Weighing Up Weaponry: German Naval Artillery

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The feared main battery guns of the German Navy take center stage in our latest size comparison video!
Naval gunnery comes in all shapes and sizes, but in the heat of battle it can be difficult to gauge just how massive some of these weapons really are. In Weighing Up Weaponry, we put things into perspective.
Join us this time as we line up the German Navy’s main battery mounts side by side—from unprotected destroyer guns to massive battleship turrets. The true size difference may well surprise you!
00:00 – German destroyers
V-25, G-101T-22, Leberecht Maass, Z-23, Z-35, Z-46, Z-52, Z-31
00:50 – German cruisers
Dresden, Kolberg, Karlsruhe, Königsberg, Nürnberg, München, Admiral Hipper, Admiral Graf Spee
02:10 – German battleships
Nassau, Von der Tann, Moltke, Scharnhorst, Kaiser, König, Derfflinger, Mackensen, Bayern, Bismarck, Friedrich der Große
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  1. If we want some “accuracy” (pun intended) why not fix the RNG on German guns…some of the best gunnery in WW1 and WW2………

  2. Freddy’s 40.6cm are there, because the guns themselve were actually made and used as coastal defense guns. Which is why there are no 420s in the video, these have not been produced.

  3. I could imagine the Turret itself *WAS* real, as a coastal defense turret I guess Idk

  4. Just another Person yay

    Japanese guns next please 😀

  5. So excited to see YAMATO guns next Xd.

  6. can we have an update with more stats like max. engagement range please? Id love to see some more stats from the real ships!

  7. In the game the ships look big and powerful, until you see that little man next to Bismarck’s gun and every other gun, now that’s what you call a gun, amazing video guys

  8. Can you imagine nurnbrrrtt firing in real life with its reload speed???

  9. SMS Seydlitz is holding the world record in the reloading speed of it’s 11’inch-guns at the battle of the Doggerbank, after both stern-turrets blew up. Seydlitz fired with the remaining 3 turrets 123 11’inch-shells in 6 rounds a minute against Beatty’s squadron. This could be an idea for WoW-designers.

    • @Steve Vernon it is not my idea, it is historically documented. Seydlitz was burning, flagcaptain/commander von Egidy & crew thought, the ship will blow up, and Seydlitz left the line to cover the escape of the remaining 2 battlecruisers with fast fire. (the order was “fast & good fire”.) But the cleverness of the Brits gave Seydlitz time to escape, too. In the wow-game we have already implemented “adrenalin” & reload-speed-booster, but not on German ships.

    • i just meant to say how rarely do you see , in game, two or more turrets knocked out?

    • @HaJo Os. it’s already in the game and it’s called adrenaline rush. If you don’t use that, you are running an inferior crew 🙂

    • @Toni Tuhkanen yes…. some frenchies have got a reload-booster…. but Seydlitz made an extraordinary skill…. Adrenalin is not really so effective

    • @Steve Vernon yes, it does not happen so many times…

  10. John Carlo Barnacia

    @Makoniel US 18″ is also made but not shown . It’s just showing pity for the Germans who don’t have naval 16s

  11. Wargaming be like this is history: WG Also be like a yess Schlieffen 420mm aaahh yess Preussen 456mm :_P

  12. 0:40 Literally trying to erase any memory of Z-39 from the game, there is only Z-31, and the ship is totally not a useless pos, don’t think about it, just grind line and be excited for next line.

  13. It’s odd that the 16in Gun turret from the H-39-class almost identical as the SK C/34 380mm Gun from the Bismarck. Just the 406mm gun barrel is longer

  14. Imagine such a large Bismarck gun getting outperformed by 220mm guns… What a ridiculous idea

    • There is a concept of velocity and ballastics go and read it

    • @MK gaming a 220mm weapon is orders of magnitude less powerful than a 380mm. the 22 may have better velocity but with naval rifles, after a certain velocity mass is what’s needed due to the ranges involved.

    • Meanwhile German 150mm gun on Elbing has more penetration than a 203mm one but no one complain:

    • @Danh plenty of guns in game have performance numbers which have little or nothing to do with reality, it’s just for “balance” reasons, or just call it “willing suspension of disbelief”. Russian 220mm, 305mm (stalingrad) and elbing guns might be the biggest standouts, but there are others as well.

    • @Toni Tuhkanen exactly, there is absolutely no reason to just call out the Sov ships

  15. Permafrost Insanity

    It amazes me why German navel artillery almost always came in dual gun form? With the exception of the Graf Spee, Weimar, Mainz, Scharnhorst, GK and probably a few others, but why did German not adopt the triple or quadruple gun platform for their more modern ships, like Bismarck, Tirpitz and Hipper. If other nations were packing some serious firepower with triple gun main batteries, you would think Germany would do the same. Even England and France were boasting quadruple turret designs for their BBs, with the exception of U.S.S. Florida (designed project XVI), which would’ve had quadruple 356 mm guns in 3 turrets. So it’s puzzling why Germany stayed with the 2 gun design for just about every modern ship they built. Keep in mind, I’m not talking about destroyers, but cruisers and BBs.

    • @Permafrost Insanity also, on top of weight saving and firepower loss consideration, dual gun also has the ease of maintenance

    • @Danh It is the other way around: three gun turrets are much more economic in weight saving. Compare how much three turrets weigh in Vittorio Veneto with how much four turrets weigh in Bismarck. You will get roughly similar weights and still you get better armor. And you end saving a lot of space as a bonus.

    • @Richardsen Yes I do know Germans sucked at building ships, mainly Bismarck class compare to the Italian with their Littorio, the Italian BBs achieved what the German girls can do, but more efficient. Doesn’t change the fact that dual gun turret save more weight, each Bismarck’s turret weighted 1056 tons, so 4224 tons with 4 of them while each Littorio’s turret weighted 1570 tons, 4710 tons with 3 of them.

    • I think german warship are mainly on convoy raiding mission they need speed to run away from the royal navy their guns are smaller their armor is lighter but they are capable of running like bismark if it wasnt of that damn carrier
      They dont need more guns and armor to fight in a decisive battle
      They dont have hope to fight againts larger like the royal navy
      (Thats only my opinion)

    • @Danh i mean bismark armor is only 14 inch compare to some royal navy ship its a bit weak other german warship is weak on armor

  16. Nice vid, but i thought that the german bb guns doesnt work so effective as they have to do in the game….

  17. “no, i’m not defending German technical superiority i’m stating the f*cking obvious”

  18. Excellent video! The soundtrack was amazing!!! Thank you!

  19. Fantastic. Thanks!!

  20. Love that yall only showed historical turrets, and also respected that the German 6in are 149.1mm guns <3

  21. Naw, not accurate , you forgot to bend the barrels like in game. Where they miss badly and shells go in random trajectories

  22. Gneisenau class isnt a Battleship, Its Battlecrusier btw 😀

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