Waterline: Episode 1 [World of Warships]

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New video series “Waterline” where our charismatic hosts will tell you about game development plans for the nearest future!

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  1. Azur Lane on every server when pls

    • Francisco DeTonne Weebs are one of the major reasons this game is as successful as it is. Glory to the shipgirls.

    • Grise Blacolar sane thing happened with High School Fleet. They announced it on Asia way early than the NA and EU server, but the world wide still get it

    • fuck Azur Lane, Kantai Collection colab when ??????

    • D4rkn3ss2000 WG and Kadokawa, for reasons unknown (but heavily speculated upon regardless), aren’t in the mood to play ball, so not anytime soon.

    • That’s soo stupid. If is is WG’s fault then shame on them, and I kinda expected it. If is it Kadokawa’s then Idk wtf happens with the world anymore, because they are right now fighting a ton of other warship girl-like games that are being released on the market. Partnership with a company like WG will only bring benefits for both sides.

  2. “Fun and engaging” *multiple detonations in the background*

  3. Operation:
    Narai comes back? No?
    Close Youtube*

  4. Increase the chance to get SUPER CONTAINERS plz

    • u can use radar instead of the small fire and flooding chance reduction…not duration.
      radar is probably worth it anyway.
      i think they should allow us to swap these upgrades for others, and of course rework them so they are all worth it!

    • cobrazax it’s not fire and flood chance. It’s duration. The module reduces the length of time they stick. With my build a fire only sticks to my DM for 15 seconds. This gives me much more flexibility when choosing to use my damage control; often saving it for floods, because of the brawling and nose tank nature, or for gun repair. The extra 20 seconds is often not needed. It’s rare a DD lasts 15 seconds under fire at those ranges, and the times they don’t die they flee and are out in the open after having fired their guns rendering the extra duration wasted. However, competitive play is different. There I am more likely to use my radar duration as a barrier and to spot for the team

    • Shahnewaz Siddique

      Alexander Z

    • i checked and the radar upgrade goes to the 5% fire chance reduction and 3% flooding chance and dmg reduction slot.

    • I know right wish I had 100 of those flags they help out all ships greatly…

  5. We really, really, really need very, very, very fun operations and game modes for tier X, seriously. Matchmaking for tier VIII ships is super tough right now because there are too many tier X ships in the queue.

    Besides, I’m getting bored just seal-clubbing tier VIII and IX ships with Yamato. It’s just cruel.

  6. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about our plans? Are you excited?
    Don’t miss the second part on April 22th!

    • Very excited about American Cruisers. Why don’t you guys do a war between nations battles?

    • Dear Wargaming:

      Since this will be the year of the Carrier, I have two ideas to share if you’re willing.

      Idea 1:

      I got this idea after observing Enterprise and Saipan in action. There is a significant feature on both of those ships that is more prevalent than others.

      The tier of the aircraft vs the tier of the carrier.

      Case in point: the Saipan. A tier 7 CV with tier 9 aircraft. Very powerful aircraft, but carries very few of them.

      Then there is Enterprise. A Tier 8 CV with Tier 6 aircraft(or was it 7…brainfart moment XD). Unlike the Saipan she carries plenty of aircraft.

      My idea is this: What if you can choose what Tier aircraft you want, but for the sake of balancing what tier you choose will dictate how many aircraft your CV will have in reserve.

      For Example: Let’s take the Tier 8 USN Carrier Lexington, give the player the option to choose between Tier 7, 8, or 9 aircraft.

      If you choose Tier 7 aircraft, you will get more aircraft than what you would normally get. If you choose Tier 9 aircraft, you will get fewer aircraft than normal. The Tier equivalent to your CV will be the basis for balancing this concept.

      Idea 2:

      This idea is much more simple, bring back the Air Superiority Package and Strike Package as options alongside the Balanced Package.

      But add one more package: Custom

      A Carrier has a certain amount of total aircraft they can carry.

      It’s simple, the player can choose what kind of load out they want, so long as they have at least one Dive Bomber or Torpedo Squadron in the load out.

      How many squadrons you want will affect how many aircraft you have in reserve.

      Want nothing but Torpedo Squadrons, go ahead. Want to fill out your complement with fighters, go ahead.

      But the bottom line is that your carrier have it’s max amount of aircraft it can hold filled out. In what combination is up to the players.

      Thank you for reading, I look forward to your reply.

    • Great new series. Please keep these looks behind the curtain coming. I really think when the player base understands the thinking behind the decisions being made it significantly
      Improves acceptance.

    • soo… you cut out when you are about to talk about carriers

      translation: you still don’t have a clue what you are doing and are desperately trying to make it look like you have a plan.

    • Very good initiative, letting devs directly talk to the community opens up a very direct and clean communication channel.

      I guess CMs will have a lot of work reading all the comments from the community adressed to the devs, so… good luck Stock up on coffee!

  7. Yeah but CV rework – when and what?

  8. Very good! Good work

  9. We Want Dasha !!!

  10. Francisco DeTonne


  11. How’s the progress on the new American cruisers?

  12. Will it be easier to change team if you possess an Italian ship ?

  13. Vulgarr the Viking

    All I could think while watching this was “I know what room this was filmed in” Because I remember seeing that painted floor when I was at Wargamings studios for the CC Summit. lol

  14. hey WG.. how bout type 3 shells?…I really want it in game…put it in some way..

  15. #MassiveGains

  16. What tier will the new Operation be?

  17. Give us the italian BB s

    • I think Cruisers would come first since they start the lines, but then probably the BB’s after that. Either way can’t wait

  18. Holy crap! Can’t wait! I like this series. ??

  19. We need Dasha and Alena with you guys ^^

  20. Once again guys, when is world of warships going to be released for ps4 & xbox been waiting to long, I would like if you guys gives any hope.

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