76. Caelan Hofmister (Greedycaelan)

    fun game mode.. takes forever to get back into combat

  77. Phly can you play more world of warship.

  78. Husky The Dinosaur

    Kamikazes vs PT-76s and LVT(A)(1)

  79. phlydaily plays with the su -100 tank

  80. Unfair just really because of the russian ammo and sloped armor. lvt team
    should of gotten more players :

  81. Average Asian (Mr. Sushi)

    Honestly, I think ten vid would look better if it were PT-76 vs M551, Cold
    War battle, or Gulf War

  82. fuck you
    grilledsword fish

  83. Dude Phly you are awesome af. How did you think of this

  84. anyone else see baron on the lvt team

  85. Play World of Warships please!!!!!!


  87. I know it’s for fun but this wasn’t fair a reserve vehicle vs a high teir

  88. This Name Is Excrutiatingly Long Isnt It

    How the hell does a guy have “Master of Russian Bias” as their title!?!? I
    want one.

  89. Fire Master 9808

    No more crosscut?

  90. linkin park forever

    plz do the russian missile tank BM-8-24

  91. Actually, the LVT does have artillery support.

  92. Wiryan Tirtarahardja

    Welcome to Jutland lol

  93. Hey Phly, I am just wondering what key did you assign to binoculars?

  94. me and my frind openned up a private macth some months back and we only
    used catalinas in the water

  95. Check out this channel! >Happy Bacon< He is starting out youtube and making some pretty good world of warships and war thunder videos!

  96. Its pretty obvious who’s going to win.

  97. actually s pretty fair battle. because both are one shot kills really!

  98. Francisco Diaz Jr

    Lvt’s have more after burner
    Cause they were the first to reach ufo crashes

  99. I wish the floating tanks would start to sink if you hit them in the hull

  100. Still better than World of Warships…

  101. Clickbait battle

  102. Gr8 vid m8

  103. I don’t know how I got 8 kills…

  104. First naval battle in war thunder


  106. Well that was unfair a reserve tank vs pt76

  107. I love it when people say this CB was unfair when the US 37mm gun has 90mm
    of peneration and a faster reload when compared to the PT-76. The PT-76 gun
    has APHE which wont go off when penning a LVT, this is pretty balanced
    since both tanks can pen each other pretty fine

  108. comrade the nazies are advancing on Stalingrad we need to push them back
    with the ISU-152 and the yak-9, for the motherland!!!!!!!

  109. My grandfather was a marine in the tail end of the Korean War- he helped
    land Amtracs from the LSTs. He got reassigned at the last minute on a
    particularly choppy day, and the tank he was supposed to ride on sank with
    all hands.

  110. +WeBe I didn’t know u were in this

  111. War Thunder ships looks great….

  112. Hmm a kool and fun idea for a game so much fun and a big suprise the LVT
    could do so good at closer ranges.

  113. Wish I was there for that

  114. This video reminds me, whatever happened to World of Warships?

  115. João Pedro Pressato

    let me see the kill cam

  116. I just got the best idea!!!!
    Put a KV-2 on top of a pt-76 bam Russian battleship

  117. Sorry but I didn’t like how you shot your teammate on the side for being
    temporary stationed along with others in the end of the video as they
    covered your ass.

  118. Where is world of warships I miss it

  119. Hmm tier 4 vs reserve… Wonder what will win…

  120. I love the guy that says “Quack Quack Motherfucker.”

  121. Lakeyb85 (Lakeyb85)

    hey man new sub 🙂 love your war thunder vids just started my own. amazing
    how popular this game is being free 🙂 keep up the work, working my way
    through ur videos :)

  122. The Yorkshire Gamer

    Do this with Catalinas next time

  123. Where did he get that Premium Tank in the Lineup? the T-34 Prototype

  124. lysergicheadcase

    24:20 sup flydally

  125. hmph phly why didn’t you go with ‘murica USSR has potatoes we got you know
    burgers .-.

  126. What does he play on??

  127. mybe its a lot of pysex going in the weter

  128. pls make a sim custom battle with panthers and tiger 1 vs a lot more
    shermans. at night so it is fair

  129. 50fps wtf

  130. Wait can you torpedo a tank that’s in the water? +PhlyDaily

  131. do a tank fortress battle with the USSR T-35 and the German Panzerwerfer 42

  132. • Добренький •


  133. do the same thing, but next time do it in the river on eastern europe

  134. Cool resub !!! ;)

  135. nice video

  136. that looked amazing, hope you had a good time guys :)

  137. very good

  138. “no stopping no stopping” – proceeds to shoot his engine

  139. well again op russians however in russian game


  141. Элиза Хоэнхаим

    very sad, that american vehicles lost(

  142. WeBe was there!

  143. When will Wargaming add italian battleships in WoWS?
    I’m still waiting for Roma,Vittorio Veneto, Duca degli Abruzzi and Audace
    class…C’mon it’s my country we had and have one of the most powerful Navy
    in the World and Europe,we are talking about a country that’s in contact
    with water for 3 of 4 quarters…

  144. When will Wargaming add italian battleships in WoWS?
    I’m still waiting for Roma,Vittorio Veneto, Duca degli Abruzzi and Audace
    class…C’mon it’s my country we had and have one of the most powerful Navy
    in the World and Europe,we are talking about a country that’s in contact
    with water for 3 of 4 quarters…

  145. Too bad i missed the stream :(

  146. Challenge!!! Kill a Maus with the Asu-57 in close combat, no more than 100
    meters away

  147. TheMarineGamer IGGHQ

    “PT-76s are dominating” well really, its not like they are 10 years more
    advanced than them

  148. Hah is it just me or did 3:00 remind anyone of the tiger tank fight from

  149. You could just make it so that the PT76’s have to use APCR

  150. Phly how do you use the tanks binoculars?

  151. Thomas the Dank Engine

    A NEW CHALLENGER APPEARS!!! Sheridan vs PT-76 ;)

  152. People shooting from land or flanking on land or breaking the rules in any
    other way should immediately get kicked

  153. branimir CLASSIFIED

    would have been much cooler withouth those arcade names above every tank,
    but still pretty cool

  154. Murica is better capitalist than communist slave bastards

  155. I thought Gaijin finally added warships to War Thunder ;D

  156. bruh when I read the title first time
    I thought gaijin did an event like april fools event but with ww2 ships

  157. Kacper Zieńczuk

    ATGM vs Planes ? plis make this Phly

  158. the great naval battle of poland XD

  159. Im early… time for joke: how do british call the T-54?? A TEA-54.

  160. may god bless you all

  161. T1 vs T4? Of course this is unfair Phly

  162. Still better Warships than The Wargaming Warships

  163. YES!!!!

  164. the russians have a better tank

  165. They should add the Sherman DD.
    the only downside is it could not stop in the water but who cares?

  166. Last time i cam this early i was born

  167. Do you know what an Amtrak is.?

  168. how about a massduell russian quatriple 9mm

  169. click bait lul

  170. Jirapat Thaenphromrat

    I called it. HAHA Whos laughing now? I TOTALLY CALLED IT

  171. how does one participate in one of these events?

  172. last time i was this early … britain was in the EU

  173. Im thinking about how fucked up the naval battle would be with their shitty
    physic engine

  174. phlydaily when will you do some wow videos . its been too long and they
    were awesome . p.s loved the video as always

  175. Patrik Ravolainen

    phlydaily do T-54 1951 and MIG-15


  177. 75th like :#

  178. I will trade you my origin account with Battlefield Hardline Ultimate
    Edition for PC!! In return I want 5k Golden Eagles

  179. It’s so fun ?

  180. Louis Glendining

    I found the LVT’s quite unstable compared to the PT76 after watching this
    video. The LVT’s gunsight was all over the place, making it harder to
    shoot. that’s probably why the PT76s dominated

  181. today is a big deal to be the most effective and also to the Yesterday I
    had no clue about what you are looking to be more cal me a that the most

  182. who was at stream

  183. 322.

  184. Damn at first I thought WarThunder ships where out

  185. Webe

  186. he guys i just started with YouTube maybe you. wanne check my channel see

  187. distinct olive (TK-526)

    LOL Phly still has his water “camo” on his tank

  188. 4th comment

  189. AncientV26 Jet_Noob

    Dream:fly with Phlydaily in Sabres..but I’m juts another sub

  190. #7th comment XD

  191. I thought this was WoWS.

  192. Louis Glendining


  193. This would be fun in a swordfish

  194. yay, im a early viewer

  195. wow im early, last time i was this early…… wait i was never this

    btw still waiting for ATGM vs Planes

  196. Damn I’m early

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