Waterline: What’s next? New Nation, Commander skills, Submarines and other WoWs development news.

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It gives us great pleasure to present you a new episode of Waterline, which will inform you about what’s coming in the near future. We discuss the updated Commander skills, changes to submarines, a new ship branch, a temporary mode, a new nation—the Netherlands, and much more!
What does the game have in store for us? What should you prepare for? Find out the most up-to-date information from our new video!


Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website: https://wo.ws/website

If you’re a console player, check out WoWs: Legends https://wo.ws/WoWSLegends


  1. “Super battleships” PQ is literally drooling at that ngl

  2. Make secondaries great again!

    • Random comnent to show support

    • @Sailor Moon im still sorta new to the game so i dont understand much of what you said lmao sorry

    • @DatDecisive Oh, well basically put, Wargaming (based on the math) nerfed secondaries accuracy WAY too much (like 63% less accuracy!). So the skill Improved Secondary Battery Aiming needs buffing to at least -45% dispersion (from -35% dispersion) in order to mitigate this.

    • @Sailor Moon ohhh. Might as well let us control secondaries lmao

    • @DatDecisive With their current dispersion issues and 1.0 sigma, it won’t make a difference :S

  3. 8:05 “You’ll have to earn a temporary resource called “Intelligence”.” – Sounds like something that most of the playerbase needs desperately

    • My team got wiped every time I use CV

    • @The Archives still have if you insist on attacking constatly on group of ships you will end with 1-2 planes very quickly, doing most of a time minor DMG and you will have to wait around 10min to restore squadron. Even attacking lone ship with top AA will make you planless CV. Leaving you with only option to make tea after 5min. The conclusion is to never sail alone, that’s The best countermeasure.

    • Sounds more like what the devs need rather than the player base. Lets face it you can’t do a job properly if most of the tools wg provide are broken.

    • Wargaming needs it more

    • @The Archives they risking lack of planes in late game… and if you play rambo style. you will lose all your planes in 5 minutes… also with 2 or 3 planes you will not do any dmg, because are destroyed before they drop loads… I’m happy if from 6 rocket planes 3 return home, from 9 bombers 4 return home. from torp planes if from 9 planes 3 will return home… midway T10 has for example 16 rockets, 16 torps and 20 bombers… now imagine how fast you are loosing planes and how long they will remain in full strength. Does BB or CA or DD lose firepower depends on level of their HP? Nooooo….

  4. Mr Conway looking like Anatoly Karpov when he was yong

  5. FluidLoneknight

    Add German super battleship with full DP secondaries in a AU setting where Aircraft didn’t play a roll…. Logic

    • Soooo make my battleship unstoppable and eliminate anything that requires me to stick with other ships to stop myself from being countered by my ships weakness

    • World of Warships Official Channel

      We’re talking about a scenario where BBs would be further developed and CVs weren’t absolutely dominating the battlefield, not a scenario where CVs are not present at all 🙂

      Have a nice week, Crysantos

    • Brandon Sheffield

      Sounds fun. Another way to think about it is what if nuclear bomb wasn’t finished yet? Would Japan have been able to defend mainland from an all out ground assault? Cause we weren’t to long from that approach if it weren’t for the “Bombs”.

    • @World of Warships Official Channel Can wg add nagato with Hull C year 45′ ;< pls


  7. WG : we gonna release two super battleship, satsuma and hannover
    FDR : hehe boi

  8. Lethargic Moonshifter

    Mr. Conway’s hair has evolved into a hypostasis of Covid-19.

  9. The Shermanator


  10. Secondaries be like :
    Am I a joke to you ?

    Seriously WG, love your new stuff but for god’s sake, buff the secondaries !

  11. Tier 11 testing I see

  12. The community: wargaming please just fix HE, Carriers and secondaries, please.
    Wargaming: Haha new ships go brrr

  13. Gomesial Ithyonc

    Mr. Conway finna make me act up 😫😫😫😫🥵🥵🥵😳

  14. Whackjob of KSP / SE

    I’d be grateful just to have decent secondaries again. You took my joy from me and I hate you for it.

  15. Watch the CC crew talking about removing hydro from the game, while sat in front of a book called ‘Naval Blunders’ is just too much foreshadowing to handle.

  16. 1:51 Submarines 5:20 Anti Submarines 6:37 Super Battleships 9:10 Attack Aircraft 1:50 New Nation and Tech Tree 12:00 New Ship

  17. I’m actually clinically depressed about submarines.

  18. -“So we can gather your feedback and make sure we don’t give a shit about it” – There ya go! Fixed that for ya 🙂

  19. You’re going to break this game with super battleships and submarines, I mean if you can’t even balance CVs, how are you going to do it with submarines?

  20. And of course, SONAR, which primary function was to detect submarines, will NOT detect submarines in WoWs, meanwhile, RADAR keeps going through islands. *facepalm.gif*

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