Wednesday Streamin’ 10k HYPE World of Warships Legends

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Wasn’t sure I wanted to try and record so I figured I’d Stream Come Hang Out!


  1. Stream Highlight! 1:10:04

  2. Hey man how do I submit a video for you to check out?

  3. Yo spartan, rock it

  4. dude… the gneisenau is crazy good. i get 100k consistently. n if u can single out n iowa bow tank n torp tht ship takes it.

  5. Have a new mode, call it Annihilation, no capping. Just hunt & destroy the other team.

  6. Just started to play Legends again as the game (both times) had no sound where to the point where i deleted the game. but 3rd times the charm and YAY HAVE SOUND NOW! so now gonna try the game and the goal is US BBs. But one thing i never really learned or looked up about the game is why did they lower the tiers for the game? I WANT THE YAMATO AND MONTANA NOAW! (plus the Ohio and Georgia too!)

    • I don’t have the sound issue, but the devs have brought it up as a known bug and said they are working on a hot patch.

    • From what I gathered they condensed the tech trees to make them easier and quicker to grind.

      They may add more in the future

    • @Spartan Elite43 Let’s hope they do as love to get them. At the Wyoming and my 1st game best was the best i’ve had so far and can’t wait to upload it. 😀 though i do wish the controls were a bit better. Be nice if they made the controls more like Battlestations Pacific/Midway or something. felt like they had better controls.

  7. Spartacus / Spartan Beats

    1:48:32 I completely wiped that Iowa and to answer the cruiser at the edge of the map after I died at 1:52:43 I pushed him and the Iowa back to the corner

  8. Thank you for your devotion to your fans with your regular uploads. I always look forward to a portion of my favourite salty streamer..
    Have a great weekend..??

  9. Liking this on my lap top so as I can watch it on the big screen because I can’t work out how to like it on said big screen idiot box because…tech. Cheers for the GGs and well done on 10000 subs. Peas love and greatnessness, Johnno Bloke.

  10. Like and comment (:

  11. This is my first introduction to salty spartan – not that I blame you. Battleships are so hit and miss. Random shots going nowhere near target plus overpens that’s we’re really perfect shots

  12. About the Iowa fire comment. 39.25ish, that’s not so unrealistic as on the real Iowa’s there are paint and chemical storage compartments in that section of the ship. So put it down to the camo paint catching fire 🙂

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