We Are Terrible At World of Warships!

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We have been looking forward to featuring World of Warships Operations on the channel for some time. If you are not familiar with this game mode, It is a 7 Player PvE mission that is objective based. When the 7 players are us… it becomes something else.

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  1. What is the most important Warship that served in World War 2 and why is it the USS Texas?

  2. SnakeYourLocalGerman

    Bo never dissapoints

  3. I’ve been missing World of Warships. So nice to see it back.

  4. Wows, moe and cobey? This feels like old school bo 😀

  5. i feel like ww2 would went a whole lot differently if we have tblf operating the war ships

  6. “Damn Brits, take all the good stuff!”

    British Museum: *whistles loudly as slowly shuffles away*

  7. I’ve missed Moe so much 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 we need more Moe, he ‘s hilarious and always so happy and positive

  8. Maaaaaan, i havent played this game in a long time. Had so many good memories with some awesome people and moments in that game, palyed it for 6 years. I just wish WG didnt go the way that they did

  9. So much chaos, crying and screaming! Lol. Great video Bo, Sturmling, Fate, Mo, Stick, Cobey and Bear!! 💜💜

  10. Chaos is always entertaining, especially when TBLF is involved! Thanks to Bear, Cobey, Fate, Moe, Stick and Sturms for helping to make this comedic gold!

  11. Bo never disappoints us when it comes to him and his friends being terrible at videos games 😂😂

  12. Never thought we’d see another WoWS video on the channel. But here we are! This looks like you guys had a ton of fun

  13. Amazing video!
    Great to see so many of the guys in one video!

  14. I swear to God y’all could make chess seem hilarious.

  15. “This ship shouldn’t be this shallow” well fun fact that ship currently lives in water that shallow

  16. It’s always a good day when we get some “Moe & Cobey” action… & the Old TBLF gang back together

  17. I’m not familiar with World of Warships game play so I wondered if a video was possible on this game and you guys confirmed it. You all knocked this video out of the park! It was so much fun and I think this might have been the largest gathering of TBLF folks I have ever witnessed and the level of chaos did not disappoint. Hope there is more to come!

  18. its awesome to see Mo back, hope hes been doin good! Great video though

  19. It’s great to have Moe and Cobey both back

  20. TheAussieTanker

    Im trying to image Bo and the squad playing submarines
    probably wouldnt end well but i want to see it!

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