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Don’t miss the second part of episode tomorrow! There are more plans to uncover!

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    Don’t miss the second part of episode tomorrow! There are more plans to uncover!

    • +Cosmin Lesutan I got attacked by a Harugumo, Worcester and Conqueror that all spawned on the same side of the Mountain Range map the other day while I was playing the GK. I was dead in about two minutes or so from all the HE pen damage and fires. Even going full speed away from them, I couldn’t disengage because Harugumo was too fast and my dispersion too bad to kill it. It seriously made me quit T10 for a while and play low tiers for a couple of days because the high tier gameplay is so cancerous.

    • +Dr. TeaRex my 58% WR GK tends to disagree. Made rank 1 with her Vs all those Harugumo’s and Worcesters

    • and which small percentage dislikes the new CV rework? the only small percentage i see is those who actually likes this new crap. make an official vote in game. simply let people vote either yes or no for this rework in port. and let us see the result. dont come up with that “small percentage of players dislike the new cv gameplay” bullsh.t. lets vote. if you re right, you are gonna win the vote and you wont lose anything. but if you lose the vote, just delete the every single data about this crap and focus on solving the issues with RTS gameplay. tip: you can start with removing the AP bombs.

    • +belladesa91 That’s the GK. She’s honestly one of the few exceptions, even to the dispersion problem due to how many shells she dishes out. But generally speaking, even a GK is kinda forced to be significantly more passive than she could otherwise be as a consequence of the HE spam.

      What really suffers in this meta are the cruisers. Because the HE spam causes BBs to be even more passive and use their range, a lot of cruisers end up being thoroughly obliterated because they *have* to get close in order to be in range to fire at anything, which leads to them being focused; something that battleships are supposed to prevent by way of being damage sponges. Even longer range cruisers like Zao and Hindenburg struggle.

    • Question for you; Is Mr. Glushakov really a re-animated bog body of an 8th century Danish Huskarl ???? I would go with a re-animated Kiev Rus, but I am not sure if you have peat bog bodies in your neck of the woods.

  2. Damnit you had me on Kitakami

  3. Philigulag looks like bear even more!

  4. The flippin’ Italian Tech Tree. C’mon, 3 years in, already 5 Premiums in game yet not a single normal ship from the 4th most powerful Navy of WW2.

    • World of Warships Official Channel

      Historical significance and attractiveness for players are both important factors, however in our case we also depend on availability of blueprints and visual references from naval archives. But we do our best to build bridges and resolve these issues.

    • +Ivan Buncic Again roma is abs NOT frustrating for me, i enjoy playing her a lot and i do well consistently. Ur point dsnt stand

    • +belladesa91 ofc it stands. It just means that you like playing subpar ships. 8/10 times I will rek your roma in my alabama because you will miss 80% of the time.

    • +Ivan Buncic believe it my friend believe it 🙂 . Ur trash and ur not worth m ytime, i hv a 60% WR on my Roma with 400 + games. Plz shut the fuck up. I tank Yamato’s hits so alabama wont be a prob

    • +Ivan Buncic all I have to say is that you are full of shit since my clan uses the GK effectively in KoTs and CW, saying no one plays the German BBS competitively and just play it for fun is the most ignorant thing to say.

  5. I like this series and that you guys speak in english direktly to us and not some voiceover or subtitles #WorldOfThanks

  6. “I am not light cruiser, I am a man.” – Big Phil, BB main.

  7. lol “Year of containers”

  8. Shut up and touch my Spaghet

    With all secondaries shooting HE, will they FINALLY aim at the superstructure instead at the armor belt again?

  9. playing tier 8 in tier 10 match is a challenge I personally, like – especially in torpedo destroyers

  10. Regarding the matchmaking gor tier 8: i would rather spend 1-2 minutes more in the queue for a tier 8 match than being the only tier 8 in a tier 10 match

    • Depending on the ship, I don’t necessarily mind being a t8 in t10 matches (even being one of the only ones). In North Carolina, being uptiered hasn’t ever felt like a struggle, but many of the other t8 ships I’ve gone through have sometimes struggled against t10s when stock. I don’t think removing all chance of seeing t10 battles is the way to go, but it did sometimes become tedious always being bottom tier. Tweaking the ratio of battles where you’re top/middle/bottom tier so you don’t get into a loop of only t10 battles is great, but don’t go with the change many people seem to be suggesting on the forums – change the matchmaking so you never see those battles.

    • +MidnightPhoenix07 i agree with this. Being matched against tier 10 isn’t really the big problem, the problem is that it happens in 95% of the matches and most of the time there are at least 6-8 tier 10s in the match.

    • I think most people enjoy the feeling of battering a T8 in a T10 once in a while. I agree fully with the above comments because if you want to enjoy that feeling you sometimes have to be the poor T8 in a T10 battle. I’m willing to accept this as long as it’s not every single game

  11. kein ding yo bot.de

    please dont do something like 3-5-7 matchmaking like world of tanks. thats just horrible…

    • they are working on that and have made positive changes, also the game technically already has that for tier 5 plus

    • kein ding yo bot.de

      +locomotiveAlex1996 not true. 1. sprinkling shit with glitter doesnt make it better, its still shit. 2. wows doesnt have 3-5-7, not even close. what are you talking about?

    • Agreed. 3-5-7 is terrible in WoT and I cant see how it can be any better in WoW

    • Agreed, using words from the guys in the video the point of 3-5-7 was to make the 3 (20% of the game) able to say “I’m not the cannon fodder, this is great!” The cost for this was the 80% of players who think “This is frustrating. I need to find a new game.”
      World of Tanks went from 45000 players in prime time to 15000 a few months after 3-5-7. It is what drove me from the game.

  12. CV players started out as a finite few that were really good. What if that specific number drops to less than a third? Then what? Once a player realizes they can not rule the seas with air superiority, they probably will not play CVs at all. As much interest as this new rework has been, it may be the death of CVs. I will not refund, but I will wait it out. And I highly doubt you can sell the Graf Zepellin now if this rework changes it yet again. WG CV design was by far the best despite the skill set it required for it to be effective. Sure, some players can’t play it right now, but maybe it is not their cup of Earl Grey. Maybe some players like to be like Phil or Phil. Some players like to burn. Even some, like to torpedo things in a sneaky ninja way. And let us not forget the BB player with their mighty pens.
    In regards to AP mechanics…
    A DD player is more exciting and now the update will make the risk worth the reward. By the way, I do not think this would change a thing with BB players as they will still use AP. They will just be more deliberate with their shots. 10% of 10000 is still a 1000, and if you hit 5 times, that is still 5000. 5000 is still nearly half of the HP of some DDs and the secbat just got some HE love. So I think the secbat can get the rest. So if a DD player has some balls, they can try, but they better damn well get their torps off because a practical BB player will still mop the floor with him. And I pity a DD player that misses as he will likely die horribly amid the snickers of his own team mates. Because that will be funny as hell.
    The real bane of a DD is the radar cruiser and a good cruiser captain is a dead shot. They usually have that satisfied look of nailing a DD down to the tune of Thunderstruck. A competent cruiser player is very deadly to a DD player.
    My suggestion to DD players is work on stealth. Not firing is your best defense until you have an opening where the enemy is pointed in the wrong direction. The moment you open up, a fleet will focus you down. As far as I know, a torpedo launch still does not give away your position. And yet I hear stories of DDs firing and dumping torps as if they can not be seen, but also complain that they are detected. A fired shot can be traced to you if you keep firing, but a torpedo shot is difficult to determine your position. I often use smoke to make players think I am in there, but I sail out of it and stay undetected until I get an opening.
    “I am not a light cruiser, I am a man.” Big Phil just won quote of the year. He is a true BB main. o7

    • The number of expert CV players will drop massively as they are the ones complaining about the rework being boring, and theyll stop playing when it goes live. What you will instead get is many new players being able to pick up and play CVs with a reasonable degree of success.
      Currently CV players are either experts or theyre awful because they just get trounced by the unforgiving experts all the time, and never actually get an opportunity to actually learn.

      With the rework you won’t keep getting trounced by a god tier CV carrying the enemy team to victory, but the CVs on both teams will be reasonably effective, without being ridiculous.

  13. its amazing that WG thinks their playerbase is so dumb and they believe everything what WG says… CV rework is being done just to make them suitlable to console. thats it. (and ofc to make them as easy as possible to play. (just like they did with BBs).
    ) all those other reasons/arguments about the rework, could be solved while keeping the RTS gameplay. 100s of suggestions were made by good/experienced CV players to solve current issues. non of them was took into consideration. on the top of that, WG introduced AP bombs. they removed manual attacks from t4 and 5 so new players cant learn how to play and get absolutely b.tch slapped in higher tiers. so, all those arguments WG gave, were only fairytales.

    about the new gameplay: first 2-3 battles were really fun. visual effects were impressing. but after 3th battle, this whole thing became really boring. ofc its foolproof/noobfriendly and ridiculous. not being able to intercept enemy planes is just bad design. ofc if you better than the enemy cv, you are gonna destroy him. just like in anyother class. if you in a DD against an enemy DD, you win if you are better. this new mechanic cant be explained in a proper way. its just an attempt to make cvs r.tardproof. another hilarious thing is: how WG showed middle finger to those, who spent so much time to learn this class and to become good/competetiv in it. in this video they said that they are gonna adress an “issue” even tho the percentage of people complaning about it is very few. but when it comes to CVs. its just a huge fat middlefinger. so, well done WG. you manage to f it up nicely.

    i would like to spend few words to the person who came up with this new CV gameplay trash. seriously, who is the genius that came up with this crapy idea?

    • Blah blub blub blah

    • No one likes the RTS, so move on.

    • Dude, is this needed? Have you received the memo for the poll… haven’t you?
      Because all this goes there.. not here…

    • LibraeotequeVer3 PointOh

      Indeed. W.O.W. has screwed the pooch with the rework of carrier gameplay. If I wanted to have a first person shooter experience, then I would play world of planes. I want to command a carrier, with all the complexity, not some nerfed subordinate of a carrier.

    • World of Warships Official Channel

      We would be glad to have RTS gameplay for PC and some other format for Console. 100s of suggestions from players, employees, naval experts, fortune tellers were considered, tested internally, and rejected after reviewing the results.

  14. Seriously guys. There is more than enough people playing tier 10 to make tier 10 an exclusive tier for MM purposes. Tier 10 ships is not only wastly more effective on average than tier 8 ships, but add the fact that the most experienced players play tier 10, and that more and more Tier 10 also have unique upgrades, making the gap even wider. Just make tier 10 the “end game” MM in randoms.

  15. The people that liked the new CVs are brain dead probably …

  16. The CV rework is complete garbage. How can you say you are going forward with it? NO ONE LIKES IT.

  17. From somebody who mostly plays T10. There are several T8 and lower ships I really enjoy. The main reason I dont play them as often is the getting screwed over by MM.

  18. Move over Flamu, there’s a new Ship Jesus in town

  19. Gothic'z House Of Kustom'z

    Still nothing on the Alaska, the MOST asked about ship, why is that?

  20. 1. Why not just limit amount of tier 10s per a battle lobby, so tier 8s and 9s don’t suffer matches like 1 tier 8 per side, the rest is tier 10s (quite usual sighting nowadays).
    2. “BB” AP vs DDs, while Graff Spee takes a huge beating because it does not account for a ship type, but for gun caliber. A DD that makes a mistake and gets spotted by a BB at close range should get deleted if the BB aimed well
    3. You’re talking about switching ammo types, yet Canceror players still spam HE no matter what because its stupidly strong

    Questions that were blatantly dodged:
    1. Alaska – WHEN?
    2. New ship lines (especially Italian) – WHEN?

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