Welcome to 2021 World of Warships: Legends Russian Bias is REALL…..

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See you on the High SeaR;s


  1. Nice games hive hopefully I’ll catch the next stream

  2. This is getting ridiculous three Yamato’s on each team. People hiring ships when they have no idea how to play. It’s becoming silly.

    • Its basically the same as the Yamato Test, but of a shame they’re so easy to get, they should only be leaseable if you have the tech tree t7 of that ship class IMO

  3. I watched a twitch streamer potato 3 games in a row with a Gearing 2 nights ago. He didnt know how he got spotted with the radar Icon on his screen.

    • well that’s why I do what I do I know I’m not the best player not by a longshot but if I can help a few people evolve there gameplay a learn in happy, and having a blast doing it too

  4. Good play 😋

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