Warship Size Comparison: Axis Powers | World of Warships

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In our new video, all ships from the German, Italian, and Japanese branches share the spotlight.
In World of Warships, the Axis Powers’ fleet comprises dozens of warships, ranging from the world’s largest battleships to swift and agile destroyers—all with their own unique characteristics.
In the new episode, we compare the length and water displacement values of every ship in the branches of Germany, Italy, and Japan.

00:00 – Warship Size Comparison: Axis Powers
00:25 – DE DD V-25
00:30 – JP DD Wakatake
00:35 – DE DD V-170
00:40 – DE DD G-101
00:45 – JP DD Umikaze
00:50 – JP DD Isokaze
01:00 – JP DD Mutsuki
01:05 – JP DD Minikaze
01:15 – JP DD Кamikaze
01:20 – DE DD T-22
01:25 – JP DD Hatsuharu
01:30 – JP DD Shiratsuyu
01:40 – IT DD Shiratsuyu
01:50 – DE DD T-61
02:00 – DE CA Dresden
02:05 – JP DD Asashio
02:10 – JP DD Fubuki
02:15 – JP DD Akatsuki
02:25 – JP DD Kagerō
02:30 – DE DD Leberecht Maass
02:35 – JP DD Yūgumo
02:45 – DE DD Z-46
02:50 – DE DD Z-23
02:55 – DE DD Z-31
03:00 – DE DD Z-35
03:10 – JP DD Shimakaze
03:15 – DE CA Kolberg
03:25 – JP BB Mikasa
03:30 – DE DD Z-52
03:40 – JP CA Katori
03:45 – JP DD Akizuki
03:55 – JP CA Yūbari
04:00 – IT CA Nino Bixio
04:05 – JP CA Tenryū
04:10 – DE CA Karlsruhe
04:15 – JP CA Chikuma
04:25 – DE BB Nassau
04:35 – JP BB Kawachi
04:45 – JP CA Kuma
04:55 – IT BB Dante Alighieri
05:05 – JP CV Hōshō
05:15 – IT CA Alberto Di Giussano
05:25 – DE BB Von Der Tann
05:35 – DE BB Kaiser
05:45 – DE CA Königsberg
05:55 – JP CA Yahagi
06:05 – DE BB König
06:15 – IT BB Conte Di Cavour
06:25 – DE BB Bayern
06:35 – JP CV Ryūjō
06:45 – DE CA Nürnberg
06:55 – IT CA Raimondo Montecuccoli
07:10 – IT CA Zara
07:20 – DE CA München
07:30 – JP CA Furutaka
07:40 – JP CA AOBA
07:50 – DE CA Admiral Graf Spee
08:00 – IT BB Giulio Cesare
08:10 – DE BB Moltke
08:20 – IT BB Andrea Doria
08:30 – IT CA Duca D’Aosta
08:40 – IT CA Duca Degli Abruzzi
08:45 – IT CA Trento
09:00 – JP CA Ibuki
09:05 – JP CA Mogami
09:20 – JP CA Myōkō
09:30 – JP CA Atago
09:45 – DE CA Admiral Hipper
10:00 – DE BB Derfflinger
10:10 – IT BB Francesco Caracciolo
10:20 -JP BB Fusō
10:30 -JP BB Kongō
10:40 -DE BB Mackensen
10:50 – JP BB Nagato
11:00 – DE BB Scharnhorst
11:15 – IT BB Roma
11:30 – JP CV Kaga
11:40 – DE BB Bismarck
11:55 – JP CV Shōkaku
12:10 – De CV Graf Zeppelin
12:25 – JP BB Yamato
12:40 – DE BB Friedrich Der Grosse
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  1. wow
    that’s alot of video chapters

    but sad… odd CVs are not in the game :’c
    could made this video even better

  2. Axis Powers: Germany, Italy and Japan

    • @Muhammad Ridwan Hidayat In terms of navy you couldn’t be much more wrong

    • ​@Muhammad Ridwan Hidayat Japan took over a chunk of China and invaded most of South East Asia. They were the only Axis nation in the Pacific theater, fighting the larger part of the USN.
      This comment is beyond ignorant, it goes into stupidity.

    • @Muhammad Ridwan Hidayat Are you being serious? If so, read a book. You really need it.

    • @Muhammad Ridwan Hidayat that’s not even close to be correct. Of the axis powers by far Japan had the biggest fleet, even Italy had a bigger navy than Germany. I believe the only thing the German navy had more were submarines

    • Federico Del Sarto

      @Muhammad Ridwan Hidayat read a history book

  3. It would be really great if there would be a „historic“ battle mode where ships would fight divided after factions, the axis would fight against the allies respectively middle powers against Entente.

  4. I don’t care what the size is, you know I’m still gonna pick that glorious german engineering.

  5. For some of you wondering why ships are missing from this list.. It only includes ships that existed or construction was approved or begun but was stopped/canceled. Ships like grossur kurfust are pure fantasy land ships and are excluded from this list. Although a full roster video would be much welcomed.

  6. World of Warships Official Channel

    ⚓In this episode, we take a look at ships that have actually been laid down, built or launched, and which also feature in World of Warships
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  7. “Alright everyone, do the bad guy pose”

  8. From ingame ships which are missing, i was able to find Hyuga, And u could count Ise as Well, cause Its different layout.
    Amagi ? When we will stop pretending that the ship didnt exist ? I mean , It was in much finished version than FDG

  9. “Dönitz? wake up Karl! The Scharnhorst has officially sunk in the North Cape”

  10. I’m guessing Vichy french ships were too busy resting at the bottom of Toulon and Mers-el-Kebir?

  11. It’s said axis powers but many of those ships are from ww1 era and in that time italy and japan was enemies of kaiserreich

  12. Japan was really the only serious operator of aircraft carriers. Nazi Germany took one look at them and said “nein I’ll do it tomorrow…”.

    Italy got E for effort because they commissioned a [battleship hull] as a carrier, but it never really acted as an actual “carrier”.

    • in the end they constructed one over a Roma chasis with the help of some japanise engeeniers, just few days later of the armistice with the allies was finished. It ended up sank by the germans to make sure that the allies wont use it

    • The Germans got pretty close with Graf Zeppelin. Granted she would have been pretty awful but wasn’t far away from seeing service

    • If you are referencing to the SS Andrea Dorea, that ship was built specifically as an Ocean Liner, it had nothing to do with the war effort.

    • see Aquila and Sparviero

    • @TyrPlayz No I think there was another one, but yeah the other comments have me corrected on this matter.

  13. Poor Taihou. A real ship, once was the tier IX CV of the IJN tech-tree, now sitting somewhere in the WOWS archive, forgotten.

  14. Ok, how do you overlook multiple in game ships that fit the criteria, such as Tone, Ise and Amagi. Do you guys even have an editor? Sure you can rule of cool that some of these ships predate the Axis Powers, but forgetting members is quite a sin.

  15. Gorgeous ships!! Thank you WG for this amazing comparison and so beautiful video!!!

  16. Beautiful💜

  17. Chikuma and Karlsruhe seem quite off 😀 Chikuma is supposed to be longer, but it doesn’t look like it..

  18. Cool video and beautiful music to go with! Also I like how these are the axis ships that actually exited or partially existed in real life, and not the paper ships that never even made it off the drawing board. In fact the least completed of these ships was the Friedrich der Große or “H-39” which in real life was laid down in 1938 and was about 20% completed before being scrapped in 1942. So yeah all of these are historical warships.

  19. The Yamato to Graf Zeppelin is just.. WOW! Half meter longer and more than double the displacement

  20. we need more italian spice in this game… the dd section looks soo empty rn (can’t wait for the italian dds).
    You also can add some additional ships like other light cruiser (maybe with SAP) and the Aquila and Sparvier (aircraft carriers)

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