Warship Moments #13

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Dancing Kongou


  1. Hate to say it, but… FIRST!

  2. Ohhh yes lads. More poi and penetrations

  3. YES! More Arlios!!!

  4. Is that Ralfidude that I’m hearing? Btw, Linebacker is oddly restrained in
    his language. :3

  5. Oh thank you Arlios, just had a bad day and I needed this. Thank you. Btw
    you ready for ranked?

  6. When you finally find a YouTuber, who play’s on your server, that you like.

    But you’re in college.

  7. Not enough weeb shit ;3

  8. Why is Arlios so great??

  9. Grab the pickaxes…
    Can I have the kinds of enemies that you have? And your luck

  10. I am excited about ranked battles. Finally…. 7v7 (potentioally less
    idiots) and good MM for my T5 and T6 ships

  11. Holy shit.. Linebacker is ACTUALLY HAVING ACCESS TO REAL WEAPONS??? I’m
    emigrating to Mars.

  12. What’s he going into the USAF as? I’m Security Forces xD

  13. why would you buy the prinz eugen? it’s a hipper with a different name and
    a premium camo for 4x the price

  14. Watch him get like the B-21 *sigh*

  15. Oh shit what’s linebacker doing here?

  16. I feel what’s the saipan going through. Hitting these filthy DDs is pretty
    annoying. But if you get one, feels good.

  17. I like the anime you use, combined with the natural talent for making
    really great videos.

  18. God it’s always so satisfying watching your videos ;)

  19. ive citadeled a texas with my hatsu yester… me like boooooom btich

  20. lol at your spawn, i had that issue with my Bayern and my div mate in a
    Cleveland. He would actually spawn half his ship clipping with

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