Warship Size Comparison: Aircraft Carriers in World of Warships

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The dimensions of all aircraft carriers of every nation right on your displays!
Aircraft carriers cover allied ships from above, perform reconnaissance, and attack enemies with various types of squadrons.
This ship type doesn’t have main battery guns. Their primary striking force is attack aviation, bombers, and torpedo bombers. Aircraft carriers are perfect scouts that are capable of spotting even the stealthiest ships for their team.
We’re going to shed some light on those differences in our new video by showing you the aircraft carriers of all nations and comparing their sizes. We review and compare World of Warships aircraft carriers that were actually laid down, built, or launched in real life.
00:00 – U.S.A. Aircraft Carriers
Langley, Saipan, Ranger, Enterprise, Lexington, Midway
01:20 – Japanese Aircraft Carriers
Hōshō, Ryūjō, Kaga, Shōkaku
02:15 – U.K. Aircraft Carriers
Hermes, Indomitable, Implacable, Furious, Ark Royal, Audacious
03:40 – German Aircraft Carriers
Graf Zeppelin
04:00 – Carriers Sizes all nations


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  2. Francisco DeTonne

    You forgot Bogue, Independence, Essex, Zuiho, Hiryu and Taiho.

    And RTS CV gameplay which is a few thousand times better than this flight sim… thing.

    • Funnily enough, the RTS version was more of a flight sim than what is current

    • @Ww1 Ww2 No it has to be a built or almost fully built warship to be in these videos. That’s why the German and Russian CV lines aren’t included in this. With the exception of Graf zeppelin of course because she was a fully built carrier.

    • @Steven Moore Well then I wasted time watching this, cause I wanted to see all of the carriers and I didn’t

    • @Danhvn I was on Lexington and they downgraded me to Langley, an, they did not even gave me a free langley… i think its not a fair trade… same with my Baltimore, it was tier 9, they did not automatically move me to a tier 9 cruiser… I grinded Tier 8 twice. No proper compensation or whatsoever

    • @Jazon 1118 send them a ticket or something
      I was grinding for Essex then after rework I still have my Lexy
      And with that USN cruiser split, I had tier tier 9 Baltimore and after she got down to tier 8, I got the Buffalo

  3. Is this only carriers that existed/almost existed? If so, Weser technically could have been there, as she was in the 90% completed area, from conversion from Heavy Cruiser Seydlitz

    • conversion work barely started. She was almost finished as a cruiser, not a carrier

    • @Axel23410 yeah, but there are other ships that are in game that weren’t even started and only existed in plans

    • @Alpha627 And they’re not in the video either.

    • @Axel23410 yes, and I’m saying that Weser/Seydlitz existed more than just in plans like those, but was an actual hull at least, rather than drawings and diagrams on paper

    • @Alpha627 yes, she existed as a CRUISER hull.

      Her conversion was almost entirely paper. The only work that was done was removing some of its superstructure. Nothing else.

      Weser as a CV is paper.

  4. Herman the German

    Still waiting for the Akagi.

  5. HadesHadestheWeeb

    its better if they dint remove the old tier 5,7,9 cvs

  6. I miss the old cv way I wish you could make a choice on what you wanted to use but there were some changes to both

  7. This is the vedeo that I needed. Thank you

  8. Minecraft_ factory78

    God dang it add not premium german,british carriers to the Blitz.

  9. pokeballsithgamers bros

    “Warship size comparison”
    Germans with 1 CV: “What’s there to compare?!”

    • YourBoiPappa Smurf

      The other carrier is very smol

    • A random guy in the internet

      Conversion did started but like GZ wasn’t finished

    • A random guy in the internet

      Rhein is based on the type I which is an imperial germany navy carrier which is being converted from an ocean liner but like GZ didn’t got completed

    • @A random guy in the internet Actually according to Wargamings wiki the Rhein was design for a series of purpose built carriers for the German navy during habe Second World War. 1942 was the design year on the wiki page .

    • A random guy in the internet

      @Steven Moore still type I then but the 1942 version. But also incomplete.

  10. No Essex or Bogue oh wait you guys killed those and removed them never mind

  11. I just wonder will this be updated when IJN Carrier Shinano appears in the game. Man can dream. Man Can Dream.

  12. RIP all odd tier CV (and Independence)
    Would’ve been nice to see how Essex and Taiho compare to the others.

  13. RIP Cv’s on Tier V/VII/IX …
    2.5 years after REEE-work, when will they come back to their place ??
    With this integrated an “operational” & good rework for this class and games ;). This count for model planes too. (fortunately this video arrived before Russian CVs, there would have been only the ocean x) )
    However “why not” for german, present Weser and Erich Loewenhardt ?
    Weser existed (ex Seydlitz, Hipper Class), unfortunately the conversion was never completed.
    Erich Loewenhardt, is GZ class planned 1937/1939.

  14. Player Slot Available

    Lol, Saipan is that small. I had completely forgotten that one of its gimmicks was its low concealment.

    ..Since it doesn’t have low concealment.

  15. They forgot to add in historically accurate, Soviet-era carriers capable of fielding wings of aircraft, featuring pilots with 300 plus confirmed aerial kills and who have participated in numerous dogfights in their highly successful and widely secretive naval air campaign against the germans. Honestly. SMH.

    • Nhật Nguyễn Đình Minh

      They need its model in the game to include in the video. “Aircraft Carriers in World of Warships”, not all of CV of ww2

    • @Nhật Nguyễn Đình Minh Close enough, only real CV in WoWS (some post WW2 is there).
      Would be funny and interesting if they also include paper ships, showing 2D on paper instead of 3D model lol.

    • ah yes launched at the large scale naval buildup that everyone knows about that the soviets launched after ww2 despite their country being bankrupt

    • ToughAncientSpark

      You saved me a comment saying the same thing!

  16. And whats missing? The top of japanes CV building IJN Tahio and the most important US CV Essex… and why? Because we keep adding paper ships instead of trying to integrate actual ships to the game

    • All the American carriers existed though?

    • Playerbase be like: We would like to have IJN Shinano, she was a real CV in wo2 and it would be fun to see her in action….

    • @Aron Pro yeah completely true, and overall they are stupidly overpowered… I got one today in the enemy team, tha t8 techtree and it drops 14k dmg per attack squadron and there is nothing you can do about it

  17. Graf zeppelin: “hello???”
    US: “what am I supposed to do with this?!?!”

  18. The US and Japanese CV lists would be longer if it had not been for the CV rework. It was still a good comparison video nonetheless. The subs will be the last size comparison video in this series once they release.

  19. *Sad USS Independence, Hiryu, USS Essex, and Taiho noises*

  20. The fact that there are people in the comments asking for the German CVs, and Hak is actually impressive, really showing how Smart the Playerbase is lol

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