Weser Carry Comeback Victory || World of Warships

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Danke !


  1. 36 Seconds after upload and first view, never had that!

  2. highest ship in the game =) ??

  3. nice new intro

  4. An intense and impressive fight. Thx!

  5. German CVs with their AP rockets are the ultimate anti-CV CVs

  6. TBF not a fan of Sky Cancer but it is still pleasurable to watch someone who clearly knows what they are doing.

  7. Sadly that dive bomber not stuka

  8. Weser was a ship that existed, the ship was the conversion of the 4th Admiral Hipper class heavy cruiser with the name of Seyditz, it was converted into an aircraft carrier by the loss of the German battleship Bismarck at the hands of the battleships of the Royal Navy after the Ark Royal will disable its helm with a torpedo

  9. Александр Скопич

    Вытянул, молодец!

  10. José David González Ramírez

    I am mexicam nut I like you vídeos

  11. wait there is a ww1 mod damnnnn

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