Well…that is 1 way of ending a match – World of Warships

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Yeah it is 2 brothers and it is mid push, but this match will end a bit weird, okey?

Still, I hope you can enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Have you considered uploading in 1440p? Is it possible? Love watching your games on the big screen

  2. NA player here that got fed up with the game and quit after 6 years. Came by to get that nostalgia hit cause I ain’t ever coming back to WG’s Shitshow lol. Keep on keeping on brosif appreciate your content.

  3. SPESHUUUUUL Tactics!
    Und Hans iss at ze HELM! Und ze French are very very MAD about zis – not because Hans iss German, but because Hans iss HANS!!!🤣

  4. That Leander deserves a thumbs up

  5. Remember: thinking man’s action game.

  6. I really enjoy this ship.

  7. Shoulda named this “2 cruisers, 1 puff”.

    Love these hilarious, unexpectedly simply types of wins.

  8. Glad to see the advancement in ai persona

  9. My favorite T5 cruiser. Just hang back within @3km of your max range and dart about following the order of Thanos. “Rain fire!”

  10. @thomaskositzki9424

    GG, I guess… 😄

  11. So… the battleship player never thought… “Gee, I need to contest that cap or they will win in 30 seconds”?
    Gotta play the game mode.

  12. If nobody did anything then where did all the kills come from?

  13. those are the best wins

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