Waterline: Episode 1.1 [World of Warships]

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The second part of the first episode of new video series “Waterline” is here! Find out about the game development plans for the nearest future!

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    The second part of the first episode is here! Be sure to watch first part in case you’ve missed it!
    What do you think about those plans of development team?

    • Can you guys elaborate more of how we will control the aircraft in the new carrier design?

    • Wargaming, halp me out, my I tripped over the cord for my laptop and now it won’t run any game smoothly, I’ve already reset but the problem wasn’t fixed, my account is liljoe_uncoquerable, check my stats, I’ve been playing for awhile, so I’m really down about not being able to grind anymore.? Plz send some words of encouragement

    • Will you add either a Tegetthoff-class battleship this year (in june it will be 100 years since the sinking of the SMS Szent Istvan), or a low tier german or british battlecruiser (SMS Seydlitz or HMAS Australia as a Commonwealth battlecruiser would be awesome)?

    • How about some scenario operation games for T10 ships?

      Maybe some players can enjoy T10 ships in PVE mode and have a purpose to reach TX.
      Besides, they can earn credits and support captains to 19 skills with TX camo and flags.(before they fight in random battles)

      It may be another motivation for players to get TX ships(both battles and using FE) and camo+flag(for credits or more EXP).

      Except random battle, what can a player do with TX ships? (actually, T8~10 r all the same… it’s hard to reach TX if u play CO-OP… so, either try random battle or quit the game……)

      For those have no time playing random battles all day long but still be will to buy gold ships,premium account,camo,and some flags(credits and EXP),some TX scenario OP. may be another option.(the point is: players keep buying something to support the game!)

    • will you ever add the audio and visuals for the space camos in reg game?

  2. Icarus Septim - leader of the Fascist!

    I feel that one of the major issues with CVs is the strafing mechanic. I feel that removal of this would greatly reduce the skill gap and all around make them more enjoyable.

    • Oh, baloney. Are tier 4 and 5 CVs “completely useless”? Hardly.

    • If potatoes dont want to learn how to play CVs properly I should not be punished by getting my skill clearing reduced.

    • when you play most of the ships you can notice a skill gap.
      its the way you move, the way you position yourself and the way you shoot and who you shoot.

      cvs are no exceptions. Auto drops remove most of the striking skill.
      auto drop lands 2 torpedoes, manual drop lands 4 torpedoes. that is same as montana getting 2 bounces on angled yamato, and 9 k on an angled dd or 30 k on broadsdie yamato.

      and t4-5 cvs are not useless they are just boring to play. it is click and forget. not much you can do.
      and if the player is dropping knows how to abuse auto drop pattern then you can barely do anything to do any damage.

    • Icarus Septim – leader of the Fascist!
      removing strafe from tier 4 and 5 greated the skill GAP ..there is skill Gap in every type of ship ..every one plays differently on all Ships >>i suck with Most dd’s but kick as with a Shinonomy I am good with a Midway but i suck with Haku ..Im best with a Ranger But i love killing Ranger with a KAga There is no Skill Gap Really

    • Its not they Created Skill Gab removing strafe from t 4 and 5 its Most Cv players back tehn Warned them this will happen even Notser not a CV player and he Hates Cv said its a mistake ..They could just removed man dropping and keep strafing give more planes with less strike power so easy

  3. Are we ever going to see a reset on operations ?

  4. You boys are stepping up your uploads recently, keep it up and well done!

  5. Are more Cv =Carriers coming ?

  6. As a mostly CV player I can say its going to be a great modification to the gameplay. Honestly, CV has become boring class for me. And please buff American CVs

    • SCI i think its ok that they removed strafing and mannual attack from T4 T5. Personally I would like do delete strafing from the entire game because they can be somewhat frustrating. Also im playing both, IJN and USN CVs and I can say I had more fun playing IJN CVs because of 2 torpedo squads that can do huge alpha damage. Also IJN DB squads have very precise drop and with 2 DB squads i can somethime get 8 hits. With american DB (which have 6 planes in squadron comporated to the IJN 4) you cant really hurt people, its not rare that I got 0 hits with auto-drop. IJN CVs have 2 torpedo squads (in every squad 4 planes which is 8) while american one have 1 TB squad (with 6 planes to the squad). Midway is exception with 2-2-2 config and it was great CV until they decided to nerf it in 0.7.4 patch

    • Drazen Kuproo get better there us no excise

    • SCI scientificaly proven IJN CVs are somewhat better than USN ones

    • Drazen Kuproo they are more fun to play because they have options the stats say they are almost identical

    • Strafing always weirded me out. You don’t strafe the sky like that to shoot down every other plane there is. It’s a weird ass mechanic. The manual drop makes sense.

  7. Please don’t destroy CV gameplay?

    • Which is incredibly annoying when you are that point, being cross dropped at point blank range with no counter is ungodly annoying for everyone except the bloody carrier.

    • That works both ways, it will probably attract a lot of new blood to carriers that aren’t there now and there will be a few who will relish the new challenge to master like me. 😀 Change is good.

    • In the other hand, you see the planes coming 10-15 sec before the drop? But i m not even sure it ll bring you blood, but only future ll tell us if it ll or not 🙂 Change is good, but only when it s beneficial to everyone, and when wg say ” you ll be able to focus one part of the planes, but the AA ll be able to focus more specific target” ( or smth like that), i rly fear that….

    • I really fear that WG is going to remove RTS aspect completly

    • and it seems they said they ll. Despite some of them play it only bc it s a mindgame

  8. IMHO, part of the game is to read the game (ships speed, direction etc.), I wouldnt like to see thoses mods into the game…

    • World of Warships Official Channel I really appreciate you guys reading the comments and replying. That being said, I must agree with MrRedRye that this would be too much of an assistance. The game is already fun to play. I have been playing for a while now, so I know more or less how to aim. I don’t remember the game ever telling me how to aim, or the difference between the “static” and “dynamic” crosshairs (I might be mistaken as it has been a long time). I would suggest making a better tutorial about aiming rather than this type of active assistance. Active assistance will not make the players better. If anything, the average player will be less likely to improve their skill level, as they would spend less time analyzing the ennemy’s gameplay. To make an analogy, it would be like a stroller. If you never leave the stroller, you might never fall, but you’ll never learn to walk, and eventually to run. I think that falling on your face a few times is definitely worth it.

    • Eh, maybe if they just make the smoke plumes from the engines a little more readable it would suffice. Not exactly a mod, but just a visual change.

    • Please do not add any more ways to take the skill out of the game. This type of mod takes skill out of the game and I honestly don’t think it adds fun to the game. The enjoyment comes from landing shots using skill.

    • World of Warships Official Channel Please leave such mods out. The game is fun because it takes some skill and practice to master and when you get it right, it so much more rewarding. This comes from a terrible scrub.

    • Ships with torps already have it

  9. British carriers/dds when?

    • bry7x7x7 Makes perfect sense. The GZ has already been released, even it’s on a balancing hiatus.

      That said, unless it’s a matter of managing resources, I don’t see why they couldn’t try to develop, let’s say, the UK carriers and their models, without worrying about the planes, etc. But I also understand that they might want to use those resources on other non-carrier lines, like Italian BBs/DDs, French DDs, or RN DDs. Still, the thing is with carriers that you can do the work on the ship itself without having to work on the air wing, if that portion of the game is in a bit of limbo.

    • crucisnh Well, I do at least hear it’s possible they’re being modeled at the very least. Least if what I heard from farazelleth was correct

    • They should definitely enter the game at some point, the hard part is finding their role.

  10. Please don’t change the mechanics of BB shells against DDs… (I disagree with Flamu on this) If a BB hits a DD with an AP shell and gets lucky with the shell… that’s a risk the DD took getting in close and being seen… likewise the DD has the chance to hit the BB with a full salvo of torps. DD’s are already significantly protected by having no citadel.

    • I’ve had multiple times where I take my DD into a cap early in the match, gotten spotted and targetted by 5-7 ships. Turned away to run while dodging like mad, and gotten deleted by a single shot from a BB. A BB at max range that I could never spot let alone hit. That’s a problem. I’ve been on the other side of the equation and while it was good to remove a DD for the team, I felt bad at the same time. It was luck and it’s a lousey mechanic. BB’s firing at mid to max range hitting a moving DD comes down to RNGeezus more than “skill”.
      They could remove this OP AP mechanic and give BB’s a reduced swing in the influence of RNG on dispersion.
      No way should a BB bracket a target 10km away w/o a single hit while properly aimed.

    • That was a detonation then and that is indeed a broken mechanic. U cant be citadeled and a single pen wont do more than like 4k ish from BB AP to a DD plus i dont care what anyone says if u get hit by a BB in a DD from a long range its more aiming well than RNG it is not easy to hit a DD at range. Plus he can only fire every 30 so chances are thats the only shell ur take from him especially if ur a competent player

    • Oh and how do u think cruisers feel because tbey got it wayyyy worse then any DD ever will when it comes to losing all ur health in an instant. That needs fixing befor DDs.

    • Now after that change – prepare for more battleships to camp and snipe – it’s already ridiculus seeing 4 BBs turning away because of one DDl

    • Bat Rastardly
      Being deleted by BBs is your problem – skilled players don’t rush caps without having support and having exit way. As a DD player you have: lowest concealment, top speed, smoke, torpedoes that can delete any ship and you don’t have citadel. Now the point is – how a lone BB should defend itself if it can’t rely on spotting, secondary armamet and primary armament? I play DDs a lot – and basicly knowledge is your best weapon. Sometimes it’s better to wait and cap later than get sunk just at the beggining of the game.

  11. Hi. As a “good” cv player, there are some point i don’t get.
    Ok you want to work on a new version of cv: but you re talking about overspotting when there is more and more radar ( + if the ennemy team play well, you ll end up loosing your planes quickly bc of AA). You re talking about skill gap, but the skill gap between a very good and a very bad cruiser is also insane, same for BS and DD, so why on CV? You re saying it s too hard to learn the gameplay, but few patch ago, Wg choose to destroy cv Learning base by removing the manual drop on hosho, zuiho, bogue and langley. New cv player can’t learn at all with that, and here they are in t6 against, we won’t lie: OP North Carolina AA, or Kii, Kidd, Akizuki, Atlanta…
    So they just quit, bc it s bad. CV game play is different, lot of ppl are crying on, sometimes they re right, but sometimes they re wrong. Some changement were quite harmfull for us. So plz do not consider us as a second class player base, and don’t sacrifice us
    I like you game, i like the work you do
    Best regards

    A CV Player trying to have fun playing the ships he likes

    • Caeric, i agree, it s hard to dodge 3 squad of TB. But that s why it s a team game: it s hard to dodge torpeddo when you re a bs without friendly spotting them. I think it s the same over here. Team work negate cv 🙂

      Nova: when you got the training, you can easily manage the 8 groups of the hakuryu wtihout any issue. You don’t wanna have auto drop bc it s very bad: the space between torpeddo is so wide you could fit a cruiser in… So imagine vs a destroyer or a HMS CA… You should look Aerron video on manual drop on “new” t5 cv. Basically, he became useless… I don’t want cv to become useless. All ships needs skill to be played, we re no exception.

      Though, you re idea for TB and Bomber could be good if well excecuted, but you don’t wanna fighters attacking dd, it would be a nightmare… Yes you should be able to change your loadout at the beginning of the battle, but it s a part of the game and i think it would be to strong. IRL, in your cv, you got what you have so… I don’t think simplying the game is the key, bc the work of good player would be wasted, but i want to help the new player to understand how it work, so they can become better? wouldn’t it be better?

    • G17 Loli well, it is easy enough only because the game never tells you about the manual drops… Or goes into depth on the micromanaging you need to do. And yes, I am well aware of how big the spread is on auto dropped torpedos and bombs. I’ve played carriers, even if I only ever got to the Langley. Have you seen the mobile version of the game? You’d know what I’m talking about if you did… There is none of the BSery that has happened with WoWS. The controls are clear-cut and there is no hidden functions. The dive bombers have autodrop and the torpedoes manual, at about the size manual drops are in the main game(for both), maybe slightly bigger in the case of the dive bombers. It is so much easier to play carriers on World of Warships Blitz, and the skill gap isn’t as large… Have not gotten to tier 6, where they actually have fighters, so I can’t comment on that, but everything else feels so much better in there. Not that WoWS having it would change my mind on what game I’d prefer playing.

      Honestly, the latter point was mostly to address the complaint of the one guy. I don’t find it to be a very big issue, but that’s me… You also got my idea wrong. It is not a change you do at the beginning of the battle, it is a change you could make before the aircraft take off(so you could switch it mid-battle at any time, so long as the aircraft are landed and resting on the carrier), to adjust to your needs at the time. This would make it so deciding on the correct load out for a certain squadron would allow you to do more damage in a game, and those who do not utilize it will do less(the game would start the squadrons on a setting identical to what they are now.). It is then a choice to use that game mechanic(just like it is a choice to switch ammunition). You can play without it, but you would not be able to do as well. It would make aircraft more approachable for the average player, rather than requiring they need to figure out a game mechanic the game never tells you about(which they should add for strafing, at the VERY least.)… It also makes it so that things like armor piercing bombers are not a module and are instead a load out you can switch the bombers to during battle. Torpedo bombers will probably not have many options for loadout change, if any at all. Dive bombers would likely have the most, and fighters would have 3 at most(no ordinance, small bombs, rockets). Rockets are only effective when hitting the super structures of enemy ships. Also very effective for anti-aircraft when the fighters are set to strafe. Would be a cool thing to add if implemented correctly, and again would make it more approachable to new players and those interested in carriers(because it is essentially adding an ammunition selection to carriers). If you remove the barriers, the skill gap will not likely be as big or as punishing. Any skill gap that stems from it being in the RTS style should stay.

    • G17 Loli it really boils down to a CV player having too much influnce to the out come of a match for one person to wield. No other class can influnce the outcome of a match with the scale of how competent ur CV player is. Its not the vessels them selfs

    • i admit the influence is too high, but there is other mean than destroying them to te ground. Though i can’t help my self thinking that s not that common when i see the amount of cv playing

    • Nova: sry if i misunderstood you, my English is kinda bad. In this case, why not. That s logic to swap armement during a fight to adapt, like the other class. I don’t understand how it could remove the barrier, but that s what i look for 🙂 So can you explain me, bc i like this idea. The only argument i have against your idea is it will make cv do more dmg, and you know, not like ppl like it ( while conqueror got the highest average dmg, but nobody care : ) )

  12. Richard Strickland

    2 concerns:

    1. Recently there’s been talk about discipline for unsportsmanlike conduct. Team Killers, especially frequent TKers, yes. But what about the AFK’ers? Sometimes I have trouble loading into battle late (and sometimes never), sometimes I loose connection. Sometimes it’s where I am (the WiFi), sometimes not. I will not be happy if I get disciplined because I can’t load into the game.

    2. I’m also not happy with the ‘teasing ‘ of new ships and no releases (i.e., T-61). I understand how coding goes; sometimes you think you’re done and something pops up at the last minute that wreaks everything, enough so you have to not release it. That’s cool, I understand that. But you could at least say something along the lines of, ‘Sorry, guys, something’s come up with this that we need to look at.’ Instead of…nothing. No word, nothing. And a very belated aplogy weeks afterwards.

    Thanks for listening to my rant. Other than that, great game, guys

    • Risheen Mukherjee

      Conflict125 are you intentionally being dense? Why dont you watch the video before starting to make personal attacks? Go ahead. Watch the Dev Diaries episode. See what the devs say about how the system works.

    • Michael Garofalo 1500$? WTF? Mine cost 400£ 3-4 years ago and there is plenty leftover power for wows. Of course I bought the parts and put them together. To be sure MoBo is most important… Mine is 6 years old, it’s oldest part ?

    • should have the scenario bots take over ships of afk players.

    • There ought to be ways to determine the difference between deliberate AFK and you. Does your ping time spike when your service bottoms out? that would make things easy. And it’s easy to detect someone who outright quits out of a game rather than playing it and realizes the difference between them and you. If nothing else collate the AFK moments and matchmaking results. If people AFK consistently with certain kinds of matchmaking that’s a possible problem player. Your AFK history shouldn’t show any patterns.

    • Yeah and there’s also the occasional game crash which leads to a full computer restart, happened to me the other day, it was painful already that the ship was packed with premium bonus camo and signals. It’s not only about the connection and I know it isn’t the computer, it’s a fresh Win 10 install on a brand new computer that never crashes on any other game. If I were to be penalised on this, I’d be FURIOUS. So make sure that you don’t penalise these cases. A system that is a bit too lenient and fails to catch some AFK’ing is always better than one that catches all the AFK’ing while penalising innocents having temporary technical issues through no fault of their own.

  13. What about being able to sell premiums for their full gold amount.

    • Well what would be stopping people from waiting until Christmas buying crates a lot of crates and when they get premium ships they sell all of them and now they have 60k gold for a little under $100…

    • @History… There is a way to get refunded for premium ships

    • You must be dreaming…

    • Or sell a premium and get a discount on one you’re buying. Sell a tier 6 premium to get a discount of 50% on a tier 7 premium you’re buying for example.

    • Well, I would like to be able to sell my Blyska and Texas for some gold to buy something better because they feel underpowered in the current meta.

  14. I would like world flags that we can purchase with gold and put it on our ships

  15. Hey guys please don’t destroy the game,CV is a dificult line to master,I haven’t yet and probably will not but i enjoy good games with CV,i really hope for “year of the CV”???

  16. Please do not implement the “stop light” mod into the game. Changing your speed, dodging, and weaving are skills players have developed to throw off the aim of the enemy team! This punishes those of us that actually make the effort.

    • Wesley, I’m unfamiliar with this mod. However, a problem that I have is that ships that mount torpedoes have this ability already just by selecting torps for a moment to get the same info as it sounds like this mod provides. So, if this mod evens the playing field between ships that mount torps and those that don’t, then I’m all for it.

    • General Cartman Lee

      crucisnh If the target is directly facing you you can’t use the torpedo aim to see if it’s driving towards you or backwards away from you or stationary (unless you don’t move and watch the distance…).

    • Hmm that’s the same thing skilled cv players are saying also……

    • I agree its an unfair mod but if they aren’t going to ban or remove it completely its even more unfair that some players have access to it and others dont

  17. Thank you Wargaming for all the Information and the new upcoming stuff!!! Pls more videos like that maybe more Information about the new ships 😉

  18. Please dont show signs of ship stopping this will make lousy players better without learning and dodging shells harder.
    Players need to learn to see if a ships is moving or not by the visuals and not by some infoon topif the ship. Hope you see this

    • once again its the same argument skilled cv players have. you work to get the skills but now you get punished for it……

  19. I’m going to reserve final judgment until I’ve had chance to play it… But controlling squads one at a time in “action gameplay” sounds terrible. It’d be like adding manually adjusting elevation and traverse to WOT artillery rather than the “artillery view”. If you want to handle overspotting, just add a fuel gauge to the squadrons, so launching planes to loiter over the cap circles or ships would mean having to withdraw them and not have them unavailable later. It’d also add to the risk/reward of positioning a CV close to the front line vs the corner of the map. It’d also cut down on carrier snipes at the very start of the game, which are almost always a colossal waste of time.

    I really, really don’t think that overspotting and the skill gap are the problems with CV gameplay. The problems are:

    1) High tier CVs just have to accept losing several planes on each strike from extremely powerful AA.

    2) Defensive Fire’s panic radius just completely shuts down any attempt at a strike, not the DPS increase. Your squads become so ineffective that it’s just not worth grimly carrying out the strike anyway.

    3) AA doesn’t require any skill on the part of the defender, apart from – at most – designating a priority target and/or triggering a consumable.

    4) There’s no feedback on whether or not your aircraft are spotted, so you’ve no idea if your attempt to sneak a strike in is going to work or not.

    • Here is a crazy idea everyone equip your ships with an AA build and work closely together as a team and make AA bubbles on the map so that the planes get shredded as they should. Quit complaining about cvs being OP when 90% of the player base refuses to setup up thier ships and commanders for AA. Coming from a cv player the biggest nerf and most reliable is having everyone in the match with AA builds because your planes drop so fast you can not hardly do anything other than spot.

  20. I just hope at some point the pan-European line will be introduced to the game

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