We’re in World of Warships!

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WOWS Legends (Console): https://wo.ws/2T2XMVO
WOWS (PC): https://wo.ws/3fWEgmL

If you want to play as us in World of Warships then download WOWS Legends on console (link above). We love partnering with World of Warships so please click all the clicky things!


  1. My God. They’re all sentient when the players are not looking.

    • @Elli Senfsaat he just only has 1 line whereas all the others can talk freely… doesn’t mean he doesn’t understand whats going on though

    • @Arcanum Elite He has one line he can break into segments in Baelin’s Route, and his intonation and timing are everything. Rowan does an amazing job turning a “I am Groot” trope into a meaningful performance.

    • Nice day for fishing ain’t it?

    • @Rijnswaand It sure is.

    • @Coder did you have to? Who cares when the penny drops? Why not have fun and be welcoming? I hope you are having an excellent day. *serious btw not trying to be an a$$4013

  2. “I will never apologize to you. And for that, I’m sorry”
    Greg’s expression from that is priceless

  3. Gaz-atollah of Rock and Rolla

    “Sir, the Commander is supposed to go down with his ship”

    “Screw that… PORTAL AWAY!!!”

  4. Imagine Charels Riding on a privateer ship mugging people, it’s a perfect fit.

  5. Love how only one of the muggers is present on the meeting like a fellow legal member of the community
    Without Bernard to force Charles in on the “let’s go mug ’em!” script

  6. “A wizard is never late, Greg the Garlic Farmer. Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to.”

  7. Peter Santamaria-Woods

    I loved seeing all the characters together, more skits like this would be great!

  8. “I will never apologise to you” is exactly the kind of line Rowan would say threateningly to Adam at Playtech

    • its funny though… that he says that he will never apologize… and then immediately afterwards apologizes for saying he will never apologize…

  9. Anyone else want Greg or Bodger to mutter something about Laethil, whenever Baradun gets all high and mighty?

    • Thats a story made up for DnD, if i got it right, not happening in skycraft… Unless thats your point. But no, I personally dont want that.

    • @Shadow Its happening in Skycraft – its just not clear where that story fits in the timeline. I agree though that I don’t particularly want that either, because while Baradun is High Sorceror, Laethil is not a problem.

  10. “Let’s go and raid that garlic farm”
    Nice throwaway line there at the end.

  11. Aaron Baker AKA FLEX

    Every characters lines were absolutely gold, but Fred casually needing to find his lost children again…🤌😅

  12. After Greg’s hyping the value of garlic, so glad someone at the end said “let’s go raid that garlic farm”!
    Was expecting someone to confuse the statement & ask, “what world & what are we we to worship”

  13. Wait, your characters are actually being put into real actual video games???!!! Wow! Impressive!! Way to go guys!!

  14. I would LOVE to see Baelin as a commander. He’s a man of water, don’t you see?

    Also, he’s lines would be awesome!

  15. Awh, man. You just know that while Greg’s in another game his sheep are gonna run amok.

  16. Guys when you first started did you EVER THINK you would become our favorite playable characters in a real video game?! I’m so proud of you boys!

  17. The Mighty Jingles

    I was a commander in World of Warships before it was cool. 🙂

  18. So in a world that started out with only Greg and Baradun being self aware, we now have the entire town being self aware. The implications here are huge. Greg is “The One” and he’s waking everyone up.

    • The Desktop Orbinaut

      Don’t forget the two gravediggers that are constantly breaking the fourth wall too lol

    • Or the glitch that allowed them to become aware is spreading. The game has 20 years of spaghetti code, and the coders couldn’t fix it now if they wanted to.

  19. “Garlic is the gift that keeps on giving!” I vote this line now canon for Greg. He should say it at some point every time someone accepts a quest.

    Also, that was the best sponsored video I’ve ever watched. I love how you guys make sponsorships fun instead of rambling off information like most people do.

  20. I would have taken Eugene just for the sad cry everytime something happens on the warship lol

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