We recreated the Battle of the Denmark Strait in World of Warships Legends!

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As stated in the video we know there were no German destroyers…relax. We wanted to keep it relatively fair (despite what happened in history) and involve as many people as possible

Intro – 0:00
Ship lineups – 1:54 (not historically accurate I know…go cry somewhere else)
Battle begins! – 3:25
Battle ends – 12:49 (Thank you)

Join my discord server! – https://discord.gg/AwvC2rrT


  1. That was one of the best games I think we’ve had. Well done to all involved!

  2. Mann, you have started something. It was MAD fun!

  3. 100% the most fun I have had in a while with this game.

  4. Thank u so much for letting me be apart of this. So much fun to recreate such a historical battle. Glad to get that room for us!!

  5. Next is Battle of Surigo Straight where the WV, Cali, Tenn and other BBs landed shots on the IJN ships.

  6. I hope this brings some naval milsim groups to the game

  7. This was so much fun! Thanks for doing this Aaron

  8. Greater German Empire (Torch)

    I had a lot of fun I hope if we do this again I hope I can get a better German DD but thank you for the fun yesterday Aron

  9. Id love to see a way to make historical reenactments and footage using this.

  10. This was so much fun to do

  11. Keep creating these historic fights, Aaron. This video is mad sick, my dude. Great job.

  12. This was awesome to watch last night, thank you for thinking of showcasing it 👍

  13. This was great fun! Thanks everyone!

  14. I believe it was actually a long the lines of ark royal or victorious planes that crippled Bismarck. Since the torpedo was sent from a sword fish bomber.

    Edit: it was HMS Victorious

  15. I’m really glad I got to be a part of this had a lot of fun. Can’t wait for more historic battles in the future!

  16. Aaron Penhaligon

    You should recreate the battle of narvik and/or battle of calabria with HMS warspite, would be so cool

  17. This was fun

  18. This was a blast, its nice to able to enjoy a match and have fun

  19. This was a great stream! Epic!

  20. Looks like a lot has changed in the year or so I’ve been gone. How is tier VII feeling for you since the addition of tier VIII? I jumped into a few legendary games and those actually felt really good but I found myself struggling at T7, but maybe that was due to never being top tier.

    • Where RU A A RON

      Semper! Its not bad 8 is okay now and 7 is still probably the best but its in a weird place

    • @Where RU A A RON I haven’t tried 8 yet as I’m too game poor from just getting back into it lol but I read through some of the past balances and it looks like they have been making some pretty large changes figuring it out.

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