WE FIGHT THE ENTIRE TEAM! – World of Warships

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New players will receive 1 Million Credits, the USS Langley Aircraft , 3 days premium time, more by using my code PLAYLANGLEY2019. Big thanks to Wargaming for sponsoring.

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  1. 3 views-5 comments

  2. Someone disliked it 2 secs after the upload lol

  3. How much do they pay you for this sponsored *ship* ?..like Im super curious

  4. Wheres the notif squad??

  5. Most people call it a thinking mans strategy game lol

  6. brunswick would make a good pirate

  7. Video begins at 4:18 youre welcome 🙂

  8. TheSportsBoffin 89

    Brunswick is a lunatic but still a legend nonetheless.

  9. What a skirmish, what a battle! I had so much fun, and I was ultra excited the whole time. As always, Admiral, it was mine pleasure to fight at your side!

  10. When I try to play this game the lag is everywhere so I can’t play it but still a pretty cool game

  11. Apolo, I got to be honest I been been playing WoWs for years and I can assure you the Langley is not a good CV.

  12. i don’t think that apollo gets the idea that ships move so you have to lead your shots, especially for destroyers because they are the fastest ship

    • yeah I play this game and when you aim directly at them and not slightly in front your shots go behind them. I like being a destroyer against a battleship because thier so slow they can’t avoid my torpedos

  13. if only….. if only u learned from your (aim+failed+mistake ) much early.. u could kill lot more enemy player…(just saying)

  14. I”m sorry Apollo but you are trash at aiming. Anything remotely fps just isn’t your forte. This was painful but I couldn’t look away

  15. Will we see anymore domestic disputes between you and your hubby in the zombie VR game?

  16. Wanted to use that code… didn’t worked ?
    They make me hate this before I even played it…

  17. ToughAncientSpark

    If you notice the battle results, the enemy team sunk one of their own ships (-1).

  18. I’m a simple man. I see naval battles, I click like. Great job pixy.

  19. Christopher Bravo

    “Intensify forward firepower!”
    “TOO LATE!”

  20. dang I can’t use the code because I already have world of warships

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