Weekly Salt Ration 1-20-22 (World of Warships Legends)

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There will be Strong Language

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  1. welcome back spartan

  2. You should maybe do a cv vid current time, it’d be so cool

  3. Dropping my comment and like 👍

  4. No one complains more then this guy..he never does wrong and everyone else sucks but him..literally can’t watch these videos without cringing

    • Lol thats the funny thing about these streams.

    • I call out all the dumb shit I do too… Just check out the georgia game and so on… I call out stupidity whether it is enemy, teammate or myself… Also I call out when players make the right decisions or do something to help the team as well but no one keys on those moments.

    • then dont watch…

    • Why comment if it’s so cringe? Also, he isn’t the only one who is salty with this game. I myself rage because of players who have no clue what they’re doing and I lose because of their stupidity. Yes, I make stupid mistakes and own that all day. Spartan does as well and gives credit when it’s due… ALSO the video is literally named “salt rations”, what did you expect to see?

  5. Nice to have blue spanner lol 🔧 gonna be great I’m gonna watch this back love the salt 🧂 ration

  6. 289,015 damage?! Nice job Spartan Elite43!

  7. Good job spartan ! Love your videos they are really entertaining, i was wondering, does Montana R damage count ? Because i did 295k damage on a standard match with it a few days ago, i posted a screenshot of it on the wows legends ” uncensored ” facebook page but idk if people consider it a real record since its a rental lol. Have a good day my friend !

  8. Really though I got you with that flood…..

  9. Another very enjoyable salt ration. I’m close to getting the Montana. Can’t wait. 👍

    • I need 8 mil more credits and she’s mine. Already researched from dominating in the Iowa. But I’m on PC version idk how the game differs from console to Pc

  10. everyone is blue now did i miss something?

  11. I love ur videos and ur steams

  12. Did you use Sharnny and Revel for inspirations on the Montana ?

  13. Guess you could say you got really salty

  14. Oof now thats a blap

  15. Ive had it once with 6 dds

  16. After that was just 2 or 3 per team

  17. Permission to yawn bc of how boring that one match was

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