Weekly Salt Ration 4-22-20 (World of Warships Legends)

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I will get salty! (Viewer discretion advised)


  1. Thanks for the stream dude, some good chat too. Tobias Liesmann if you read this I appreciate your advice about German bb captain and inspiration choices, thanks! 👍

  2. I feel your pain Spartan. Too many potatoes in the game right now. WG should add their tutorial videos “in game” and award credits for watching.

    • Exactly I have been so unlucky with my teams recently I just always seem to come on the wrong team. I have always the highest score but my team just buhfrgibyedbug4&/*77

  3. You sound like me when playing this game. Constantly swearing at people that sit in the back.
    I can’t play more than a few games at a time. Get frustrated too much

  4. I don’t get it. Your rear guns are loaded, you don’t shoot. And then you turn so only your front guns are aimed at him and then you shoot once they are loaded…
    Why not shoot your rear guns before/while you turn???

  5. Oh Spartan, what you lack in luck, you make up for in entertainment. Thanks for the fun.

  6. Breath through your eyelids and burn one buddy ! Thanks spartan

  7. Davy Van de Weyer

    I always like your stream and videos love the good gameplay keep up the good gameplay

  8. Alright David!!!

  9. Ofc the Benson is running away it’s like four ships coming towards him, i would have done that to I guess, but i know your frustration lol =P

  10. They were jackasses no team what so ever on that Iowa match man I would back you up any day

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