Waterline: What’s Happening Next? Submarines, superships, and other activities in World of Warships

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Submarines, superships, and other activities!
Check out the fourth episode of Waterline to get the lowdown on what’s coming your way in the near future. We discuss the new graphics update, plans for submarines, a new ship branch, a new temporary mode, and much more!

00:00 – Waterline: What’s happening next in World of Warships?
00:12 – 6th Anniversary of World of Warships
00:55 – New game modes: asymmetric combat, convoys
01:45 – New tier III – X German battleships
03:00 – What if? Superships
04:20 – The future of submarines
05:10 – Graphics update
06:15 – Battleship Novorossiysk
06:45 – British dockyard
07:10 – Stream announcement

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  1. I’m glad to hear that you are going to take your time with introducing submarines into the game (which probably means randoms). I’ve played against subs extensively in ranked (gone up to gold), and it’s going to require a lot of work to make them a. fun to play and b. fun to play against. The interactions between subs on the one hand, and DDs, BBs, cruisers and CVs on the other, are currently NOT fun or balanced.

  2. Take subs out of the standard battle modes and put them in the convoy mode.

    • IJN submarines had the purpose of “capping” islands and delivering supplies :o)

    • Please don’t the submarines are fun to play against and to play with. It adds a new mechanic to the game. But I do agree with adding then to convoy mode.

    • @HarrMick The thing with subs is that they just dont have enough game impact for them to be effective in ranked/randoms/coop. Assuming all other ships are the same and player skill level is the same the team with a torpedo dd is going to win every engagement against one with a sub.

    • @supanoob I could assume, that they could be quite useful in clan battles to get bow in cruisers blown up. But with ther speed and range, that makes them inflexible in randoms and they rely on the enemy team making mistakes. Though nothing to complain about that, that’s how submarines should be

    • @supanoob What you will NOT see is restrictions on subs like they have on Huanghe and Perth. Subs will be treated as GOLD, like CV’s. They will buff subs over and over if they don’t perform well as a class.

  3. So we wont get Repulse until december. F*** off. Been waiting since may and your gonna delay it even longer. Have to wait another 3 months now.

  4. I think many people would far rather have new maps than more detailed old maps

    • Personally I need one map only: Ocean. That is only map where the game feel like battle of warships. Everything else is just different implementation of world of tanks…

    • @Robert Bloch So true

    • @Robert Bloch I to wish ocean come up regularly, but I like the idea of better looking maps also. The work they did on the sky in some maps was great.

    • Unpopular opinion: I’d rather them update all the maps with improve graphic as I feel there’s a limit to creativity if you want to make a balanced map and we pretty much achieved it.

  5. Bring back the community streams to YouTube!

  6. Please, guys! RANKED IS NOT A TESTING GAMEMODE! Ever since the introduction of CV’s into ranked battle every decision you made was outrageous with submarines and now superships, please, these can have different game modes and we HAVE BEEN asking for different game modes for a lot of time now so it’s a win-win for both parties

  7. Played submarines in co-op. By the time I got to anybody they were already either dead or I spent a long time to even get 1 torpedo hit and then just droning on to find another and then boom, the game’s over. What fun. Stopped playing them after like 10 matches of that.

    • coop has less ships and more aggresive AI so they get killed faster by humans. Ina mode vs humans its vastly different. Coop is no challenge. pvp is.

    • i think it’s depends on what ships and how you play it. cuz same on me. i’m on V battleship at first I’m considering long range war and i got nothing cz it so slow at movement and it’s turrets. then i just went straight to the place where the enemy is i got so many damage on my ship but also i hit them more than before.

  8. I actually had excess intelligence reports because the Super Ships were great targets for grinding XP for my Tier 9 ships like Riga.

  9. In any serious game, ranked means testing your own skill against other players. In WoWS, ranked is used to test mechanics which no one wants and to let trolls throw matches to piss off everyone else.

  10. With updated graphics – will the port be sluggier than it already is?

  11. Please, add the superships, for sure. Just for Pete’s sake – don’t add them to the random battles. Or you will screw the balance badly. Add a separate game mode for them.

  12. Harder Styles United

    In all honesty I sincerely think there are much more important things around the game that desperately need addressing.

  13. Needs more Dasha. Very happy with the addition of Battlecruisers.

  14. How about you not firing the guy the community likes and own up to your own mistakes?

  15. The new German line looks great. Can we get a split of the IJN cruiser line some day?

  16. The german BCs look a bit weird as a concept. weaker armour but still for close range? sounds a bit like the wrong combination.

  17. Maybe balance the game first before adding more unbalanced ships. This game is sinking harder than a dingy….

  18. Hyped for the Battlecruisers finally coming towards the game as a Tech Tree line seen as how many there are already implemented in the game. Either as Premium, heavy cruiser or BB…

    I’m still hoping you guys see the need for a different captain skill set for the Battlecruisers as well as they don’t fit in either the cruisers nor Battleships.

  19. How about giving us a RTS Server for CVs?

  20. These guys look like someone is standing just offstage with a gun pointed at their heads telling them to smile while talking.

  21. @Joel Montgomery If we get it for free, I can wait even more

  22. looks exciting any plans about “going more modern” ? seeing battleships on rocket launchers against helicopters as example would be very much tempting and keeps still the realism going on

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