Weekly Salt Ration 1-8-20 (World of Warships Legends)

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I will get salty! (Viewer discretion advised)


  1. Tier 7 isn’t worth it anymore to me 18 mil for a ship to miss 70% of its rounds and lose because of shit players

    • Cat with a diphthong

      Agreed. The only ship that seems like it might be worth the investment is the Yam. It’s dispersion is actually acceptable.

    • hitlersmissingnut

      Enemy ships always seem to have a handbrake and nitrous super turbo chargers with Saturn v rockets.

  2. I get the same way when I play world of warships or war thunder lol. Glad to see I’m not the only one. I’m also very excited to see you play with carriers eventually

  3. I like a little salt, but this is like drinking ocean water.

  4. I rammed someone in a Pensacola using a New Mexico because I was really low heath and battleships in every direction

  5. This was more of a monthly salt ration:)

  6. Love the game hate my team about 75% of the time. So many below avg players. Always on my team. Sick of being banned!!! Unlike Spartan i tell them and get in trouble. Lessons…

  7. More salt than I can take. ?Turn off crossplay in your settings if you don’t like that you can’t communicate with PS4 players.

  8. The salt is highly appreciated. I love it.

  9. All 4 kills with the Yamato and you only made 15K without premium. They need to drastically cut the ship service cost. That’s a bunch of BS

  10. My friend in the sharnhorst was in your game spartan he was on PS4 Sage dock

  11. That was his user name at 2:21 hours the Scharnhorst you where hitting him

  12. It was hilarious you can’t hit citadel’s in an Iowa or Alabama but you hit a citadel as a destroyer ???

  13. Hey Spartan, I kinda wish we could squad up cross platform, but they haven’t brought that out yet though.

  14. BattlestarPegasus

    Certainly don’t regret selling the Iowa that’s for sure.

  15. Had to take a few days break from wow legends due to similar situations. Crap teams, no damage and no luck. Rather take a break than break a controller lol.

  16. Hey spartan do u have ps4 I’m new to the channel and I need a good player as in yourself so I hope we can play together

  17. Afrowalser riinii

    I love the Jean Bart. It is the best t7 BB right now in my opinion.

  18. Was really hoping my Kagero match against your Alabama was in this video. I totally thought that was gonna be the salt. I trolled ya all, lol

  19. I have this game downloaded to my PS4 what are your recommendations for a new player ?

  20. Stroke!!??????

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