Weekly Salt Ration 3-11-20 part 2 (World of Warships Legends)

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I will get salty! (Viewer discretion advised)


  1. Hey Spartan use the Atago Azur lane commander on your destroyer for more torp hits

  2. TheComicalCanadian

    cool video I really liked it

  3. Collette Stainforth

    Hi Spartan, I saw on one of your videos you have something like 1300 common battle boosters, is there a reason you aren’t converting them into epic battle boosters? You’d be able to take every ship out for months once converted?

  4. TheComicalCanadian

    cool video it was really entertaining

  5. TheComicalCanadian

    awesome content dude

  6. Can you do a section of knowledge for noobs? The new players and the experimented ones will benefit from that, if everyone improves the basics we can have better teams,please use your channel for all of us that like the game ( sorry for my English, it’s not my native language hahaha)

  7. Spartan, I know for you the Jean Bart is broken but for some of us it is not. I’ve been in plenty of matches where I’ve been melted by enemy bbs and he spammers. Yes, I have had some good games but they are not guaranteed like it is for you. We aren’t all at your level. Just wanted to give you another perspective. Thanks for the content.

    • Do you go broadside a lot or push to far? because that’s probably it jean barts should never go down early in matches

    • Just go back and Forth, don’t expose sides. I get 60k damage in landslide loss matches and die last and have used all of my 4 health equipments.
      It is a very tanky and guns are accurate.

    • I push slowly at first to find out where the enemy is at and then pick out the biggest threats to my teammates but I snipe from a distance and like someone just said these gun are pretty accurate.

    • yes. Reload boost for the moments when you can citadel ships from the side to increase damage. And when you bowtank try to keep your other side of the ship close to the island do decrease possible incoming fire from the sides.

    • @Mauri Mela it awesome when you can get 3 salvos off on 30 seconds lmao

  8. I will fight anyone that begs for carriers, just come at me lol!
    Seriously though, instead of carriers people should ask for something that would actually Improve the game like armour layout screens or more maps or the ability to cross play division up so we can see that Spartan/Tacticangel/Tbull triple threat stream we all want!
    Carriers won’t do anything to make the game better, I will always be vocal about this.

  9. Nice game bro. I get those kind of games all the time. You wonder what people are doing.

  10. Another great stream spartan, that jean bart potato commentary had me rolling keep it buddy

  11. The click bait is real! 30mins and no salt! Lol


  13. ” I think I, m getting better at this destroyer game guys or everyone else is just a dipshit ” priceless Spartan, ha great vid my friend.

  14. Stefan Blackadder

    That jean Bart hit is legendary funny. I drive a bus in Seattle I’m going to die laughing thanks haha

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