Warship Rising | 10v10 Real Time Naval Battles On The GO (Warship Rising Gameplay)

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Download Warship Rising FREE on iOS or Android: http://hyperurl.co/e9092a

Warship Rising | 10v10 Real Time Battles On The GO (Warship Rising Gameplay)


  1. *Hey fellas! Thanks for supporting this channel. Hope you understand reasons for paid videos. Tomorrow I got a Maus gameplay and trying out a new game called Holdfast! See ya’ll tomors o7*

  2. Blaze_The_Timberwolf : Tanki Online

    I think I’m gunna stick to World Of Warships
    I’m more of a Battleship player, I don’t think me playing as DDs, CCs or CVs will work out

    (Correct me if I got the abbreviations for Cruisers wrong)


  4. Why does that game look like king of warship

  5. I totally understand why this is a promotion but I’m DEEEFINITLEY NOT buying a mobile ripoff of world of warships.

  6. This is a straight rip off of world of warships blitz

  7. Same sounds, stolen from World of Warships ?

  8. I know this channel is focus on wt and wows, that’s why I suggest you to try Naval Creed, I’m a Chinese player and I’ve played nearly all navy games on the phone, this game(in your video)is really a shit,its Chinese name is巅峰战舰,nearly every people who have played wows said the Naval Creed is much more better this one

  9. Try battle of warships ita way better than this game

  10. P.T.O. IV (Pacific Theater of Operations IV) game

  11. Joaquim Ayrton Gancia

    Honestly just play world of warships mobile…its made by thr company who made it first

  12. Phly u should try Naval Creed.
    Decent graphics on mobile and nice game mechanics

  13. the game is a chinese game.the game is very bad i think.beacause the game is pay to win

  14. Rly? Not available in my country?

  15. the Furutaka was missing a turret

  16. I cant find it on my IOS

  17. There is a much better android wow type game and it feels like wow

  18. try out naval creed it is world of warship only in a hendy

  19. What is this, the second clone of WoWS? I’m not Wargaming’s biggest fan, but come on…

  20. Its shit just download world of warships blitz

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