We Destroyed Massive Battleships and Laughed like Idiots in World of Warships! (Sponsored)

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Dive on into World of Warships today and get an awesome starter boost!

Welcome to World of Warships! World of Warships is a free, historical, online combat game from Wargaming. Command a massive naval fleet featuring some of history’s most iconic war vessels, level up important tech modules and prepare to dominate the oceans in World of Warships.

With four classes of ships, myriad upgrades, and strategically designed environments, the action never ends and every match is a unique experience.

World of Warships brings players endless hours of strategy, tactical gameplay and pulse-pounding combat!



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  1. Hey CTOP love your stuff

  2. I have 2 video ideas:

    1: there is a mod in beamng where you can get a car that has foldable wings and thrusters so you can activate a flight mode. Fun fact: you can go over the edge of the map and go under the map and then fly through the map.

    Idea 2: since the new scrap mechanic survival update has come out you could revisit scrap mechanic and play scrap mechanic survival multiplayer and rebuild the rv with one of your friends.

  3. You should make undead development videos again. I love your videos

  4. you are amazing you guys always make me laugh you just always make my day!


    When chris and ctop were shooting each other and i was like WATER. They doing

  6. Invisible death wish


  7. Dive on into World of Warships today and get an awesome starter boost!

  8. World of warships more like world of worshipping the mighty ctop

  9. Fīňţąň Břəñňåň

    ABSOLUTELY destroyed there boat

    Chris:CREW FIX IT!!!

  10. We’re going to war boys sound the American horns

  11. Ctop: (takes credid for someones death) Ill take it
    Me: 0-0

  12. “Amazing” puns as a start to a video.


  13. You know we here to see Ctop cause some destruction along Chris
    P.S imma call U Mr Ctop for the respect along with Mr Chris


  14. This video was a BOAT load of fun

  15. Skyplays Everything

    The dislikes are the owners of the ships.

  16. How do you say bye to the ocean you wave to it😂

  17. “Strike one ctop strike one…”
    Ur bouta have a strike through your entire ship

  18. Too many boat puns can make you a little “dinghy”, so be careful, Ctop!

  19. You could say that this video is a lesson on how to swim 1st lesson the torpedo

  20. I came here thinking the start was bullying chris but the jokes hurt

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