Weekly Salt Ration 12-18-19 (World of Warships Legends)

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I will get salty! (Viewer discretion advised)


  1. BANZAI!!!!

  2. I agree, it does feel like they slowed the rounds down. I can’t hit anything the past few days.

    • It could just be that I played a bunch of tier 4 battles first so I had to adjust my aim

    • @Spartan Elite43 usually I’m pretty accurate with French BB’s especially the Normandie, and can get consistent citadels, but IDK still seems off to me, but I have been grinding the Lyon these past few days so maybe that’s it.

  3. Torpedo tubes destroyed! Hey at least it wasn’t on the kamikaze….

  4. Not playing ranked till they fix who can play

  5. Akatsuki needs a nerf but so do the Iowa and Alabama there lack of dispersion for a battleship is just disgusting

    • Spartan Elite43 no Spartan I know you love the Iowa but it isn’t balanced and I think will get another nerf in the near future. I stopped playing the ship because it was to good and no fun anymore after the nerf I’ll try it again but it probably will still be too good. I would nerf its dispersion by a couple % and I would nerf the maximum penetration angle of the AP shells by a couple degrees. But that’s my personal opinion.

    • @Caleb Turner my Normandie has over 18Km range and I can citadel an Iowa at over 17Km, that’s with a tier 5 that is “supposed” to fire HE….

    • @F1 Boii How is she “too” good? The ship has one thing going for it and that’s the sheer punishment of her guns at broadside cruisers and BB’s along with her accuracy. Her dmg is what makes her stand out because like Spartan says bout the Omaha. “She’s a citadel of sadness.” The Iowa isn’t broken nor too powerful. She’s only OP in the eyes of people who have no idea how to counter her. Why nerf her penetration of her AP shells at certain angles? You do realize in WWII. The Iowa class, South Dakota class, and North Carolina class used what is called “SHS” right? That means “Super Heavy Shell” which is meant to deal a lot of dmg to broadside ships and through the front of cruisers. The Iowa was balanced as is but the community had no idea how to counter a 900ft ship that can’t turn at stock and it’s even worse with a dispersion/accuracy build.

    • Caleb Turner Okay caleb let me say one thing try and don’t show broadside to any battleship and stay at long range, the chance then that you will take a citadel are literally zero and she is OP now just compare your average dmg in a tier 7 battleship(except alabama) with the Iowa’s average the Iowa will have the highest average dmg but then there is the argument of that the Iowa cant tank dmg, that’s bullshit cause she has in my opinion together with the richeleu the best bow in the entire game for absorbing dmg. So yeah she is OP and I think we can expect another nerf in the near future cause they said in the patchnotes that they were not done with Iowa yet

    • @F1 Boii I expect her to have amazing dmg because of the fact she runs what I already mentioned to you called “SHS” aka (S)uper (H)eavy (S)hells. You have to research the Iowa class my guy because then you’d understand why she is the way she is. Think about this real quick. If your BB launched a shell that weighed 2,700 lbs. Do you expect lower or higher average dmg? Higher because the bigger the shell, the harder it hits. Respectfully, it’s common sense. Literally zero chance to citadel? What are you talking about? I’ve been citadeled and I’ve citadeled Iowa’s, Amagi’s, Vanguards, and god knows what else at distance. Of course she is going to bow tank excellent because her bow is angled up and trying to fire AP into her bow will cause bouncing; even shattering. You have to understand that steel has a lot more durability when angled guy. Don’t shoot at bows with AP at any BB. Aim at the front guns. I’ve ripped 9-10k off Iowa’s and other ships because of penetrations through the superstructure and down through the deck armor. So no she isn’t OP. You just have to learn how to counter her my guy.

  6. And the Bismarck needs to be buffed more than any other tier 7 in this game

    • lankymk yeah its rly easy to get a ship buffed as long as you have a couple thousand rly bad players. Then you say to them go and play the atago(best cruiser/ship in the game in my opinion)
      And before you know they buffed that thing into heaven

    • @F1 Boii
      Not talking about the cidedals, that was a different issue (ie broken)

      with the Tirpitz and Bismarck essentially being the same ship, apart from the Tirpitz getting torps and Bismarck getting ‘better’ secondarys, the Tirpitz (arguably) got the better deal and yet WG felt Tirpitz needed buffs, which included the reload speed on the Tirpitz (as an example) and yet strangely the Bismarck reload speed is fine……. Really?!

      But again, that’s stat based balancing for ya.

    • lankymk yeah 100% true they just need to test ships themselfs and see if they need to get a nerf buf or remain the same. Cause most of those dev I think will be above average players and will also see what needs to be nerfed and buffed

    • @F1 Boii

      Not only that but grow a pair a balls and tell people “the reason you don’t do well in “INSERT SHIP NAME HERE” is because you’re not good at playing it’.

      They are adding heals to most T7 cruisers because some people struggle with them, wrong move.
      I struggle with cruisers, but I admit that to myself and try and get better (certainly better then I used to be), I used to struggle with destroyers and made the effort to get good at them.
      I’ve seen some players own in T7 with cruisers and now they get an uneaded buff.

      How about adding tips and tricks video’s to the actual game, try and teach the player base, show them were there are going wrong.

      Loads of mechanics in this game are not known by the majority of playerbase, people have to go out of there way to find this stuff…… IT. SHOULD. BE. IN. THE. GAME.

    • lankymk again couldnt agree more, the developers should focus more on balancing the player base than entire shiplines. I mean everyone who watches Tbull can become an average player with every ship but the ones who don’t and cant figure it out themselves are just fucked

  7. Toxic cry baby whining over an arcade game lol get good boy, you over extended and charged after a cruiser. Stop being toxic Davey boy

    • I warned everyone at the start. These streams are not for everyone if you like normal me stick to watching the regular uploads.

      I try to limit how upset I get but it inevitably gets the better of me while live.

      I’m sure you’ve never gotten upset while playing right?

    • Spartan Elite43 just ignore these people they themselfs are the most toxic ones in the community, and are most of the time the worst players in this game. Just keep doing what you doing spartan

    • @Spartan Elite43 they are just being trolls, they probably got killed by you when sailing broadside on across the middle of the map.

  8. I don’t get to catch you live, buy I love watching the replays.

  9. You blame everyone else for everything and you whine too much.

  10. They are nerfing the Iowa in the December update.

  11. In my opinion you should have gone chasing spotting that Acasta first to rilief those battleships from paranioa of being Torped and perma spotted then go for the marblehead .
    With no torpedo treath the bbs would have supported you easily I guess in that ranked match

  12. Grats on ranking out! Looking forward to seeing your take on the december patch…

  13. Philly cheesy pizza = heartburn buddy. Take care of your ship brah….

  14. If vertigo wasn’t keeping me from playing more than a few AI battles a night, I have not and would not play Ranked Battles, especially after watching you and TBull play and how frustratingly bad at least half the players are, regardless of Console for which I have accounts on both. It seems quite clear that at least half the gaming community lacks the Strategic and Tactical wherewithal to understand how to play, let alone win this type of game mode. GG and good luck!!!

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