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  1. Just some person you dont know

    if we have carriers as respawn points with 2 per team that would be great

    • @Lanfranco Adreani there planes man how often to the actuality kill you also if they have a limited number planes that would help even it out the more you shoot down the less they have to send out also plane repair should take some time for the ones that make it back full of holes if they dont crash on deck just some of my own ideas

    • Jonathan Teixeira

      @Lanfranco Adreani Anti Air cover of players will be more effective than the anti air of WW2. Mixed with planes running CAP too will make the mode interesting

    Yes i know the thumbnail is the Arizona but I couldn’t resist )))
    ALSO what do ya’ll think about the carrier discussion?

    • Intro….100%……carriers….200%! Bring on the flat tops!!

    • the nostalgia of that intro… brings me tears :_)

    • Been playing World of Warships: Legends as a Carrier. It is a unique type of ship that can send planes out to scout the enemy, also use torpedoes and bombs to attack enemy ships and fighters to protect the fleet from enemy aircraft.

      The first ever aircraft carriers were little more than civilian ships (or light cruisers) that had the superstructure cut down and a flight deck strapped to it. The intermediate years between WWI and WWII saw carriers advance but it wasn’t until WWII that they became rendered the battleship almost obsolete. An experienced Carrier crew can make, or break, a fleet.

      Case in point: The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, or the loss of the British Carrier HMS Glorious off Norway in 1940.

      Currently in World of Warships itself there are ten tiers but only flour carriers being spread out from Tier 3 to 5 then 7 and finally 10. In Legends the tier only goes to 7 so you have tier 3, 5, and 7 carriers.

      Also, the list only comprises of ‘fleet’ carriers (CV) and are only available to America, Britain, Japan, and Germany. There are currently no escort carriers (CVE).

      If carriers do come to Warthunder, it would indeed be an interesting concept. They may also want to consider submarines as well.

    • @Rowan’s guide to war thunder naval if you want carriers, you need to make combined air/naval battle, with maps as big as at least Saipan. Then you need to ad course ploting for ships so they can sail on their oun while player is engaged in plane battle taking place at the same time. there should be tactical targets for planes (again like in Saipan air RB map or like last EC cap points). Main goal of the fleet would be escort of cargo ships, other side goal would be to prevent landing land troops. In this situation both sides would have spawns equal to number of planes speciffic for CV, and aircraft models only used on carriers. but we need at least 100km maps and this means that it would take over an hour to get ships in to the shooting distance.

  3. They need to add aircraft carriers, then make a mode like those videos phly made a year or so ago like the battle of midway. If there could be actual carrier captains that can authorize takeoffs and attacks for air squadrons, that would be so much fun.

    • lol, no the battleships are currently blown up by single bomb. They have really no chance at all to play against swarms of planes, what they need to do is add more ships. He play Hyuga, the most insane BB which really shouldnt be added to the game long time ago, now japanese got Kongo which is similar, but little bit worse, it should have come long time before Hyuga was added. Someone at gaijin got crazy drunk and added Hyuga when other countries had barelly useable battleships. They just need to add more of them, instead of ruining the entire mode like tanks with plane spam and guided rockets. The other nations really dont have good BB, like USA has good light cruisers at lower br, but their battleships are not good, same goes for germany, except for Sharnhorst their battleship are floating explosives. Italy has one BB and thats it, Uk has some good stuff, but only russia and japanese completely wreck everything. Anyway, if they add aircraft carriers that can spam aircraft from long distance and be basically invulnerable, the entire game mode makes no sense. Why would you grind entire tree for battleship when its completely useless.

    • This is like one of the most stupid suggestions to improve the game mode, the most stupid one is to add submarine an invisible enemy that can cause your sudden death and ruin it completely.

    • Lanfranco Adreani

      @Speedy O The entire gameplay for those escort ships would be Cruise in formation while the AI opens Fire on plane….seems so fun come on

    • @Tomas Sejkora why not small carriers, to test the idea.

      Planes in war thunder naval don’t have an easy time.
      You can get sniped from 2km by AI gunners on a 40mm bofor or something stupid and be doing 600kph.

      Back to those small carriers.
      We don’t need bug giant carriers, escort carriers or light carriers.
      That carry aircraft like f4f, a6m, d3a, tbf or swordfish, nothing crazy.
      They aren’t really the best aircraft.

      And I don’t think there will be that many aircraft being launched from carriers.
      However I would be happy with small carriers to test the idea.

    • @Tomas Sejkora yes, I to like ha ingthe same game forever. Never change anything, never experiment, never play with new ideas, never branch out. Naval is fine being the same thing over and over, and carriers are government lies that never existed. They should never be added to the game because they have the ability to kill things and force team play.

  4. I will never forget that intro phly and i hope you never let it die. Great video as always 🙂

  5. I hope they add radar guided fire control for a continuous range updates of contacts in the future

  6. Fun Fact: The IJN Hyuga and Ise, were both converted into Floatplane carriers in late war. Sooooooooo May be Gaijin will take this into consideration…*5 years later*.

  7. I love your opening animation with the ship rising from the deep. It was your channel and that animation that got me into World of Warships.

  8. I believe that having air craft carriers can enable a new kind of metas to develop and such. With players even landing on player carriers. It would be gosh darn pretty cool

  9. Phly, if you enjoy naval I have suggestion: Play the Ki-109 in naval with coastal vessels (type T-38) on 2.0. Its a challenge, but lots of fun.

  10. I was a long time world of warships player and the idea of carriers in WT scares me. They are so incredibly hard to balance with the ability to sit out of range or hide behind an island where they can’t be attacked but they can strike anyone anywhere on the map. WT is a different enough game that I won’t say they can’t make it work but it would be extremely tough to get it right.

    • Aircraft Carriers aren’t invincible or untouable, I’m a Aircraft Carrier player myself in WT the enemy lacks teamwork this happens in many random matches.

    • In all honesty, the balance has already been done by militaries around the world. The counters for aircraft carriers are other aircraft carriers or subs. If WT implemented ACs and subs in the same patch, that might help.

    • I dont think they should add carriers since you can control planes yourselves; they just need to redo how planes mix into the naval battles

    • @sandwichHLP honestly carriers and subs are not going to bring in many new players. I used to play wows and absolutely refuse to because carriers have trashed the game. They are horribly unbalanced. Subs are a neusiance as well. Carriers allow for 100% guaranteed damage, with no threat to your own ship, unless your team loses. Subs were stupid to put in, simply because the way they implemented it.. honestly homing torps are dumb. Then top it off with bb’s being the primary asw platform is just mind-blowingly stupid.

    • I don’t think it will be too hard…Warthunder is a well balanced game……yeah right!!! Yes, it’ going to be a bit*h to get right!!!

  11. More Phlynavy!

    I reckon the ‘hydroplane’ mod is a lead-in to seaplane carriers as a counterpart to the hydroplane-equipped cruisers. Things that start with hydroplane equipped and maybe can even unlock other planes as modifications. From there, the carriers can start trickling in.

    The other way to get planes into the battle is to give some ships (coastal ships, maybe), a scouting role and the Airstrike mod. And the other great counter to battleships… more battleships.

    Day ninety-something: take the Scimitar, the last Supermarine, out for a spin.

  12. At this point, I don’t see the purpose in limiting the potential of what we can add to this game. Would love to see carriers, submarines, WWI tanks and planes, zeplins, modern day. Let’s make this game the largest combat type game with something for everyone 🙂

  13. I would like to see a gamemode where both sides need to take out an AI carrier group that player aircraft spawn from.

  14. Problems with adding carriers:
    1: Battlegroups are too small to properly incorporate a carrier, if you consider the battles in the pacific that focused around sinkinh enemy carriers. If we had 1 carrier per 16 player-team it allready stretches the proportions heavily.
    2. How do you limit the amount of carriers per battle? How do you choose who gets to play carrier? First come first served? Random? Oh I can see the ragequits allready.
    3. Anti-air from ships needs a complete overhaul before that, atm it’s just too stupid. You got a target on your right? Guns on your left will sleep until it’s gone. Each gunner or gun-group for cruisers and bbs need their own AI. And we need to have a way to effectively set the priority of secondary and aa guns pre-battle and in emergency situations, so we don’t have hard hitting guns shooting aircraft, when they should shoot boats, or have aa guns shoot boats when there are fighters.
    4. We need better AA guns on tech tree ships. About 70% of all cruisers and dds barely have the aa armament to protect themselves, let alone cover nearby ships. Gaijins marketing for premium ships until now basically was: “You want aa guns on your ships? Got a credit card?” Pretty much all premium ships are similar or identical to one tech tree ship, except they have double or tripple the aa-armament.
    Lastly, I doubt (or hope) that gaijin doesn’t release carriers until they got everyrhing figured out, so they don’t get to a shitshow as some competitor with a somewhat similar naval pvp game *coughcough*.
    And Phly, I love your face, but are you sure, that if you are “new to naval” you should call for something with such big potential for change? You got a massive reach, maybe you start a fire everyone will be sorry for later x)
    Take ppl! ^^


  16. what was the intro music song? sounds sooo familiar

  17. Maps are WAY too small! We need much larger maps, even for what we have now. The moment you spawn in half the time it’s a bloodbath right off the bat. No room or time to maneuver or position, apart from where you spawn… I’d love CVs in WT, but we definitely need bigger maps for Naval.

    • You missed Naval EC over this last weekend.

    • @Jadefox32 you see THAT is the problem. If EC was a permanent mode, or at least would start every weekend – then this would be cool. And Gaijin could experiment with its settings as much as they like, too.
      But for now we get 1-2 instances of such gamemode per half a year, and this is actually ridiculous given that it is the best and most fun way to actually play naval – even as half-assed as it is now

  18. @TheScania1991 yea, but when that intro was around, the game was the most graphically appealing and fun fleet like combat experience of its time. God i remember when you had to stick to together and play as a fleet to avoid aircraft carriers and they had a lot of realistic fighter tactical play. I think if they reverted the game to that stage and tweaked the xp reward system a little it would be the best ship game out there. Sometimes i go back and watch old wows videos, nostalgic of what it was and what it could have been of it today

  19. @Stavrosto be fair, the most recent developments in the art department should be considered great. Art department is carrying the whole game

  20. @TheScania1991 you are right the new update with the ultra stuff looks amazing. But before that i missed the old camos and sounds, idk what it was but the game had a different feel to it, might just be my nostalgia afflicted memory talking

  21. @TheScania1991 you can only do that for so long when it comes to games; if gameplay continues to suffer, then people will stop playing. A prime example is Minecraft; that game is quite simple when it comes to its original graphics but because of the gameplay, people kept playing it and added graphics mods to enhance the gameplay rather than outshining it.

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