Warships Size Comparison: Cruisers

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In World of Warships, the cruiser is a type of multipurpose “all-rounder” warship. With a good balance between firepower, endurance, and speed, they are a pain in the neck for behemoth battleships and sneaky destroyers alike.

In this episode, we take a look at ships of this type that have actually been built and launched, and which also feature in World of Warships.


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  1. Could you do an updated of all their X ships size comparison?

  2. We all know that size doesn’t matter…It’s how you use it 😏 😏

  3. This comparison made it much easier to see the ship sizes the the last one. Nice video!😊

  4. Kong Refund Now !!! or this will get out of hand very fast. You will have an entire comunity boycotting the game !!!!

    • dh5e6dr drhdgSRH

      idk about the boycott. People are pissed off yes, and I can’t blame them, but it’s WG. Unfortunately people have gotten used to their tricks. I mean, take the Puerto Rico shit.

    • Dont blame it on the art department, who made this video

    • DerPolygonianer

      @Enrico Traica Nah, the Community Team made the Video. Art “only” did all the Models and the Islands and so on, then the community team, which probably has a professional editor, made the Video. And who knows who reads the comments. Maybe People from all departments maybe from none. So this is as good a place as any to give criticism. Also, is he blaming the Art Team? He isn’t as far as I can tell.

  5. US modern Cruiser looks so identical to each other. Alaska being the Big Bro ofc

  6. celtibero javier

    7:50 Perth: i feel so lonely 🙁

  7. List of used soundtracks please? Would be awesome to listen to them!

  8. Murica: haha cruiser production go *brrrrrrrrr*

  9. One suggestion… include the dates of construction/commissioning as well

    • Hyennavernhya Von Ragnarok

      Then the biggest soviet cruiser in there wouldn’t have any dates…. So they won’t it would show how paper ship their paper ship are

    • HorseCrazyViking

      @Hyennavernhya Von Ragnarok ships under construction are not paper ships. Paper ships were designed but construction was never started.

    • Hyennavernhya Von Ragnarok

      @HorseCrazyViking stalingrad construction started in 1951 and ended in 1954 only for her to be scrapped by being used as a weapon target practice hull. Since her construction started in 1951, during ww2 she was very much a paper ship, in 1950 she was still a paper ship, it’s only the year after, 1951, that she became “real”, to me in a game set during ww2 just like wow she’s very much a paper ship if she was still not started until 6 years later. It’s fine for a ship to be paper ship but it’s not fine to present said ships as real when in 1950 they were still just drawings on a piece of paper

  10. very cool! just wish WG would have our ports show our ships like this instead of one at a time.

  11. very good choice of music in my opinion

  12. VeteranAssassin4

    1:08 Pls make an OST of this.

  13. It would be nice if they would add length , beam and draft with the tonnage to the ships stats in port

  14. i love how Alaska got the cruiser treatment while all the other states got the battleship treatment

  15. I would like to propose a toast, for the artdepartment.

  16. like the music in these, really good. can we get that seperate? or a playlist?

  17. Art department once again carrying hard

  18. “In this episode, we take a look at ships of this type that have actually been *built* and *launched* , and which also feature in World of Warships.”
    Should have been at the top of the description.

  19. I learnt that Atago’s thighs are the biggest (in Japanese navy IJN )

    Doubt cleared thanks wargaming

    Edit – Also no Prinz Eugen very disappointed now

    • A Leadship only can show, the Rest are the same

    • @Miyuki Enomoto well, not always, take the tirpitz, it was actually longer and heavier than the Bismarck, and the Musashi was (if just slightly) larget then the Yamato.

    • @Miyuki Enomoto well yes but she was special her sister ship Blucher was sunk by norweigen coastal artillery and the admiral hipper was scuttled on 3rd May 1945 only Prinz eugen survived the war and served as a target for a fucking nuclear weapons [Operation Crossroads] so its weird that the ship with more significant history was not added

    • @STAR GAZER If I remind it to you, its still the same Class of the ship, no matter you said is it Bigger or Modified, it still remains as the ssme Class, but Im sure, Takao is a Leadship than Atago when I look on their Class

    • @Miyuki Enomoto yes comrade

  20. i got a next video idea that can guarantee to be the most viewed. wows, lofi 1 hours mix.

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