Waterline: Development Plan Updates – Fall 2022

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In today’s Waterline episode, we’re going to recall the new features that have been released since the previous episode and tell you about the game development plans for late 2022 – early 2023.


09:30 – New Superships: Patrie and Edgar will leave Early Access, Dalarna, Clausewitz, Sekiryu, Admiral Ushakov
11:40 – Submarines in Early Access
13:15 – The Operation is inspired by real World War II events—submarines hunting for convoys.
13:35 – Halloween: back Operations Sunray in the Darkness and Saving Transylvania and temporary themed Twilight Battle
13:45 – Cross-Realm
14:20 – Black Friday: Napoli B, Kearsarge B, Mainz B, Chkalov B, Shinonome B
14:40 – New Map: new Seychelles map
15:05 – New Year Celebrations
16:10 – Map Updates: Mountain Range, Strait, North, Northern Lights, Estuary, Shatter, Neighbors, New Dawn, Polar, Islands, and Land of Fire
16:40 – Bounty Hunting
17:00 – Lunar New Year
17:10 – Dirigible Derby: Round 2
18:00 – Other Improvements
18:20 – U.S. Hybrid Battleships
18:45 – European Destroyers

— https://wo.ws/3i9QAAm
👁‍🗨 In The Ports of World of Warships — https://wo.ws/3q8uy5w


  1. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    I would have “accepted” IJN mini branch of CAV, as they did actually use hybrids like Tone Mogami after midway or Ise. But eh, USN sells a lot to NA. Shame

  2. Remaining as respectful as I can, stop pushing submarines into the matches. They may have a place in certain scenarios but are universally hated in all other modes. Listen to the overwhelming majority of your player base.

    Opinion/Side note: Konception… haircut, proper shave and get some Sun… a more professional appearance should matter to a spokesperson.

    • On the side note: is he a spokesperson? Or just a dev roped into appearance? He looks quite credible for a game developer 🙂

    • @N1njaSnake this isn’t his first rodeo on these YouTube presentations. In addition, even if it was a first, first impressions are the most important. Carpe diem.. pluck the day.

    • Since the first appearance of subs I tried to talk to WG that they will not fit into the fast-action-paced game that Wows is.
      Now after years of trying I can tell that being polite means being ignored. Raising the voice means getting censored or being called disrespectful.
      In the end WG does what WG wants. Only thing you can do is walk away. I gave up a year ago and just do some coop-bumbum

  3. The US 3rd BB Tree that we wanted
    = Southdakota ~ to 1938 ‘slow’ BB61 Design (US version Kremlin)

    The US 3rd BB Tree that WG gave
    = Air Cancer

  4. A line of us hybrid battleships makes me sick, especially considering Essex and Yorktown are still waiting to get in.

  5. I know subs have to be declared a success no matter what, but still how on Earth anyone could say with a straight face that subs are ready for release is beyond me. Compared to decent submarine games they are extremely boring to play and they make this game a lot more boring and passive.

  6. Subs are still nowhere near ready for release. Shotgunning is still a huge problem. ASW doesn’t do nearly enough damage to be considered a counter. Submarine damage saturation makes them tankier that every DD in the game. Hell American BBs can’t even really damage a sub that isn’t on the surface because they can attack outside of their airstrike range.

    • You’re right. They need a fix. But removing CVs and submarines from the game permanently won’t help either. Then the game would be more boring.

    • Exactly what I’ve been saying on the NA forums and WoWs reddit. Subs are NOWHERE NEAR READY FOR RELEASE. For the reasons you mentioned above. I’d also add that subs are too fast, in addition to being too tanky (quick saturating hulls) and as a result of that, shotgunning is abused as the attack method.

    • @XanXenon I disagree, subs and CV detract from the game. It takes different mutually exclusive tactics to deal with each dissimilar unit type. The effect of this is to penalize skilled players and make luck a much larger factor.

      Subs and CVs need to be separated into their own game mode.

  7. The smartest way: Get the subs out of here.
    Better way: put the submarine in special combat mode instead of standard combat mode.
    A normal human brain can think of the solution: continue to weaken the performance of the submarine and then add them to the standard combat mode. For example, increasing the time they shine while increasing the range of anti-submarine aircraft.
    The dumbest way: download and open World of Warships then you’ll see.

  8. Subs are no way near ready for a full release!!! Come on WG….listen to the playerbase

  9. Summary: 1. New Map coming (Good), 2. More subs coming (Bad), 3. More Superships coming (Bad) 4. More ability for CV planes to quickly roam the board (Bad) 5.. Huge numbers of new missions coming (Mind Boggling), 6. More Power Creep coming (Very Bad). — I’ve been playing seven years. I used to love it. Now it has become overstuffed and unwieldy and unsatisfying. I don’t know if I will make it to year eight.

  10. I wonder if they read the comments and can actually realize submarines are a no go with the players. Y’all can keep subs but just put them in special modes likes convoy and operations. Please listen to the player base.

    • Wargaming literally said that people who don’t like subs have to deal with it. Hell, they call people who hate subs and CVs a “vocal minority”.

    • They are suffering from a sunk cost fallacy.

      They’ve spent so much time and effort they don’t feel they can turn back even though they are alienating their customers.

  11. whenever i hear strong aa defense i lay laughing on the floor

  12. dont put hybrids….its already bad enough when they share mm with battleships and a match end up with a cv and the other team has none

  13. They’re are some nice things about this that made my happy like the map improvements, dirigible derby, and others, but they talk about how they got the players feedback for dirigible derby and they say the love it, but don’t talk about the players feed back on subs. Subs aren’t even close to being finished balanced even though they’ve been in testing for years and they still decide to push them out into the game. What about all the negative things the players say about them. Wargaming obviously sees or feedback because like I said earlier they talked about the feed back for dirigible derby. Why can’t they just admit that they’re not perfect and try to make things right. I also really hope they don’t screw up these new American battleships because they kearsarge definitely isn’t balanced.

  14. KaiserWilhelmShatner

    I feel for the person who had to film and edit this.
    They truly deserve our sympathy.

  15. I wouldn’t say largely on the community feedback as the overwhelming response is fix the broken mechanics and they detract from the game… Your “fixes” are based on your unwillingness to listen to the community and persist in the wonky mechanics because it is easier. You have something that could be awesome, and you poison the experience, making it much more difficult to accept in the future if you ever get it right.

  16. One observation.
    It strikes that wargaming is being very disingenuous to its customers by saying only a vocal minority of players dislike submarines.

    This is the single largest complaint of players. Not only has this not been addressed, it’s being lied about because the truth is seen incorrectly as a threat to the game’s business model.

    So I have a challenge for you, one I don’t think you’re brave enough to accept.

    Create a game mode that either excludes controversial classes like carriers or submarines or if you are willing to spend a little on development allows players to filter out the types that they’re not willing to play against.

    My prediction is that games with destroyers, cruisers and battleships only would be far and away the most popular because this makes for a better game.

    Ultimately you’re probably going to do better over time by keeping the players you have, rather than trying to force them into something that by anyone’s count a very great many of them do not want.

    • building off this, id note that subs that do well in gaming are almost always PvE. So i would reccomend either making operations that are sub only, events that are sub only, or making subs only usable in the current operations

  17. Yet another comment this time a suggestion.

    Yes subs are a complete dumpster fire in random.

    That said, a convoy mission with a wolf pack on one side and some Liberty ships and their escorts on the other might be worthwhile.

  18. Another missed opportunity to add a US secondary BB line similar to Mass and Ohio.

  19. Proof WG is actually listening to the playerbase, nobody likes subs so they will release more subs, nobody likes planes, so they add more planes with bonus points on being battleships with planes

  20. I can’t wait to grind on the sub tech lines.

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