Weekly Salt Ration! World of Warships Legends Xbox

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  1. Great vid:)

  2. Hey spartan.

  3. I love the streams for the saltiness

  4. Yo what’s going on Spartan, I have an amazing clip that I really want you to see, it’s a clip of my Iowa, I unloaded another Iowa and hit 5 citadels and that was my first volley of the game, yes a 62k damage volley on an Iowa, I did kill him

  5. Who are the inspirations on your Iowa?

  6. I honestly think they need to fix a lot more about legends on PS4 and Xbox. Dispersion is too much for battleships even when shooting under 10k. Rng is way out of hand in this game unless you’re point blank range. Love the vids, Spartan.

  7. The French BB Lyon is a beast. X16 340mm while broadside… nom nom noms cruisers all day all day

  8. on second game, you spend too much time sitting in your spawn. You should position your self in support for your destroyer(s) and make one of those islands your wife. I try not to be so criticize but support your destroyer, those ship is the reason you can have shots behind hard cover.

  9. Harley Frances Quinzel

    It’s called angling on the bismarck

  10. LOL, the last minute explosion of Salt.

  11. Hey spartan , 1 question
    Emm what happen with World of lol ?

  12. I have a feeling it was the Vanguard that whacked you in the 1st game, not the Scharnhorst

  13. I’ve watched WOW in PC and the secondarys look allot more effective then in legends.

    What I’m thinking is…….. Since they reduced the max range of ships main guns (by quite allot) and the maps are smaller, that plays into secondary builds soooo…. they have reduced the effectiveness of the secondarys to allow for the reduced range we play on legends.

    Reducing the range of secondarys wouldn’t work as well, they seem about the same as on PC, so they reduced the accuracy of them instead

    That’s my take on it

  14. TUUKK4P01K4 TUUKK4P01K4

    You have hydro in the bismark btw if you are scared of torps but its so easy to forget also for me

  15. You can’t sit in the middle of the map in an Iowa and not expect to get citadeled multiple times, Spartan.

  16. Catastr0phic Disaster

    Spartan.. When Legends goes cross platform you should hook up with our Kraken X community. I think you will fit in.

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