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This was an insane match with German tier 9 CA Roon. Probably the best result I ever had in it as well. My average stats on this ship were just above 1 kill and around 65k dmg. Again it is one of those ships you had to grind back in the day so a lot of games under its belt.

What made this game even crazier was the super dramatic ending.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I like the Roon, it’s a proper ship with no daft gadgets. I have some great scores in this ship but a little too inconsistent, might be why my stats are shite lol.

  2. Great ship.

    That carrier, though. Man.

  3. Don’t you love it when a friendly flank has absolutely no resistance but somehow manages to die on the journey to yours.

    • Only thing worse than this is when your team out numbers the reds on a flank by eight ships…and dies to a man. While you are having the kiting match of your life on the other side.

    • Usual seems to be the side I’m on has practically nobody and loses fast, the other side stalls against the outnumbered enemy there or trades evenly.

    • They could have actually sat in their flank and farm broadsides. But no, they just HAD to push

  4. Sekiryu just wanted style points for killing Annapolis with secondaries.

  5. Need more frustration screams… how will I feel good without it?

  6. world of mental health issue players always make it interesting.

  7. AniBunny (Antoine S.)

    “we are where the damage is finally” *takes a spankin*
    Yeah, here’s the damage

  8. Flambass missed an opportunity to say “Stop Blowing Holes in My Ship!”

  9. Now these are the kind of matches we subscribe for. XD

  10. Your CV just wanted the rare walk-off secondary kill!

  11. Well, only 1/3 of enemies had same tier. Its like beating up kids 5 years younger at school…

  12. Drydock Dreams Games

    @rys iii 5 out of 12 is arguably as close from 1/3 as it is from 1/2 ^^

  13. literally 2 thirds of there WHOLE damn team was in 2 squares of the map, man wish i could face those kinds of teams instead of em being on my team lol. also I feel like roon is underrated AF, I just recently ground the hindy line and absolutely loved the tier 7 8 and especially the roon.

  14. that was a fantastic game to watch all around. enemy lemmingtrain. friendly Annapolis troliing the enemy CV, then killing him. Almost an epic throw for friendly team, worthy of Jingle’s “Game of Throws.”

  15. 12:26 jesus christ, I know it’s a jet but the second plane hit warp speed xD

  16. What a stressful game. But you got it in the end. GG bud.

  17. Only in Wargaming games it is possible to be outnumbered on both flanks while having the same number of players on both teams.

  18. Good one! thank you for posting

  19. Roon was unironically one of my favorite ships back when I played. I loved to go on the weakest side, support whatever DD was capping, usually get 5-10k on the enemy DD opposing them, then when the rest of the enemy team got there I could kite and burn down the battleships. Easy 100k damage, couple kills, and usually the win. I had a ton of my best games in Roon, and insanely this may have been one of the few ships I was able to really master and enjoy even as WOWS got worse. Watching Flambass play it almost makes me want to redownload the game just to play it again. Almost.

  20. I love your reactions!

  21. @Drydock Dreams Games Right, forgot that its less than in WoT, just 12 not 15 players. Then its even worse…

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