“We’re Sorry” | What’s Up With Warships?!

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A predictably atrocious Nonpology from Wargaming as this RBMK reactor core shows no sign of slowing before it erupts to ‘Fochgate’ on the Sphincter Scale 💩


The excellent MassivelyOP article by @BraxWolf : https://massivelyop.com/2021/08/16/the-soapbox-world-of-warships-aggressive-monetization-incited-a-mass-exodus-of-content-creators/

PCGames article: https://www.pcgames.de/World-of-Warships-Spiel-42981/News/Extrem-aggressive-Art-der-Monetarisierung-vergrault-Content-Creator-1377852/?__cf_chl_captcha_tk__=pmd_2ccf613c02519bffbdaca377bbebd9aa0ddb5b27-1629196825-0-gqNtZGzNAzijcnBszQiO

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  1. Please accept my apologies for the background noise, that’s AFTER noise suppression 🙁
    As a token of my gratitude, here’s one serving of premium popcorn time! 🍿

  2. Seen the new dev blog yet? Now they’re trying to make people feel like “oh we listen to feedback so here you go”, a mandatory campaign to complete for the ‘priviledge’ to buy Missouri at full price, it only took an absolutely PR disaster to bend a little and honestly, I couldn’t even care one bit about the ship by now…

    • Remember I said the level of u-turn would be an indicator of the level of commitment to change?….

    • God that is such bullshit…”here’s a campaign you have to complete in order to earn the RIGHT to purchase the ship without lootboxes!” like fuck you WG, just sell the god damn ship directly, how fucking hard is that notion?

    • @iEarlGrey Guess I will use the space on my hard drive for something else 🙂

    • @iEarlGrey They certainly do have have commitment to change. They are transitioning to mobile gaming gambling monetization aggressively and dumping a player community focused model. They don’t need nor want players that remember the way things used to be. Hence, the lack of apology. Its why being able to outright buy the MO is a concession only after you grind. I think this lack of apology is telling, they are all in betting on churn and the future players. The old can die off. I don’t play mobile games and don’t like psychological tricks of mobile monetization so I wouldn’t even think of giving WG money, but I quit playing cause it wasn’t fun enough. If it is fun then play on but there’s no point in players getting angry as if WG will shamed into changing their strategic change. The new model doesn’t need player input on the direction of the game.

  3. Master Skilhollow

    If they remain “committed to releasing the Huron”, that just means they planned on doing it even before trying to use it to try to bribe LittleWhiteMouse. WG: won’t even offer anything special as a bribe.

  4. At this moment I’m not sure what’s more attention grabbing, the WG shit show, or videos like this one talking about the shit show and pointing out things I missed. It’s kinda like watching a war corespondant without being in an actual danger zone.

  5. “I’m sorry…that you don’t agree with me.”- WG

  6. I’m loving the Chernobyl references from you, Flamu, etc. It’s such a classic Russian mindset to failure, it mirrors the HBO series beautifully. *”You didn’t see graphite on the ground because IT ISN’T THERE!!!”*

  7. Late summer 2022 for a reskinned and “tweaked” Tribal DD? nope, they already got me for Haida 3 years ago. Not this Canadian. lol.

  8. I read this somewhat like “wait, there are some big problems within our company, our content creators are leaving and a core part of the player base is outraged? uhm… wait, one thing was missouri lootboxes right? let’s just throw it at them for full price to distract them since so many people wanted it!”

    • Not even that! “Here please do this mandatory campaign that gives you the RIGHT to buy our premium ship!”

    • @AuxOx I had not yet seen that statement when I posted my original comment (not sure if it was online yet at that time)

    • @Vayle they released a dev blog explaining how they were so kind as to give us a historical campaign that should last us about a month and will allow us to buy the premium Missouri when we are done for full price of a premium tier 9

    • @AuxOx I know, I saw that after I posted my initial comment, that is what I meant with the previous one.

  9. Dear Chernobyl Management

    Thank you for the update to the weekend roster, but there’s graphite in the parking lot and everything is on fire – plz fix.


  10. “we are sorry that” is not an apologize.

  11. This whole blowup is now so major that Youtube have auto-generated playlists about it. I for one haven’t been bothered to play the game for all the recent rant vids, which have been far more entertaining to watch.

  12. I find it funny they “remain committed to release the Huron” yet they can’t (for some reason) add LWM/Chobbi’s camo to Yukon.

  13. Ib Erik Söderblom

    WG is only sorry, that the shitstorm grew bigger than they expected.
    The response is as neutral and as un-comitting as possible, and still can “resemble” some kind of excuse-like-thing.
    That answer have taken no more time to write, than it takes to pour a new glass of Vodka.
    And the illegal gambling continues…

  14. Jesus Murphy, this is an awful response from WGing. They clearly think they’ve done nothing wrong and won’t apologise as they don’t understand why they need to. Very troubling. They just don’t understand or care.

  15. THIS IS THE CAPTAIN ALL HANDS ABANDON SHIP ALL HANDS ABANDON SHIP!!!! love how this is going to EA levels of bum fuckery

  16. LATEST NEWS: Wargaming will put out an apology during the Autumn Sale Event – where the apology will be made available through random loot boxes. *War Gaming will reserve the right to re-balance the apology when deemed necessary

  17. What goes forgotten in this whole thing is the company that handles all WG’s money is under investigation by several governments and international agencies for money laundering. Basically if you read into the story companies including wargaming have been using this payment company to evade taxes on their profits.

  18. Wargaming’s official response on Missouri: “Pay wall not enough… Put it behind a grind wall too! Oh, and make it so they have to use specific ships they might not own. Make them spend their free xp and credits along with their money!”

  19. “Build it and they will come !” As soon as I see a Kickstarter I am pledging. Unlike you I don’t have no malice towards WG – I actively want them to fail and anything I can do to help that is good in my book.

  20. I love how the scapegoat has a grand total of 3 battles to his name and 19 posts total ever on the forums. He is very clearly not a sacrificial intern.

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