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More future plans from our dev team!

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    More future plans from our dev team!
    In case you’ve missed the first part of episode, you can find it here:

    • Hello.
      When are you plan to make the Regia Marina (Italian Navy) Tech-Tree? Italy was impressive with it’s advanced naval technology at the time, why are you ignoring this nation so badly?

    • Can you please change smoke. Right now a ship can sit in smoke and see anything spotted by a team mate.
      The idea that I cant see into smoke but they can see out of it is silly. This is giving DD and RN crusier a gigantic advantage that is all but uncomtrable t2 through 7. Even at higher toers most of the time there is nothing that can be done.
      Typical event is a DD is getting hit by secondaries they smoke up and then cant be hit.
      This is silly!
      When shooting from smoke they should either not be able to see out of smoke at all or a range penalty. SOMTHING!!!!

    • Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada

      Man they eventually will do something there. But by the moment they are with the British. I remember the last change they did on a tier tree was on the US Cruiser branch. Now they did the British DDs.

    • +Test Subject42 Don’t worry they will be in 2019 along with Russian battleships.

    • Tony Duffy, Ring Finder, Games and More

      +Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada I left my clan and everything came with me.

  2. アレキサンダー 佐藤


  3. Guys stop putting Tier 8 ships on Tier 10 matches, it is NOT FUN!

  4. アレキサンダー 佐藤

    Also, can we have Old Fubuki back?

    • Why is Fabuki so acclamed ?

    • +Lincoln Gonzalez Old fubuki was for lots of us our favourite DD
      it was an amazing experience

    • Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada

      アレキサンダー 佐藤 old Fubuki?

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      +Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada when Fubuki was a glorious T8 DD with non-nerfed IJN torps with their proper low detection ranges. AKA what a proper torpedo boat should be. IJN Torpedoboats such as shimakaze only dream of those glorious days now.

    • Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada

      Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer ah… I see.. I began playing on the end of the last year so I didn’t knew her.
      What I already knew was that almost all the torpedoes of the IJN were nerfed… basically “long lances” cut at half.

  5. They DONT hate IJN ships? Who are you and what have you done to WG?

    • +Jerry Glaze IJN DDs and Cruiers had torperdo reloading – in fact if you check the models in game you can see the quick reload magazines next to the launchers on deck. American DDs needed a tender or port to reload. And through 1943 75% of American torps were duds. Japanese torpedoes also had 40 km range. None of that matters, this isn’t a sim

    • +Dean Grant in a battle it would be impossable. My only point is with this constain radar cant see throught island thing.
      Sonar did not work the way it does in game iether
      I have been in the Fletcher docked in Boston many many times and there was no way to reload in the middle of an action.

    • +Jerry Glaze look at the ingame models, IJN DDs have large rectangular boxes behind/infront of the torpedo tubes on the same Height. A crew could simply push a torpedo out of the box, align the tubes and then reload. The downside to this system is that armed torpedoes were exposed to superficial damage, and some cruisers quickly sank to this design flaw, infact it became doctrine to ditch the torps when under air attack

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Golden Eagle it’s called range compression. Also wg nerfed BB turning radius years ago. Hence why Yamato does not receive her glorious 650m turning circle – much like every other bb that should have significantly lower turning radius!

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Jerry Glaze Yeah IJN Gunboat DDs and their 100mm 1/4th pen buff are just fucking cancer. – it should just be 1/5th

      But it’s the damn IJN torpedo boat line and their torps spotted from the moon are the problem. Finally after many years the ijn 127mm get un-nerfed from 1800 he dmg to the original 2100.

  6. Conceal nerf = bad idea, nerf the overconcealed BBs and leave the others alone please

  7. Make radar a knock-outable module. Like engine or rudder. But, it can only be knocked out when active.

  8. No offense you just killed Lexington.

    • the concealment nerf?

    • +Hades2004 cv put up with so much junk from the player base its sick. You get reported because your there. So xv players do trust the player base because of the hate.
      Maybe lea hate from the non cv players then less hate from cv players.
      And you did ridicule by saying cv dont have the right to play there brand of wow that is ridiculing.

    • +Jerry Glaze “And you did ridicule by saying cv dont have the right to play there brand of wow that is ridiculing.” You need glasses buddy. I never spoke of anyones right to do anything. You’re interpreting a single word in such a screwed up way I can’t help you with that. And CVs get hate because a good CV player can not be countered by anything but another good CV player and most of them are utter garbage and should not play CVs in the first place. There is no way even with an AA spec’d AA CL to counter a good CV. If he wants you dead, you’re dead. This class should never have been added to the game, manual drops and strafing made it even worse. At least auto drops can partly be avoided by maneuverings but a well executed manual drop can’t even be avoided by agile DDs. That’s why they get hate. If you feel attacked because ppl kept screeming at you for being a shit CV player, maybe that’s because you were shit and didn’t help your team in any way but took the place of somebody who might have helped them. You will rarely find a good CV player being reported or shittalked.

    • +Hades2004 so because you dont like somthing people treat cv player like carp every game. That is the problem is the constant hate .

    • ​+Jerry Glaze ffs…. 11 out of 12 players have no fucking counter to a good CV player, no matter what they do, no matter how skilled they are. It is not a matter of me liking or disliking anything. Know what? give every ship in the game Wooster AA 8.6km range with defAA constantly active, then you can keep CVs. Now that CVs have no counter to any other ship lets see how fun and fair the gameplay is. The OP class finally gets balanced, in my eyes it should be deleted. As long as entire teams stop suffering because their own CV can not counter the enemy it’s fine by me. If ppl want to play RTS games, there are enough of them out there.

  9. Can’t wait for the CV rework, but I hope we get some Regia Marina news soon 🙂

  10. Conqueror is not fun to play either… full HE is not fun, I stopped playing it months ago.

  11. We need big Phill in streams

  12. IJN ships are fine, but torpedo detection for Japanese torps is questionable. By that I mean “too large”.

    It’s not fun (or fair) if somehow MM made a team with 3-4 radar cruisers and/or Missouri (US, Russian) and the other with ZERO radar ship. How about fixing your Match making algorithm first?

    CE is not a problem but some BBs have better stealth than some cruisers of the same tier. Ridiculous. Don’t change CE. Change the detection of BBs. If you want to push more BBs in the front, look at their gun range and Spotting Aircraft mechanic.

    Some people want buffing German BBs accuracy while I want even faster reload. I’m fine either way though. But they need buffs.
    I’m not against buffing RN BB secondary guns, but their HE damage/fire chance is overwhelming. Look at detection and gun range. Replace 419 on Conqueror with 406 on Lion. Lion can keep the 419, however, make the 419 a sidegrade instead of an upgrade to the 406.

    Make flooding a fill-up bar like status effects in Dark Souls 😛

  13. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    2:28 – isn’t that the entire point of radar being dependent on open water AND NOT detect everyone within range button? 
    Yes there are some ships radar dependent but its not like there were former stealth fire ships that depended on that either. 
    Or does the added existence of “slow rendering” not help with that?

    • they should make radar a module that you can knock out.

    • So again another dd whinning about radar but thinks its perfict to sit in smoke and see out perfectly if a ship is spotted. Get some smarts and eliminate seing put of smoke or deal with radar.
      And dint give tired argument “its not real” neather is a 100 Gunn penning bb neather is being able to se out of smoke and neather is reload torps in a battle.
      Dd stop your s
      Dd have had 4 or 5 buff and nerf to everyone else.
      Stop shinning about everything

    • +Jerry Glaze you genuinely are toxic… how about you read through his comment before going on a tirade?

    • +noobtotale when people constantly sat you suck because you enjoy a the game. After 2 years of it yes. And I did not tiraid it was the go away cv comment that started.

  14. In the real world, using radar or sonar increased the detectability of the emitting ship. Integrating some element of that would provide a trade-off where the radar ship has to consider the cost of being exposed before using it. The opposing team has the opportunity to position for line of site on locations commonly used by radar ships, thereby providing a tactical counter. Radar emmisions can be detected at roughly twice the radar range and this may be a good starting point. I believe an approach like this would modulate the use of radar while maintaining it’s effectiveness.
     It is dissapointing for players to choose ships for their feature set only to have those features strongly reduced or removed by the “nerf bat” at some later date. Imho of course. 🙂
    Das Bat

    • +Bat Rastardly it only increases the detectability of the ship to the ships with the same instruments…
      pretty sure emitting sonar and radar would not matter to ships that do not have the necessary instruments to pick them up, so they can’t retrace the enemy’s location using those signals and therefore keep sticking to optics regardless.

      In other words, if you want that “idea”of yours to be implemented, then it should be in such a way that the only fellow radar/hydro ships can pick up on the signal and nobody else. with this mechanic, radar ships invariably counter fellow radar ships. If you want your allies to see what you’re seeing then you would have to use your own radar.

      Wait, you know what? scratch that for hydro. their in-game range is shit to begin with anyway.

    • +Lubos Soltes say that right in the face of radar DD captains.

    • +Sir Moke – “In the real world” yep… you lost everyone there.
      Not only that, but the OP is flat out wrong. First, radar emissions only became detectable in the later stages of the war and some nations figured this out before others did. More telling is the fact that detecting radar emissions didn’t tell you where they were coming from, just that you were getting radar’d, and we already have this in the game.

    • Interesting idea, maybe have the radar ship visible on the minimap, same rules for rendering it with spotting, but at ship positioned right have a better chance of blind fire, kinda like firing into smoke.

    • +Jc Serquiña you mean all 3 (YY, Black, Chungmu) ? Compared to that there are quite a few more radar cruisers with more range and firepower …..

  15. Please stop putting Tier 8 ships in Tier 10 battles

  16. For Conqueror, what about just removing the 12 gun 419mm stock option, and keeping the 8 gun 457mm ”upgrade” instead of changing the model and such. The ship will still be strong, still be unique, and instantly less cancerous.

    • Clarification – the 419s are much better than the 457s, but that doesn’t make the 457s bad. It just means that the 419s are too good as they are, which contributes to this problem.

    • +Daniel Morgan i totally agree that it is frustrating to play against, but a 8 gun on a tier 10 with 26sec reload isn’t gonna work.
      It works for the Republique because it has a low reload. And those guns aren’t accurate trust me, or check it out yourself. Sigma doesn’t tell anything.
      The gun dispersion ingame is very complex, its more than a flat out number.

      I don’t have the solution either, it is balanced at the moment, the only problem is that the community doesn’t like to play against it.
      The 8 guns doesn’t give you any benefits compared to the guns it already has. and when we compare the qonqeurer against the other tier 10 battleships you will see that most of them have 12 guns aswell. Except for the republique but those guns are smaller with a fast reload. The Yamato that has great accuracy but also has 1 gun more.

      plus the Republique is faster in all things like speed, turning etc.
      but if you think 8 guns is the solution that’s your opinion. But i dont think it is, i think the whole line needs a ”trait” rework.
      if there was a easy solution they would already done it. And btw i played the lion with 9 guns and it was terrible. almost the whole line was a horrific grind. except for the tier 7.

      i didn’t grind for 8 guns, i ground for 12 guns, i don’t care about the he. if i wanted a 8 gun tier 10 bb i would have gone for the republic.
      but hey opinions opinions right. im not here to change your mind 🙂 and i think wg would come with a salution soon or late

    • +WarHealer Yes, we’ll see I suppose. I have played both gun types extensively, but it’s just my thoughts, not necessarily the best way forward. In any case, thanks for the discussion. See you on the high seas o7

    • +WarHealer don’t forget about republique’s main battery reload booster

    • +WarHealer No, your reply is a lot dumber. Just improve the accuracy of the 18″ guns after removing the 16″ guns, and they’d be good to go.

      Regardless, a big reason why RN BB guns are somewhat inaccurate is because they’re designed around spamming HE. And WG didn’t want HE spamming BBs to have really accurate guns, because every hit with an HE shell is a chance to start a fire. If RN BBs were returned to AP slingers, they could afford to buff their accuracy to reasonable levels.

  17. buff Graf Spee.

  18. The ONLY problem about concealment on BBs is the Conquerer…really don’t know how people still cry about this….

  19. @Sub_Octavian A question: How about giving the players a bit of a heads up on what new ship lines you’re working on for the coming year. Details can wait, but it’d be nice to know if, for example, French DDs were planned for next year. I get the sense that RN CVs are planned for next year, since some vague info, like the carousel pics, have been mentioned officially, plus it makes sense that you guy would want to release a new CV line after the CV rework. That said, I’d imagine that you guys may be running out of obvious choices for new lines, since the number of major navies is fairly limited. I’m thinking that the obvious new line choices come down to this: RN CVs, possibly CAs, French DDs, Italian CL/CAs, DDs, and BBs; and perhaps both RN and German battlecruiser lines. After that, the choices are less obvious. A second USN BB line would be completely possible, though it might need to merge with the first line at the Iowa. But there are enough existing classes to go from tier 3 to tier 8 without any difficulty.

    A suggestion: I’d like to see the early 1920’s Lexington class battlecruisers get added in, probably as a tier 7 premium “BB”. I’d suggest using the name “Constellation”, since the other names were either used on existing ships in the game, or in the case of the name Constitution, it remains in use on an active duty ship, i.e. the old frigate USS Constitution, which still sits in Boston harbor.

    • it’s for mystery and surprise, leading us to a sense of anticipation and suspense for further game updates.
      people don’t stick around and stay interested for too long if they already know everything about a product.
      it’s human nature.


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