Warships Stories. Who challenged the “Big Three?”

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Ladies and gentlemen, battleships and destroyers, cruisers and aircraft carriers, ships of all types and nations!
Today we’re holding an incredible competition! The “Big Three”—the team of renowned champions trained by VII Florida—has been challenged by a group of newcomers trained by VII California!
Who do you think will win this battle?

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!

If you’re a console player, check out WoWs: Legends https://wo.ws/WoWSLegends


  1. 6 mins in and I still have no idea what im watching

  2. Keeper of Eurobeat

    _”I am your sister ship._”


  3. No comment on the Italian BBs?

  4. Panzer of the Lake

    i genuinely don’t know what the episode was trying to convey but I liked the darth vader scene

    • It was for fun , goodness

    • This video implies that AA does something other than pretty fireworks.
      I call fake news.

    • To aid your wisdom, o Panzer of the Lake, this is with regards to the heavy community backlash regarding the introduction of the new US BB Line.
      WG made this clip in an attempt to point out that, while different from the current line and slower, they have their own strengths and should not just be casually dismissed.

      It remains to be seen though, I’ve mained US BBs since I started playing (hell, I’m still at T7 on the Cruiser Lines), and moving from the Colorado to the NC literally felt like I had been missing out on the game for the first 7 Tiers.

  5. the main competiton shoul be which ship was more historical accurate xD

  6. John Heinrich Cabacungan

    6:33 that got me 😂

  7. the Italian mafia is approaching…dead ahead

  8. 06:49
    Pov: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  9. Guilherme M. Carolo

    “…italians are coming…!!!” to the party!

  10. YouTube: *how many memes do you want to put in a video?*
    WG: *yes.*

  11. Vodka is one hell of a drug it seems

  12. 1:59 is that a Beavis and Butt-head reference?!?!?

  13. Now that’s a cool way to announce Italian BBs.

  14. I see “Big Three” in the title and automatically think of the Detroit Big Three.

  15. “planes are falling from the sky like autumn leaves”


  16. david and martine albon

    Targets in the first round were Smolensk’s. Using Smolensk for target practice? I think everyone approves.

  17. The big three: radar bote, italians, and CVs. The chalenger is DD

  18. That “short musical theme” made me laugh way more than I thought was possible.

  19. “The audience will love us EVENTUALLY.”

    Optimism in action everyone

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