Warship Size Comparison: Battleships

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Battleships in World of Warships stand out by having the sturdiest armor and most impressive firepower—the smallest of battleship main guns already have a massive 283 mm caliber! So, it’s no surprise that this ship type encompasses some of the game’s biggest vessels.

In the video we take a look at the ships of this type featured in World of Warships that have actually been built and launched.


Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website: https://wo.ws/website

If you’re a console player, check out WoWs: Legends https://wo.ws/WoWSLegends


  1. Beautiful! Actually something historically acurate. Love it

  2. only real ships wow

    • @Danhvn you know shells go downwards, right?

    • @Danhvn no, Massa cannot bounce Yammy shells. 32mm plating everywhere except midsection deck

    • @Emmanuel Medina
      -For a mid close range battleship,her guns are far more consistent than the Germans and the Italians. And you you know, these guns are still American, they hit hard, very hard.
      -Sorry but American secondary can achieve up to 38-41% hit rate. They also reload fast and have high fire chance
      -Her citadel is not “almost underwater”, it’s fully submerged. Massa and Ohio are wayy more tanky than other USN BBs cause they all have above waterline cut
      -Massa is without a doubt the most powerful tier 8 BB

    • Like, just look at the whole server statistic then go back and tell me Massa isn’t OP and she isn’t the most powerful tier 8 BB

    • Both good and bad players perform well in it means Massachusetts has low skill cap but high skill ceiling. You knows what that means? An OP ship

  3. Girls’ locker room: I hate P.E.! P.E. is so boring!
    Boys’ locker room:

  4. Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

    France, the same nation that built a dreadnought where its secondary armament outranged its main battery: *builds a super-dreadnought smaller than its first dreadnought*

    Edit: someone is salty I am poking at France for being bad at war stuff, its just a joke

    • @Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean At tier III i would give them a fast rudder (for a battleship), tight turning circle, good acceleration and decent camo (that last comes with the size). If the armor and durability are the main drawback. They havent to be the best tier III, just be able to work.

    • @Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean sorry, tier III, I tried to writte too fast there because I was in battle.

    • @Axel23410 cope and seethe, frog

  5. WHAT A SHAME! Viribus Unitis was put in Commonwealth tech tree 7:19

    • Bro i got confused with WG’s flag they made for pan-Europe and commonwealth all the time ! I even ended up buying pan-euopean commander for my Haida -_-

    • Hans Von Mannschaft

      @I_NAMELESS_I Indeed, fortunately I didn’t have to go through any ordeals due to that, but the flag resemblance works like a traffic light for me, I always check it when I get to the corner.

    • @togMOR I have a hat that says”Austria doesn’t have Kangaroos.”

  6. WG: BB Comparison!
    7:15 :

  7. Viribus Unitus… forever alone.

    • Maybe a Spanish battleship class proposal based on the Littorio-class will be in the game in the future?

    • @Kii Kayama JPN The Espana-class dreadnoughts could be a good choice as Tier 3 Premium battleships. They were the only dreadnoughts used by Spain and also the smallest ships of the Dreadnought type. Nevertheless, they had a broadside consisting of 8 x 12-inch (305mm) guns, which would match the firepower of most other Tier 3 BBs. 3 Ships of the class were in Service.

    • @Balli Yup, those too. Wondering they will either end up as Pan EU or Spanish’s own tech tree.

    • Fips von Fipsenstein

      @Kii Kayama JPN Perhaps in some sort of mediterranean littoral states.

  8. @taff taff le comuniste yes I knew that, I was making a joke

  9. Yeah somebody needs to smack Haper_Foddea awake and hand him a cup of Covfefe to get them peeples a spillin lasson. ;p

  10. John Francis Terne

    Art Department carrying the game as usual. KUDOS

  11. Nice video, way better than last “broadside salvo” fantasy vid.

    • Yeah. Since they included the fantasy ships, where was Monty? She was excluded because she would have completely outclassed the Kremlin. In fact if we go with the real Kremlin design the Iowa would too. Kremlin was designed to have 9x406mm guns each shell weighing 2,443 pounds vs the Iowa’s and Monty’s 2,700 pounds. Also, weight isn’t everything. The penetration of the shell at 14,870 yards was 16″ vertical armor. The Colorado had 16″ of vertical armor penetration at 20,300 yards. The Iowa had 16″ of vertical armor penetration at 25,000 yards. Almost 6,000 yards further but the Colorado has the same penetration despite the shell being 200 pounds lighter. The Kremlin would have been completely outclassed by even the North Carolina had it actually been built yet it was supposed to be the counter for the USS Montana.

  12. Jochem Sturkenboom

    That moment when you have to show the only real ships in the Russian tech tree and you can’t come past tier 6

  13. TomsonPRoDuctions

    Thank you Wargaming for actually including only real/launched ships for once and not bloating this excellent video with fakes!

    • The other ships of the game aren’t fake. They are just projects that weren’t or couldn’t be completed in actual history

    • @Benjamin Lamy There are just as many completely made up ships in the game as there are ones based on real projects.

    • Actually complaining about project ships is really cringe. I do not want game to be flooded with Iowas and Fletchers clones.

  14. Nice little video, something purely historical – just want to acknowledge that and encourage it – thanks WG

  15. Fell in love with the music on the Italian bit!

  16. “Ah yes, the mighty state of South Caroline”

  17. Love the way the music changes per nation.

  18. How about a video of all those Aircraft Carrier that we’re in game now and before.

  19. It would be awesome if there’d be a menu in the port to put two ships side by side to compare then, or something similar like the training room. For now you always have to sail right across the map to an afk bot to compare ships side by side

  20. ColoradoStreaming

    Sweeeeet Caroline BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!

  21. alejo21_3 / zira_k

    All other nations: different ship designs.
    Soviets/russians: mini gangut, gangut, bigger gangut, more bigger gangut, mega gangut.

  22. I can respect the fact that this time WG has excluded all the paper ships and not just give special treatment to the russians.

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