Weekly Salt Ration 3-25-20 (World of Warships Legends)

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I will ! (Viewer discretion advised)


  1. Learned alot off you Spartan your videos are not only entertaining but educational. If you ever see me on wouldn’t mind teaming with ya name is Daveyjones44

  2. cool content dude

  3. Hey Spartan. I was the Kutuzcov from your second Lightning game. I was left along to defend my side. Once you were spotted my team lemming trained after you and got smoked. GG I think this is the first game I’ve been in with you in it!

  4. Spartan your Hipper is not fully upgraded

  5. I thought that the JB had a frontmount citadel too when I did a drive by but nope. Took 27k off her. Aimed under the top turret hoping for a detonation.

  6. Lol spartan unhinged is HILARIOUS!!!

  7. You might wanna check to see what other ships that doesnt have full upgrades. Like the Vangaurd

  8. Hey do u know a good way to earn gold if you dont have premium

  9. Getting Salty Son!!

  10. 👏🏼👌🏻👏🏼

  11. Love it when u play the Alabama plz do another gameplay video on it I live in mobile al . And ive been on the actual ship at the battleship museum here. Also I had family that served on Big A as well .

  12. sexi video

  13. This is the first Salt Ration I’ve been able to watch in full. Good times. I can honestly say I’ve become a better player watching the channel for the last couple of months. I really sucked before lol. Thanks for all the great videos, brother.

  14. Spartan as he sails the Vanguard into the enemy zone: “What’s the worst that could happen?” 30 seconds later: Spartan is burning alive and screaming like Ricky Bobby asking Tom Cruise for help. I’m dying! 😂 Reminds me of me lol.

  15. Spartan, I was the Monarch in your last match. We kicked some ass that game. I love the Monarch, it’s the only thing that whittles down Jean Bart’s other then destroyers. Partner up anytime. Xbox tag: Jankenomics

  16. Good brother 🇸🇦

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