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Replay Source: https://replayswows.com/replay/23692#stats

System Specs:
Intel I7-8700K Overclocked to 5.0GHz
512Gb NVMe Dedicated to Games
512Gb SSD Dedicated to OS
512Gb SSD Dedicated to Video Capture & Recording
Gigabyte GTX 1080

Want to talk to me offline? Send me an email at Justin@Jammin411.com. Give me at least 24 hours to respond as you can imagine I get a lot of emails.


  1. Captain Haddock

    Welcome Back m8 we missed you!

  2. OMFG Welcome back man

    • It’s good to be back…you have no idea how much I missed this stuff!

    • You have been missed

    • I believe only the Pan Asian DD line and French and Royal Navy BBs are the only new additions since you last played. Also the USN CVs have been changed quite a bit and over the next two patches the USN cruiser line will be split into Light and Heavy cruisers. I suggest you buy any USN cruisers that you have unlocked from Cleveland and up tonight as the first patch in in the morning

  3. Welcome Back!!! Missed your content!

  4. Darcey Lawrence

    Holy crap Hes not dead !!!!!

  5. Welcome back Jammin!

    • What’s up man! Long time no chat! Great to see you around still as well!

    • Going good here. Got invited to the CC program and granted partnership with Twitch.
      Are your replay site coming back up or did you give that up?

    • That’s awesome! I’m glad you’re still around. Love your content. I still lurk from time to time. Na, the sites dead. I didn’t get the support I wanted/needed from Wargaming. They chose replayswows.com instead of mine so bowed out. I’m good just making content now.

    • Well, your YT content is good quality so its good to see you are back on the tubes

  6. WHOA one year ago??? WELCOME BACK.

  7. Did you got any reward from the game because if you have not connected for 6 months and above you can claim some rewards including a prem ship. Welcome back

    • thimiosveni same question here

    • There were a few annoying popups and such when I first logged in again. T&C’s, privacy policy, etc.. There was a premium, I forget the name of it now. I think it was a tier 3 or something like that? There was also a nice bump in credits. I think 3 million credits were awarded for something. Seems the tiers of some ships were adjusted as well. I ended up with a couple tier 9 ships that used to be tier 8. Mostly in the Japanese DD line if I recall properly.

    • Well you should have gotten the prinz eugen after so many days of missing from the game

    • Hmmm, when the game comes online today I’ll log in and check. If I’m being honest I did skip through a lot of the popups that came up. There were a LOT of them. I don’t recall seeing anything about the Prinz Eugen though. I think it was a Tier 3 Russian ship, but I’ve been wrong in the past. 🙂

  8. Welcome Back Jammin, if you need any help getting back into the swing of things feel free to reach out either through here or Discord and be glad to fill you in on anything you might have missed.

  9. wb mate

  10. Oh, hello! Welcome back!

    • Hey buddy, I see you play CS-Go all the time. 🙂 I never could get into that much. Good to see you around still! For those of you who don’t know, Lucky was one of the very first to follow my channel years ago!

    • Hey. I don’t really like cs:go – I only play it when a friend of mine tells me to play it with him. xD It’s the only multiplayer game we have in common. 😛 Yeah, I’m still here. Not a fan of World of Warships, but still here. ;P

  11. I missed your commentary

  12. welcome back. Miss your commentary.

  13. Glad to have you back!

  14. It is great to have you back.

  15. Jammin411!!!!!!!

  16. Well come back MAN 👍👍👍👍

  17. NIce to see ya hang’n out again at least a little. Zo’K. Lets see badges and emblems..Get elements from in game crates, some are earnabale..some very serious achievement stuff. Changes in sounds and graphics have been happening apace, just in time for the 7.5 patch US cruiser line split, Cleve gets some buffage, some new capability and moves T8, new t9 CA, all other move down a step. New light cruiser line..some scary stuff. I’m your Fortress Fuso. I could never get away with what I did in that match now. These day I drive IJN DD’s in new interesting and exotic ways in an effort to survive a very deadly world for DD’s. Should have a new CV game play system in hand by the end of the year. CV mostly notable these day in you just don’t see many of them.

    And yea, you were missed!

    • Thank you! This was helpful. I’ve been researching the game over the last couple of days and your synopsis seems dead accurate. I can say the sound was amazing. Very impressive. There were a lack of new ships though. It seems that the majority of new ships were premium in nature.

      The overall gameplay hasn’t changed much though. DD’s are very tough to play now with all the Radar running around. It almost makes the Japanese DD’s the only DD line that can stay out of range of radar and such. The American line guns are great still though, I really enjoy hiding behind an island and arcing those shells in rapid succession at a battleship. Let em burn!

      Appreciate the catch-up. I’m sure I’ll need more as we progress.

  18. Welcome back! I would like to hear your comments about new AMD hardware. Got Ryzen 7 and Vega system 😉

    • Definitely! I built a Ryzen 2700x machine a few weeks ago and I was impressed with the out of the box performance. I did not do any overclocking on that machine as it was a build for a client, although there is room for it. Intel seems to have single thread performance locked down, at least for now, but multi-core performance goes to AMD right now IMHO.

      I haven’t played with a Vega card yet. I usually stick to Nvidia for any build I put together, providing it fits into the builds budget. I did build a machine a few months ago that had an RX580 and it was a decent card for the money.

      Definitely more of this type of content coming though!

  19. Welcome back Jammin and greetings from germany. The offical WG page for Replays is nothing compared to the page you’ve set up. Far less informations, far less possibilities and absolutely bad to browse or search.

    • That seems to be the consensus. I just did not get the support I needed from Wargaming in regards to that site. They were real quick to support replayswows.com and did everything in their power to push my site out of the limelight.

      It’s all good though, I realized that it was far too time consuming and after the rebuild to make things cleaner and easier to maintain site activity dropped off sharply.

  20. Glad to see you back! You do well in diversifying content, baronvongames did the same, now he has more than 600K subs.

    • Love his channel! That guy cracks me up. Same with Phly. Those two when they used to collaborate are part of the reason why I got into Youtube.

    • Baron and Phly got me into World of Warships! Good old days! I remember when most players actually knew what they were doing! Now it’s a soup of noobs with no idea of how to play and totally unaware of their ship capabilities. Not easy to have decent battles these days. It’s still a good game but gameplay quality is going down the drain…

    • Seems that way. I would have hoped as more players came online and the game matured that people would understand the game more and work to be better. As long as everyone is having fun it’s all good. Not everyone wants to be competitive, just looking for a good time.

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