Weird + Weird + Weird = SUCCESS – World of Warships

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Let’s just say that few weird things happened, all in the same time, that somehow managed to turn into an awesome moment which I hope you will enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. think of a battleship with no guns but heavily armored and has an ice breaker bow. it’s one purpose is for ramming so it’s fast and agile with damage reduction. call it the harpoon.

  2. Flambass: I effed up. But Im taking all of you down with me!!

  3. remember that one speshul compilation where flam was playing Yamato (I guess , not sure), had to push into a montana coming his way while he got the back third turret of the Yama aimed at a Des Moines sailing at a distance and proceeded to kill the Monty by ramming and the Des Moines by getting in a citadel around 2 to 3 seconds after ramming the monty and dying ? well I guess this is the sequel to that bit I guess .

  4. Classic Flambass, if it going to happen it is going to happen to you, What a game, no time I thought you had three kills, but never give up. Just go straight at them, Nelson Quote

  5. That was the thinking man’s action game. The catch is no thought required.

  6. Battleships with cruiser/dd caliber main guns isn’t completely without basis: USS Mississippi was used for testing various gun platforms post-war, Arkansas or Wyoming was used for AA, with its main guns being replaced with gearing guns

    • It was Wyoming. It was an amusing fact that she fired the most ammunition for a ship during the whole war, but never saw action.

  7. The wreckage of a Smolensk always looks good.


  8. That made my day, that was hilarious. Thanks man that was classic.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Me: “C like Camera”
    Flambass: “C like Circus. You know, like what the WG did out of this game”
    Me: “I stand corrected”

  10. I’m never going to be lucky enough to play a game with (or against) Flambass … But these videos give me so much pleasure; they’re a joy to watch. Thank you!

  11. You should show this to Jingles. I am sure he will love this.

  12. They all settled in for a bite.. but you proved to be *very* expensive meat. Great clutch work, Flambass!

  13. You made my day today Flambass 😀

  14. I find it hysterical that he keeps being mistaken for Flamu…

  15. [^/] 343 Guilty Spark

    When the patience finally pays its due

  16. [^/] 343 Guilty Spark

    Love it when he got pissed at that musashi that got away giving broadside lol, zoom in a little and then back to smolenks shiki is like just poker face with the twin turret looking toward flambass

  17. Will they ever update the ramming mechanics? No reason for two ships that are barely moving to detonate the moment they make contact. Too busy adding submarines I guess…

  18. I share the enthusiasm and spontaneous laughter with all these crazy things happening and I thank you for that!

  19. I think “what the hell was that” is an entirely justified reaction to whatever *that* was lol

  20. Sadly there is no such thing as a Triple Strike in World of Warships

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