Weighing up Weaponry: American Main Battery Guns | World of Warships

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American main battery guns sail into the spotlight and shine with impressive might!
00:00 American destroyers
Smith, Sampson, Wickes, Clemson, Farragut, Mahan, Monaghan, Somers, Sims, Benham, Benson, Fletcher, Kidd, Black, Gearing
01:20 American cruisers
Albany, St. Louis, Chester, Omaha, Pensacola, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Atlanta, Boise, Helena, Cleveland, Wichita, Baltimore, Alaska, Des Moines, Worcester
04:05 American battleships
South Carolina, Wyoming, Oklahoma, New York, Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Iowa



  1. World of Warships Official Channel
  2. Meanwhile: Charleston, Flint, Arkansas, Marblehead, West Virginia, Alabama, and Texas crying in the background

  3. Video: Pensacola twin barrel turret
    Me: Brain, be awed, the art, the models they are just fantastic!
    My brain: bReAd lOaf

  4. The Turrets of the Modern Cruisers and Alaska And the Modern Battleships really catches the EYE

    • @Cosmic Flash i know thats why i said and a little later and not many other types remained in service

    • Specially the dead eye.. Oops

    • @Cosmic Flash u forgot the harpoon for killing another ship

      Also there was a rumor each Iowa carry at least 2 nuke Tomahawks for deterrent patrol, replacing the 16″ nuke shell

    • TheMingMingMarauder

      @Cosmic Flash yeah but they still have the same guns from the 40s

    • TheMingMingMarauder

      @Hansen Kho the missile theory was tested but they decided that they shouldn’t be changed too much from their intended purpose simply due to the unmatched power they had.

  5. Once again the art department comes through. Why are they the only ones carrying WG? One thing to critic, the ship names would be better under the gun information. You don’t always see the ships names on the left side for the DD’s

  6. Can’t wait for the Imperial Japanese Weighing up Weaponry

    • Yes, The 20.3cm no.2 <3

    • TheOceanLiner Recreator

      Omg same

    • Phantom AnimationsYT55

      To small cannon to destroyer sized turret

    • @Phantom AnimationsYT55 The 12.7cm/50 or the 5″/38 gun? Both guns were somewhat compact, but used more energetic propellants. The Japanese 12.7cm was rough, Asashio sunk the Piet Hein in a short time with his guns and torpedoes, as well as having inflicted serious damage to the cruiser Java.

      Japanese and French heavy cruiser guns had shorter barrels, as well as the US Mark 15, this shortening is good as it reduces weight and somehow improves performance, in return reducing the EFC, since the intention to use propellants and heavy shells.

      If you look closely, the Japanese No.2 is better than the 8″/55 Mark 9 and the Mark 13 in terms of performance and accuracy, and the 5″/38 is better than the 4.7″/50 UK. I found out about it talking to Tony Di Giulian

  7. woohoo!!!! they put inches alongside the millimeters!!! now I can visualize exactly what the barrel diameter looked like

    • Ive been asking for a settings button to choose between In/Mm for a while… American ships never had “XX mm” guns LOL!!!

  8. Imagine all these guns on one big long Destroyercruiserbattleship. Insane right lol ?

  9. Multiple mistakes made in this video. 1) there is a difference between a mount and a turret. A mount is bolted to the deck while a turret is held in place via gravity. 2) there is a difference between triple and three gun. Twin, triple, quad, etc. means that if u move one gun, the others move alongside with it. Whereas 2, 3, 4, etc. gun turret/mount means each INDIVIDUAL gun can be raised, lowered, and fired individually, all together, or in any combination of the total

    • Thank you

    • This post shows several misconceptions, albeit commonly-held ones. First, turrets need not be held in place only by gravity – most later “turrets” were, but if you want to get hyper-technical, they are gun houses, not “turrets”, mounted on barbettes. If you look at the original naval turret, on USS Monitor, it had a central spindle, which was a definite weak point. Second, mounts are not always bolted on to decks. Turrets have mountings too, and even by your definition, they clearly can’t be bolted to a (not “the”) deck. (What of mounts ON turrets?!) Thirdly, the distinction you draw between a triple and a three-gun turret is a distinction only drawn by certain American authors, and is used nowhere else; where turrets are classified as having individually sleeved mountings or not.

  10. Isn’t this soundtrack also used in the Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts game?

  11. Imagine right before the end, all guns went off!

  12. Shoutout to the art department again 👍🏼

  13. when ammo is out, you can shoot crew on those Iowa turrets

  14. How about an episode on IJN main battery guns? That would include the famous 460mm, and IJN destroyers have many models of 127mm and the dual purpose 100mm. That would also be very impressive to watch.
    It would also be interesting to list out AA weaponry in WWII. They also fought and saw many actions in WWII.

  15. RIP Erie, no one pays attention to her.

  16. that sailor next to Iowa’s/Montana’s guns is really tall for a sailor….

  17. Extremely Salty Player

    These are historically accurate guns for the ships that were completed and left the shipyard. Ships like Vermout and Georgia are just concept ships.

  18. Sozialistische🇦🇹Schutz🇩🇪Division

    I need this for the Germans, russians and japanese

  19. I’ve been on the U.S. Kidd before when I was stationed in baton rouge Louisiana. THAT had huge cannons. I’m in Hawaii now and I can’t even imagine the size of the Missouri with it being an Iowa class 😳

  20. Aureus Knighstar

    I feel bad for all the ships that got stripped of their main guns just so WarGaming can put it on their display

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